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New from Shift Racing

Update May 28, 2012: In the spring of 2011, Fox Racing, the parent company of Shift Racing, decided to discontinue manufacturing the Shift Racing line. These products are no longer available. You may be able to find closeouts from an online retailer or eBay.

Shift Racing, manufacturer of racing and street apparel, with a decent selection of styles for women riders, is introducing a new denim riding jean for women thats reinforced with abrasion resistant Kevlar. The Silhouette Jeans combine style with utility.

The front of the Silhouette Jeans in light indigo.
The Kevlar panels in the Silhouette Jeans are nearly invisible; but add extra protection.

These jeans feature durable 12 ounce denim, which provides greater abrasion resistance and protection, while conforming to the body. One hundred percent Kevlar reinforced panels are located in the saddle (i.e. crotch area), thigh and knee/shin areas to provide maximum safety and abrasion resistance in the places a rider needs it most.

The Silhouette Jeans also come in dark indigo.

Shifts Silhouette Jeans come in both dark and light indigo, and retail for $119.95. For more information, visit or call 888.SHIFT.IT.

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12 thoughts on Kevlar-Reinforced Riding Jeans

  1. Shift Kevlar riding jeans were the best pair of jeans ever made out of all the Kevlar women’s riding jeans. I can’t understand why they stopped making them. I have a pair and so many women have asked me who makes them and where to buy them. My response is, “don’t bother because they don’t even make them anymore.” My only question is why? These were the perfect fit for me. Shift is the only manufacturer that realized women have hips and a waist. Grrr … I’m so angry they don’t make them anymore!

  2. I just bought these jeans in both a size 6 and a size 8 hoping that one would fit. I had to return both. I am 5feet 9 inches and about 135 pounds, so I am tall and scrawny. Both pairs were about an inch shorter than I would have liked. I have a 34-inch inseam standing, and prefer 35 inches for riding. These came with a 33-inch inseam. So if you are tall or like your jeans long, these won’t work for tall women. Also, these jeans are yes, cut for women, but they are cut for more curvy women than me. The 8 were just a tad loose in the waist, and super loose through the thighs, I felt lost in them. The 6 was too tight in the waist, but fine through the thighs. So basically if you are an average woman height woman with some curve these are probably perfect. If you are tall and scrawny, don’t bother.

  3. I got a pair a few weeks ago and I am hooked! They are extremely comfortable and fit like a dream. Plus I can wear them out before/after riding and not look silly. They are good looking jeans.

  4. I was so excited to read about these pants. and so disappointed to the size limatations. Not everyone is a stickgirl-no offense meant to the slender riders.

    As Linda so clearly stated – the demographics have changed but also note this group is also most likely to have the disposable income

  5. I'm 5 feet 7 inches 160 pounds and ordered the size 10. Fit like a glove! Contours to my curves and long enough with flexibility. I know petite women will probably have to get the length tailored, but for my height finding jeans that are long enough like these are hard to find! The material is durable and stretchy. Riding should be so comfortable for me now to be on the back of the bike. With the stitching, boy does my butt look great! Also, the waistline complements the hip area so I no longer have the dreaded gap in the back. My underwear does not show! I purchased dark indigo (slightly more bluish than picture shows) and now am seriously contemplating ordering the light color as well.

  6. I first learned of these jeans here on WRN, and had to get myself a pair! I am generally between a size 10 and size 12 depending on the cut of the pant — “skinny” fit or “eased” fit — so I opted to go with the size 12 for riding comfort.

    These pants are stylin'! I love how they accented the stitching that holds in the Kevlar panels across the middle of your leg. It is refreshing to see a company provide stylish and feminine yet functional gear for women at a reasonable price. It would be nice if they offered sizes larger than 12 though.

    I believe most of the questions posted here were about size and fit, so I will try to comment on that. Yes, they are definitely low-rise (in the front) but also have a much higher waist in the back to accommodate riding position without your pants riding down your butt.

    The size 12 (as I expected) is a little loose on me and I have to wear a belt with them. I figure they will likely shrink after a few washings, so this is not a problem. They are also cut very long, so if you are a petite woman you will probably have to cut a significant length off the bottom.

    I am sitting here amidst 25 inches of snow, and they are calling for another foot to come tomorrow night…so I have not actually had a chance to try my new jeans out riding. But I can certainly tell you that for looks and fit I love them!

    1. I just received my test pair in the mail. Will be reviewing them in the coming months. I agree with your assessments so far, as well. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Has anyone ever tried them on? Are they true to size? How do they feel? Are they low-rise? If they are low-rise, is the back high enough to accommodate riding position?

  8. I am a size 16. No use for me to go to the Web site.

  9. I will have to try these. It would be nice to finally have some good looking, feminine jeans that offer some sort of protection.

    Thanks as always for sharing the information.

  10. While I am thrilled that companies are finally recognizing that women are riders and not just accessories, once again, the industry caters to 0-12 sized woman. Many woman (and the largest growing demographic) motorcycle riders are middle aged and older and cannot remember the age much less the size of pants being offered.

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