Product Review: Wireless Motorcycle Helmet Light Alerts Other Drivers When You Slow Down

Brake Free Light Helps Keep You Safe

By Kerri Brooks

Be Seen!

How often have we rolled off the throttle to slow down without activating the brake light? All the time, right? We check our mirrors to ensure the driver behind us is aware we're slowing, but the flash of a brake light is important for safety. Now we have a smart and easy solution for being highly visible even when we don't activate our motorcycle's brakes—the Brake Free Light.

Brake Free Helmet Light
The Brake Free Light is a lightweight, motion-detecting, brilliant LED brake light system that mounts to motorcycle helmets.
Brake Free Helmet Light
The unit is transferrable to different helmets using accessory mounts, sold separately.
Brake Free Helmet Light
The Brake Free Light costs $169.99 and is available at We found it at IMS Outdoors when the company’s founder and CEO, Alex Arkhangelskiy, set up his display right next to the Yamaha demo rides.

How It Works

100 ultra-bright LEDs are activated by a combination of internal accelerometers and gyrometers using Brake Free’s patented algorithm. Unlike competitive products that rely on wiring to the motorcycle, the Brake Free unit does not. It's technology knows the difference between standard braking, engine braking, and downshifting; and only activates when the rider is deliberately slowing down.

Brake Free helmet light mount
Brake Free includes a template and helmet mount with high-performance 3M VHB double-sided adhesive that secures the low-profile mount to the backside of most motorcycle helmets. If you have multiple helmets, two extra mounts cost just $12.99 and allow you to easily move the light from one helmet to another.

Unlike other helmet-mounted brake lights such as the InView WRN reviewed here, the self-contained Brake Free does not require splicing into wiring harnesses or installing an app to function.

Brake Free helmet light mount back
The unit locks onto the mount with a satisfying “snap” and stays on quite firmly. Simply charge, attach, switch on, and enjoy your ride.

Multiple Modes

Three light modes, toggled by the power button, provide options when it comes to desired visibility in adverse weather, heavy traffic conditions, or reduced light scenarios. Brake light activation is the same in all modes, with all 100 LEDs instantly illuminating at a steady, “Ouch, my retinas!” intensity.

Brake Free helmet light stealth economy mode
While the “stealth mode” only shows two small (but very bright) lines of 16 LEDs while riding, when slowing, all 100 lights illuminate, bringing attention to the unit. I call this mode “economy” because it saves battery life the most.
brake free helmet light lit up mode
The second mode has all 100 LEDs illuminated but at half-intensity.

The last mode is the most eye-catching and slightly hypnotic. This mode pulses the 84 outer LEDs, keeping the middle 16 constantly illuminated.

brake free helmet light button
The power button lives on top of the unit and appears to be waterproof.

The charging port on the bottom of the unit is protected by a rather snug fitting rubber flap which keeps out water and debris.

brake free helmet light charger
The Brake Free Light comes with a micro USB charging cord but no plug. It takes less than 3 hours for a full charge from a completely dead charge and the battery life is from 8 to 12 hours depending on mode and usage.

Recharging and Ergonomics

A single LED comes on when the lithium-ion battery needs a recharge. Recharge times were quick and on par with my communication system, so hooking it up was an easy add to my post-ride routine.

Brake Free lists the unit as weighing only 7 ounces. My Klim Krios Pro helmet is very lightweight to begin with, so slapping it on the back was noticeable at first. Now that I’ve been wearing the Brake Free for two months, I will say the added weight has not been a problem. The unit is well balanced and unaffected by the wind.

Regarding a “what if” scenario, I was assured by company CEO and co-founder, Alex Arkhangelskiy, that the unit is designed to pop off on impact. That would reduce damage to the helmet and/or injury to the rider in the event of an incident.


Never have I had more people comment on and ask questions about a motorcycle accessory while I was out and about! I mean from car drivers as well. This is a testament that this piece of safety gear is noticeable, doing exactly what it is meant to do—make you more visible.


  • Extremely bright and attention grabbing
  • Easy set up and use
  • Doesn’t affect helmet aerodynamics
  • Excellent customer service


  • Weight takes a bit to get used to (in my experience)
  • I didn’t get one sooner!

Ordering and Information

Look for the Brake Free display this weekend (November 19–21) at the Costa Mesa IMS Outdoors near the booth.

For more info visit

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