Accessorizing a Honda Rebel

Sissy Bars, Luggage Racks, And More

A Honda Rebel no longer has to be relegated to just a beginners bike. Cobra Engineering has an accessory line for the Honda 250 Rebel that gives Rebel riders a reason to hold on to the bike long after theyve outgrown it because of the added functionality the bike now has.

Starting things off is a freeway bar or crash bar as some call it that offers a bit of protection for the bike should there be an unintended low-speed miscue. The traditionally styled bar is a handy item in the case of an accidental tip-over or parking lot spill. The frame-mounted unit has been formed from 1¼-inch polished and chromed steel tube, and comes with all the hardware necessary for easy installation. It mounts directly to the frame downtubes.

The freeway bar mounts directly to the frame downtubes.

The new Cobra Light bar will make night riding a bit brighter and increase daytime conspicuity. Equipped with two spotlights, the chromed steel light bar uses special Cobra OEM-style turn signals that mount directly beneath the spotlights. The bar installs easily with a minimum of wiring connections required.

The light bar adds two headlights and OEM turning signals to the front of the Honda Rebel.

Cobra has also created two new sissy bars; the square bar option is available in the Standard, Short and Mini heights, while the round bar is available in the Standard and Short versions. All versions of the backrest enhance the creature comforts for passengers. The Sissy Bars also have two optional luggage racks, a formed steel option or a tube version. Sissy bars come with the backrest pad and side mounting plates for an OEM quality fit and finish, and the existing line of Cobra backrest inserts fit as well.

The short sissy bar with square chrome bar.
The sissy bar with the formed steel luggage rack.

In addition there is also a stand-alone luggage rack. It is designed to work without the Cobra Sissy Bar, and does not use the Sissy Bar mounting brackets. Its formed from single piece of plate steel with laser cut outs. It also features a slight flair at its tail that matches the sweep of the stock rear fender.

The sissy-free luggage rack.

There are also new saddlebag supports and bungee knobs to add to the the “Cobra suite of Rebel accessories.” There are nearly 25 new products for the Rebel. For more information or to find a dealer a near you visit or call 714.692.8180 for a free catalog.

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7 thoughts on Accessorizing a Honda Rebel

  1. One thing I learned about the Honda Rebel is although it is an absolutely wonderful bike, the functionality is spartan. That unfortunately includes the charging system…

    You would have to constantly be revving the motor at 6000rpm just to break even running two 35w lamps. You would not be charging anything at that point.

    And yes, companies do sell products that might now work.

  2. The Rebel can handle the two additional lights, I been using them for more than five years now. Just don't turn them on and leave your bike idling. The Rebel will not drain the battery above 1900 rpm, and since when you are riding you are above 4000 to 6000 rpm's your battery will charge. However your battery must be in good condition. An old battery will not perform good since it will not hold the charge or charge properly.

  3. It's quite simple. The Rebel can provide a maximum of 100 watts of power; class dismissed. The newer Rebels run a 55/60 watt headlamp, throw in 35 watts x 2 and you are at a max of 130 watts.

    Have not even accounted for the brake lamp or the occasional turn signals. Your Rebel battery would be draining constantly. Check out the forum for tons of really good info on why this will not work:

  4. Not sure where the above writer (John 3/10/09) got his info, but the Rebel can easily handle a couple of extra 35W lights. There are tons of posts on the various Rebel forums how this works.
    If the Rebel could not accommodate 2x 35W lights in additional to the head light, do think Cobra would have made the lightbar?

    Check out for tons of really good info on this subject, including a how-to on building an extra circuit for these lights (wiring to the existing headlight circuit is a bad idea).

  5. Great ideas for adding onto the Rebel! I've got an '85 that I'm looking to add some finishing touches to before I sell it. However, I may just want to hang onto this bike for a long time. It's just a fun cruise-around-town ride!

  6. That light bar looks really nice, but there is no way the Rebel electrical system can handle two additional 35 watt lights.

  7. I've always recommended the Honda 250 Rebel as *the* beginner bike to own for people who think they want the cruiser style. It's just a beautiful little bike, easy to ride and maneuver, and it holds its value so resale is easy if you decide you want to move to a bigger bike. But why? It's just so cool… and now even more so with these add-ons. Thanks for the report!

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