New Designs in Denim Riding Jeans

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Biker Premium Jeans
Biker Premium is a US based motorcycle apparel design and manufacturing company making a new kind of riding pant.

The Biker Premium Jeans with a blue insert.

Biker Premium has a patent pending design that incorporates a stretchable bull denim panel into premium denim jeans. The jeans are designed to keep the jeans from riding up so a rider can keep her hands on the throttle, not adjusting her pants. The panel is available in different colors blue, black, purple, red and can have designs added, like skulls or flames. We think women will probably want something more feminine than skulls and flames though.

The funky purple skulls panel.

Biker Premium is owned by Margaret and Bruce Meyer, both avid motorcycle enthusiasts with more than 40 years of combined riding experience. Biker Premium Jeans are available for $150 at or call 239.282.2105.

Trisha Dehall Designs
Trisha Dehall Designs are not new to WRN. Weve featured the companys line of high-end stylish leather riding apparel. Recently, we got to test the leather accent jeans and the half chaps, both fashionable on and off the bike.

Cognac snakeskin accent jeans.

The leather accent jeans feature a boot cut hem with cognac snakeskin embossed leather appliqués with black trim on smooth cognac leather. The appliqués are located at the outside of each leg. Each appliqué is detailed with a sturdy matching concho. Jeans are stonewashed for a light to medium indigo finish. Jeans come in ladies and misses sizes 4 through 16, price $150.

These stonewashed denim jeans have leather accents available in Cognac, vanilla, and espresso.
These jeans have a flattering boot cut.

The Half Chaps are an interesting take on a riding chap designed to protect a riders shins from flying rocks and debris that often kick up while riding. We found they also stop wide leg jeans from flapping around or riding up in the wind. In fact, thats what we like most about them.

The Trisha DeHall Half Chaps.

Theyre made of top quality 3 oz. thick Italian leather for durability. Road grime and dirt washes right off. There are four gold plated star and engraved antiqued silver plated conchos with an accent color tassel that comes in your choice of colors: red, brown tan, or white. The Half Chaps are available for $150.

The Half Chaps zip up the back for easy on and off. The zipper is secure with a sturdy snap at the bottom, and a snap at the top holds them in place. We never felt like they could slide down even when walking around for awhile.
The black Half Chaps complement a black leather riding jacket. We just need black boots to finish the look. We think the brown doesn#39;t really go here.

Looking for a different color? has a Design-Your-Own page so you can customize almost every style to match your bike or your mood.

The Half Chaps have gold plated conchos attached to each tassle. The top part of the leather extends up over the knee for added protection there.

For more information, or to order a pair, visit

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4 thoughts on New Designs in Denim Riding Jeans

  1. I bought my first pair of Biker Premium Jeans and fell in love. They were the most comfortable riding jeans. I would recommended this product to any rider. I convinced my husband to buy himself a pair and he can not believe the durability, comfort and style of the jeans. I am anxious to see the new styles coming out soon! Keep up the great Margaret and Bruce. Great product!

  2. These are very nice but as usual, they forget that there are plenty of women who ride that are larger than a size 16. Companies who promote riding gear miss out on a whole market of us plus size riders who like to look stylish too.

  3. I wouldn't pay $150 for the half chap when you can buy a whole pair for almost half that! With all the deals on leather today, why buy the super expensive ones? I have a pair of chaps that have made it through working with exercising thoroughbreds, and now motorcycling. If you just condition them twice a year with Lexol Leather Conditioner, they will last a lifetime in all kinds of extremes!

  4. I absolutely love this article! Who knew anyone out there felt as bored as I did about black! Thank you, thank you!

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