Motorcycle Review: Indian Pursuit Limited

Premium touring comfort and performance for rider and passenger

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor

Indian Pursuit Limited Premium Icon

I hesitantly write this article, as publishing these words means I have no good reason for hoarding the luxurious Indian Pursuit Limited Premium Icon press loaner any longer. Kindly delivered in early September, I’ve ridden a few thousand glorious miles since, and I’d still love to take more road trips on the Pursuit. But alas, every good thing must come to an end, and so I shall report my findings and hand over the key fob.

2023 Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited Premium Icon Mount Greylock
The day I picked up the Pursuit I rode from Connecticut to visit friends in Vermont for the weekend. Taking the long way, I carved the twisties up to Massachusetts’ highest point, Mount Greylock. I had no idea at the time I’d be back a few weeks later on the bagger to take a street training class with Ken Condon’s Riding in the Zone.

Plush and Powerful

The 917-pound bagger is powered by Indian Motorcycle’s mighty PowerPlus engine, a 108-cubic inch (1768cc) liquid-cooled, 6-speed V-twin with 122 horsepower and 128 foot-pounds of torque. With many of the same features as the 2020 Indian Challenger reviewed here, the Pursuit adds sublime passenger comfort, fairing lowers, and a huge rear topcase to make it better for touring.

The Indian Pursuit Limited starts at $34,999, and is loaded with ride-enhancing features, a chassis-mounted fairing, and plush amenities. The 2024 Limited now includes several features that are part of the 2023 Premium package you see here, including electronically adjustable rear suspension preload and integrated LED driving lights.

2023 Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited Premium Icon
The Indian Pursuit Limited Premium Icon is a special paint package available on 2023 models. The Copper Metallic / Black Metallic just sings in the sunshine.
2024 Indian Pursuit Limited two-up
With the plush seat with large backrest and floorboards, passengers will enjoy the comfort of the Pursuit Limited just as much as riders. This image shows the 2024 Indian Pursuit Limited.

Have Bags, Will Travel—On Indian Pursuit

2023 Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited Premium Icon
While it certainly is big and takes up a lot of space in the garage, the Pursuit Limited is well-balanced and easy for more experienced riders to control. The seat height of all the Pursuit models is 26.5 inches, and my 5-foot-7-inches allows plenty of bend in my knees to easily get it off the sidestand.

I’m no stranger to riding big heavy baggers. In fact, I recently thoroughly enjoyed the Pursuit’s top competitor, the Harley-Davidson Road Glide CVO. What I love so much about these motorcycles is the supreme comfort they offer. Besides being powerful and plush with the best protection from the elements, the convenience of having lots of lockable waterproof luggage is priceless to me. Indian's Pursuit offers an incredible 36-gallons of storage and tons of comfort features like cruise control, heated grips, large floorboards, super comfy seat, and an electronically adjustable windshield.

Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited Porsche Taylor
WRN’s Porsche Taylor is very familiar with the Indian Challenger since she actually purchased one after testing it for WRN in 2020. Here she is enjoying the plush, long-distance comfort of its big sister, the Pursuit.

Creature Comforts

Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited premium touring heated seat
The heated touring comfort seat that is part of the premium package can be controlled on the display, but it also has manual pushbuttons for separate rider and passenger heat controls. Just make sure you know which is which. My daughter sometimes turns my seat heat off on me by mistake.
Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited Premium Icon adjustable passenger floorboards
Adjustable passenger floorboards allow you to dial in the most comfortable knee bend for your second rider.

Indian's Pursuit Limited comes with a keyless remote system. That means no more digging around for your keys to start the bike. But you do need to use the fob to activate the locks on the bags.

Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited Premium saddlebags
I’ve always been a fan of Indian’s hard lockable saddlebags. I love how easy they are to open wide and see what’s deep down inside them.
Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited Premium Icon trunk topcase
The Pursuit’s trunk is huge, too. You can easily fit a full face helmet, your jacket, gloves, and lots more. Even better, there’s a light built into the lid so you can see what’s in there at night. Don’t leave the lid up though, because that light stays on until you close it.
Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited Premium Icon 12-volt plug tourpack
There’s a 12V socket in the trunk so you can charge things like communication devices, iPads, and cameras on the go.
Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited Premium Icon luggage rack chrome
A large sturdy luggage rack on top of the top box is a great place to mount a dry bag stuffed with clothes.

In Pursuit of Fuel

The Indian Pursuit has a 6-gallon fuel tank—the standard for today's tourers. You can easily go 200 miles or more between fill-ups. Premium fuel is recommended, of course, and I averaged 37.36 mpg during my time with the Pursuit. This includes highway miles, moderately paced back roads, and a little stop-and-go commuting traffic.

Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited Premium Icon fuel filler cap
The flush-mount fuel filler cap is on a hinge, so no worries about finding a place for the cap while you refuel. But figuring out how to open it is tricky.
Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited Premium Icon fuel release button
There’s a tiny little button under the right fairing storage compartment with a teensy fuel icon on it. Push this to release the fuel cap.

Indian Ride Command and Navigation

Having spent a summer with the Indian Chieftain Limited a few years ago, I am familiar with Indian’s 7-inch touch screen and Ride Command system. Now with Apple CarPlay integration, I updated my account to include the Pursuit Limited’s VIN.

Indian Motorcycle Ride Command app
All the Indian Pursuit’s information is seamlessly transferred from the bike to the Ride Command app, such as tracked rides and maintenance info. Ride Command also offers a link to your bike’s service manual, as well as links to help you find dealerships, set up service, or purchase for your bike.

The first route I created for the Pursuit was to my friends’ house 138 miles away using the Ride Command web site. I investigated the map, placed some points in places that would take me on twisty backroads, and named my route. Since my app is synched to my account, it is also on my phone. Pairing my iPhone to the Pursuit, the routes instantly download.

I learned a lot on the first trip. When creating the route, I didn’t place my waypoints directly on the road I was traveling. I'd get close and continue on, but the nav kept glitching. Assuming it knows to bypass the waypoint is wrong. You have to “modify on the fly” and delete the waypoint. It is very distracting while riding, which means pulling over and wasting time.

Plethora of Display Options

The touchscreen display itself is easy to see without any glare. It’s supposed to work with gloves, but sometimes does not, depending on the gloves I’m wearing. During cold rides, I find myself adjusting the heated grips and seat frequently, and this can be frustrating (and dangerous) when it doesn’t work easily.

There are frankly too many menu options to list here. But suffice to say, there is a wealth of information available in the colorful display. You’ve got everything from tire pressure, service warnings, and suspension settings to navigation maps, audio playlists, ride modes, current ride info, temperature, fuel range, tripmeters, and so much more. And it is all customizable, so you see what you want to see.

Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited touchscreen display
You can customize your widgets in the touchscreen display. For example, this shows basic bike information (range, voltmeter, oil change interval, and tire pressure) as the prominent display. To the right are two smaller widgets; top shows the track that is playing on the Bluetooth-connected device, and underneath is electronic suspension settings.
Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited dash display
I am a map person, so I usually like the entire display to show just the map. But you can also see a small digital speedo, time, temperature, and a few more bits here. The Pursuit also has the traditional analog speedo and tach in the fairing cockpit, as well as two more LCD readouts for fuel level, gear position, and odometer.

You can cycle through the screens a few different ways: use your finger to swipe, press the buttons under the screen, or use the handlebar control buttons.

Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited left grip controls
The left grip controls include all the usual suspects, plus a couple that help you cycle through the touchscreen displays and zoom in and out of the map.
Indian Motorcycle Limited Premium Icon right grip control
The right grip houses the starter and on/off switch—which I consistently confuse all the time—electronic windshield adjuster, and cruise control.

Managing the Big Bagger

I understand that the weight and bulk of touring baggers like the Indian Pursuit can be intimidating to even experienced riders. In fact, I even dropped the heavy bagger when practicing tight u-turns in a parking lot during a training class. Luckily, there was no damage, and I was able to continue practicing after lifting the beast.

For optimized control, the Indian Pursuit Limited is outfitted with three ride modes: Standard, Sport, and Rain. As someone who enjoys a spirited ride, you’d think I would enjoy the Sport mode. But I find the Standard mode to give me smoother control overall, and, honestly, I don’t ride this bike the same way I ride a sportbike. While the Pursuit is capable of testing the limits of a rider’s skill, I just haven’t been in a situation where I want to ride it that aggressively. So I don't use Sport mode much. Rain mode, however, helps with slow-speed parking lot control.

Smart lean technology is now standard equipment on the Pursuit, which, in essence, is cornering traction control. You don’t even know it’s there until you really need it (when you lose traction in a lean.) The technology kicks in along with ABS, working to keep you upright.

Rockin’ and Rollin’

Speakers all around—two in the front fairing, two on the lowers, and two within the passenger backrest—keep you rocking out while riding. The 200-watt audio system includes AM/FM, and Bluetooth, and USB connections. There’s a USB port in the right side lower storage compartment for secure storage of a phone or MP3 player. The sound output works great for me (I prefer helmet speakers actually), but there is an optional upgrade which allows you to add speakers to the saddlebag lids.

Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited fairing lowers
The Indian Pursuit’s lowers include speakers and adjustable vents. These vents have tabs to open and close them but are hard to use while in motion. I recommend pulling over to move them.

Lighting the Way

Indian Pursuit woman rider
The Pursuit is lit up all around with LEDs that include a distinct headlight shape. The Limited includes LED driving lights integrated into the lower fairings that help nighttime visibility.
Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited Indian headdress light
Another cool feature that could go unnoticed during the day is the light that outlines the Indian headdress on the front fender.
2023 Indian Pursuit Limited Premium Icon
The Indian Pursuit Limited is the perfect ride for someone who wants the best of today’s comfort, convenience, and tech in a big and beautiful package.

Specs at a Glance: 2023 Indian Motorcycle Pursuit Limited

Engine Size: 108-inch (1768cc)
Seat Height: 26.5 inches
Fuel Capacity: 6 gallons
Wet Weight:  917 pounds
2023 Colors: Black Metallic, Spirit Blue Metallic, Maroon Metallic/Crimson Metallic. Icon: Copper Metallic
MSRP: Starting at $34,999

WRN Recommendation

The Indian Pursuit Limited fills every wish list for the rider who wants to tour with top-notch comfort and tech. The Ride Command infotainment is chick full of info and easy to use and the customizable layout options offer something for everyone. A booming sound system, comfortable ergonomics, and tons of lockable hard bags will have you happily looking for the long way home every ride.

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