Motorcycle Review: 2009 Harley-Davidson Sportster Nightster

Why Women Love This Motorcycle

By Genevieve Schmitt, Founder

Nightster ... A Fan Favorite

What a popular motorcycle the Sportster 1200 Nightster is turning out to be among women. It was introduced in January 2007 as an early release 2008 model, and the women riders who took a chance on the new blacked out, retro-bobber Sportster have not been disappointed. I get emails all the time from "satisfied customers." Every time I see a woman on a Nightster I ask if she likes it and with a big grin on her face, she nods her head. founder Genevieve Schmitt riding the 2008 Nightster.

What impresses me about the Nightster is that we finally have a Sportster that's low and agile enough for confident beginners, yet has tons of attitude, style, and power. These qualities are often sacrificed on an entry level motorcycle. And that's a reason to hold on to the Nightster long after you feel you've outgrown it. It’s just a fun motorcycle to have around.

Genevieve grinning because the bike is a blast to ride.

While it has the same 25.3-inch seat height as the 883 Low Sportster, the Nightster delivers more power with its 1200cc engine, which is quite noticeable. Plus, the Nightster is about 20 pounds lighter. All this, and the retro styling and blacked out components set it apart from the rest of the Sportster line.

What's New for 2009?
Nothing was changed on the Nightster for 2009 other than adding new paint options. For 2009, all the other Sportsters now have the low profile front fender that hugs the tire. The Nightster, though, still retains the chopped rear fender exposing more of the tire in the back. That, and the solo seat give the Nightster that retro bobber look.

The 2009 Nightster with new color scheme.

Most components that are chromed on the other Sportsters (including the handlebars, swing arm, engine guard, and wheel rims) are painted black on the Nightster. What’s not black is powder coated with a gray finish. By the way, the Nightster is the first of the “dark” motorcycles for Harley, which now include the Cross Bones and Night Rod Special.

Notice the black and silver components on the Nightster.

Zipping Around
That’s what it feels like riding around on the Nightster...zipping around. I have never felt this much power and agility riding a Sportster before. The combination of the lighter weight and additional power contribute to that “zippiness.” I also think having a lower seat putting me closer to the ground gives the feeling of a quick and fast machine. At 5 feet 6.5 inches with a 30-inch inseam, I almost feel too big for the Nightster. While I look like I fit just fine on the Nightster judging by the photos here, the motorcycle feels small for my size.

That’s what it feels like riding around on the Nightster...zipping around. I have never felt this much power and agility riding a Sportster before. The combination of the lighter weight and additional power contribute to that “zippiness.” I also think having a lower seat putting me closer to the ground gives the feeling of a quick and fast machine. At 5 feet 6.5 inches with a 30-inch inseam, I almost feel too big for the Nightster. While I look like I fit just fine on the Nightster judging by the photos here, the motorcycle feels small for my size.

Zipping around the corners, the bike goes right where you point it thanks to a stiffer frame that was introduced several years ago. The Nightster has a sport bike feel to it, if I dare say that of a cruiser. Hey, the Sportster 1200 platform is the bike of choice among champions racing flat track.

Flicking through the 5 gears to get up to speed is effortless and before you know it you’re cruising at 70 mph. Unlike the Big Twin Harleys with their 6 speed transmission (I just love that 6th gear overdrive in those bigger bikes) the Sportster XL powerplant has 5 speeds. The engine is fuel injected on all the Sportsters. No more choking and sputtering when hitting drastic climate and altitude changes. The bike starts right up wherever you are.

Genevieve's 5-foot-6.5 inch frame easily fits on the Nightster giving her lots of control of the bike.

The ergonomic triangle on the Nightster—how the handlebars are positioned relative to the seat; how the seat is positioned relative to the foot pegs, and how the footpegs are positioned relative to the handlebars—is ideal. There’s a little bit of leaning forward to the bars which puts the rider in a more active riding position, but it's quite comfortable. Smaller riders should have no problem handling this bike. If there was ever a Harley designed for smaller people, this is it. The grips are a 1/4 inch smaller than the rest of the Harleys and the clutch pull is easy, unlike Harley clutches from years ago.

The 2008 Nightster with orange and black color scheme.

If I were to own a Nightster, I would add highway pegs so I could stretch out my legs. Being on the taller side, my legs felt cramped after about 50 miles of riding in that 90-degree neutral position. Add a windshield and some saddlebags (aftermarket accessories pictured below) and this motorcycle can have you going all day keeping up with the rest of the pack. You might have to stop for gas more often as this 1200cc has the smaller Sportster fuel tank. The “peanut style” tank as it’s called holds 3.3 gallons instead of the larger 4.5 gallons on the larger Harleys. In spite of that, the classic peanut style fuel tank is part of why this bike looks so cool.

Forward footpegs is an aftermarket accessory available from Harley-Davidson.

Specs at a Glance: 2008 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Nightster
Displacement: 1200cc
Seat Height: 25.3 inches
Fuel Capacity: 3.3 gallons
Weight: 562 pounds
Price: $9,695

WRN Recommendation
I've met several beginning women fresh out of rider training classes choosing this bike. I've also heard their stories of how they've dropped the bike. Remember, it's a 1200cc motorcycle, not a 250, so it has a lot of power. If you're a confident beginner, the Nightster makes a great choice. If not, I advise learning and making those beginner mistakes on a motorcycle with a less powerful engine. Experienced riders will love the Nightster for all the qualities I described above.

Aftermarket accessories include this mini-fairing.
A detachable windshield is also available for the Sportsters.
Blacked out mini-ape hanger handlebars are available for the Nightster.
Harley makes saddlebags just for the Sportsters.

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45 thoughts on Motorcycle Review: 2009 Harley-Davidson Sportster Nightster

  1. I love my Nightster. I wanted a V-Rod; rode one all last year but it was out of my price range, so I “settled” for the ’09 Nightster. Was I ever wrong! She’s got all the snap I need, and is very responsive. I’m 5 feet 3 inches with a 31 inch inseam and it’s very comfy. My hubby loves my bike too. He has a Night Rod. I have the forward controls, mini apes, Stage 1 Screamin’ Eagle air intake and exhaust. No windshield. I’m looking for a new seat as the stock one is a bit hard. The suspension is stiff. I don’t imagine a rigid would be much worse, but I love its performance, and its minimalist look. There really isn’t anywhere to put bags unless you get the saddlebags, which I don’t want. I use a small leather backpack, works great. On longer trips I have a HD backpack that fits everything I need and is very comfy. It doesn’t have a gas gauge, just a dummy light that tells you you’re out of gas so you have to pay attention. I don’t need a bigger tank, ’cause my hubby’s tank isn’t much bigger, so we need to fill up at the same rate.

  2. Have the Nightster — love it better than riding a crotch rocket and better on my back. But when I do get home with my husband after riding, all worries are gone and we have our down time (wine time and good food) better than seeing a shrink. He has his own bike; we both have freedom when we need it.

  3. I started off with a 2008 Suzuki Boulevard S40 as I was a beginner rider but found that I needed to upgrade by the end of the season. While on vacation, I came upon a 2009 Harley Davidson Sportster Nightster XL1200N Orange and Black paint scheme. I sat on the bike and instantly knew that it was the bike for me as I am only 5 feet 2 inches. I stopped in at my local H-D retailer to place an order and have loved it from the start.

    I have done a couple things to the bike to make it mine and add some comfort. I added the dark logo gas cap cover, derby cover and timing cover. I purchased a Mustang seat as the original seat is pretty firm, some Vance & Hines Short Shots in black and am considering forward controls.

    Overall, this is a great bike but I think that if you are taller than 5 feet 8 inches it might be too small, at least that is what my husband thinks. He said it's fun but feels too small for him. That's OK with me, just means that he won't be riding my bike!

  4. I started on an 883L Sporty directly after passing my test and loved it to bits for nine months. Unfortunately it soon felt underpowered for the kind of riding that I was doing and I began to search for something with more energy. I found a second hand 2008 Nightster with S&S Cycle pipes, HD heavy breather and racing chip and I was in love. She absolutely munches the miles between petrol stops and is spine-tinglingly fun around the curves. You could not want for more power and the low centre of gravity and relatively low weight make handling a dream.

    Styling is extreme and I have added bullet hole heat shields, HD seat and fender bib and she is absolutely resplendent in her black and orange colourscheme. Perfection on wheels! When I'm not riding, I'm dreaming about riding. You couldn't get a better bike in my mind.

  5. I'm 47 and started riding last year. I was looking for a Sportster 1200L. At the time, the dealer was out of stock but had an all black Nightster. I sat on it and immediately fell in love. I'm 5 feet 2 inches and it fits me perfectly. I made a couple of changes. I found myself reaching for the handlebars and added risers, added forward controls and changed the seat to a Mustang seat. That all made a great difference in comfort.

    I also added Sreamin' Eagle pipes and added a heavy breather air cleaner making it faster. I'm not a speed demon but like to keep up with the big boys on the open road. I absolutely love this motorcycle. No regrets.

  6. I instantly fell for the look and style of the Nightster. Bought one without even taking it for a test ride. I knew just by sitting on the seat as the bike stood on the showroom floor that it was for me. I put my order in for a silver and black denim baby and then drove home to tell my husband we were in debt to the Harley-Davidson Company. I can put my feet flat on the road when I stop at lights (great feeling, no more tippy toes), the hand controls are easy to operate (no finger extensions needed to work the clutch) and the mid range foot pegs mean that I can raise my butt off the seat when I see a large pot hole in the road that I know I won't miss.

    I purchased the Nightster in October 2007, I only have 17,000 klms on the clock. I have made a few minor changes, namely to put “the girl into the bike” so to speak. To any riders contemplating a purchase, be a devil and go for it. Only good can come from it.

  7. I'm considering getting a Nightster. I stand 5 feet 11 inches and am concerned that the bike will be too small for me. I have never owned a bike and am looking for a good beginner. I love the looks of the bike. All of my buddies ride big bikes and I'm sure that I'll catch some flack about riding a Sportster. Also, what do you think about the mini-apes?

  8. I just bought my Nightster. Love the look — olive green and black — very retro. I went from a Honda shadow 600 to the Nightster. I'm only 5 feet. Fits nice for me. Almost flat footed. It's the same height as my Honda. Looking forward to getting more miles on it.

  9. I raced flat track and rode dirt bikes for years, always wondered what it would be like to ride street. My husband and I stopped at a dealership and I tried on all the Sportsters on the floor, none of which felt right. Our sales rep brought the 1200N around and once I saddled up I knew I could just take off. I took my riders safety class and was on the road the following week.

    The bike is easy to ride and very user friendly. I love the power and my Vance and Hines pipes not only look sharp but sound wicked! Talk about turning heads, yea baby! I am 5 feet 1/2 inch and feel confident coming to a stop instead of freaked out that I can't touch, as was the case on my lowered 250 dirt bike.

    Caught my husband sitting on it in the garage and felt bad we can't get his Road King for another month or so. In the meantime, I am praying for sunny weather and look forward to bringing her out of the garage! I love it and encourage any female that has the desire to ride, to go for it!

  10. I received a 2008 orange and black Nightster from my husband for graduating college. What a great guy! Yes, I am an older graduate at 46 years old but oh well. I took my riding class last year and now I ride every chance I can. I think it is great that so many people respect women who ride.

    I got the Screamin' Eagle package this past Christmas and now I can ride even faster. Believe it or not, the bike is smoother than before.

  11. Great reviews on the Nightster, although I felt the Nightster a bit stiff in turns. Its 9.9 cm ground clearance could make one believe your really leaning in on a curve, but the Nightster scrapes on the asphalt so fast that you can't lean-in properly and take a sharp curve easily. Forward pegs are a must if you don't want to cramp-up after an hour ride.

    Apart from the above, it is a grand bike. Power? I don't think anybody can complain. Looks? Man, it is way out there!
    I can't but enjoy the look on car drivers when they are left sitting behind on a green light by a seemingly small bike. Small, until they get a second glance at the twin 1200cc V engine in the following streetlight, if one decides to hang around that long!

    An enjoyable bike to keep for many many years. My best to Harley and all the Nightster riders!

    A 67-year-young biker

  12. I love my black NITESTA (that's what the plate says) with it's black V&H Short Shots! I am 5 feet 7 inches and weigh 135 pounds and find that with the forward controls I am more comfortable on it than any other bike I tried. Years ago I owed a '79 XLS and the difference in the comfort level is totally amazing.

    Although I love the looks of the stock tank I wish it were bigger so I could ride longer. There's a lot of mileage to cover in this state with few gas stations in between!

  13. I just got a Nightster. It was my dream bike since they first came out, but I got a Honda instead. A ew days after Christmas I thought I should go and buy something I really wanted for myself, and you guessed it, my dream is in my shed and can't wait for the weather to change so I get out on it. Can't wait to buy new upgrades for it. It's so hot!

  14. This bike is awesome. I went from a 1998 Sporty that I was no longer comfortable riding due to the bike having to be slammed to the ground for my 5 foot height. I looked at other HD's but did not want to lower another one and have that stiff ride again. Then my husband told me about the Nightster.

    When we went to our local dealership I instantly fell in love with the all black old school look. Once I sat on it I was sold as it fits my stature perfectly with no adjustments. he only modifications we made were the power commander and Vance and Hines Short Shots which really took the look of the bike to another level. The best part is the handling of the bike, it is so smoothe, responsive and fast. It is hard not to open up that throttle on an open road. Thanks babe for the best 50th birthday present ever.

  15. I agree with the writer who said that skulls, crossbones, and flames do not appeal to women riders. That doesn't mean that everything for women has to be pink, either. I own a Silver 2006 Sportster 1200 Custom that my husband researched and recommended for me. I love it! After riding his Dyna Super Glide, my Sportster felt like a toy, but I quickly appreciated its nimbleness around town and out on the country roads we ride. It fits me just right. The forward controls are perfect, putting me in a relaxed riding position. Maybe the handlebars could come back a bit farther. I have found that Harley dealers urge you to buy a bigger bike, as you'll want to trade up before too long if you choose a Sportster. If you do long distances, that may be true, but I am sold on my Sporty. Now my husband wants to trade to a Nightster for himself (and change the pipes to black) for all the reasons I love my ride.

  16. My wife and I both ride Harleys — she on an 08 1200 Custom 105th Anniversary and I ride, for now, an 04 Softail Standard. I just wanted to add here that it's great to see so many women riding motorcycles. It was one of the most attractive things about my wife that she shares my passion for bikes and loves riding her Harley.

  17. I just bought a 2008 Nightster 1200N. Oh my! I just love this bike. I went from a 2000 Suzuki Savage 650 to this awesome ride. I feel a speeding ticket coming on. I always felt like I had to do way over the speed limit to keep up with my friends. Now I am leading the pack. I am 5-feet-6 and I love every single detail on this ride – from comfort to power. Best wishes to all my Nightster friends.

  18. I have a 2008 Nightster and I love it! I'm 5-feet-6 and the height of the bike is perfect. It is my first bike and I've only been riding since August. At first I was intimidated with the power but I started out slow in the parking lot until I got comfortable. One thousand miles later and no regrets! I've added “short shot pipes” and soon I'll have forward controls. So glad to hear that other females have the same bike. I just wish it would hold more gas.

  19. I ride a 2008 Sportster 1200 Low. I've had a hard time with the bike feeling top heavy and stiff. I purchased mini apes in hopes of more control. I also added foward controls, but had to return to mid controls and a new seat. I love to ride and will continue until I get it right.

  20. I have a 09 Nightster which I had the Storz dirt track style pipes on, as well as the Stage 1 kit with a Power Sommander and Dyno tuned — 66 horsepower and 77 ft pounds of torque. Just wish that Harley put the Street Bob style tank on it instead of the peanut tank. Harley did make a change to the front and rear suspension. Better dampening and more progressive spring rates for the 09 Nightster. Still needs more power though.

  21. After I graduated from the Rider's Edge program in August I really wanted a Nightster. But, at the time I couldn't afford one and my husband (who's been riding for 20 years) felt more comfortable with me learning on a smaller bike first. So I bought a Buell Blast and did some performance modifications to it to give it more horsepower and some torque. I've learned a lot on the bike, but am still dreaming of my Nightster. Next year I'm going to buy a Nighster and I can't wait! Thank you for the review.

  22. I'm always glad to read your reviews on Harleys for women. I ride an 2007 Sportster 1200 Low. Maybe you can convince Harley-Davidson corporate to actually make aftermarket products for its “women” riders.

    Harley corporate should know the stats –more and more women are buying and riding bikes, yet Harley has not stepped up to the plate with providing aftermarket products that appeal to women. Very few women riders are into skulls, crossbones, and flames.

    One would think Harley could increase its profits by providing products for women riders. (HD Corporate…are you listening?)

  23. This bike appeals to the anti-bling, more subtle biker who loves a powerful and classic American Harley ride without all the bells and whistles (and extra weight).
    I have an all black Nightster, 14-inch ape hangers, forward controls, dropped front turn signals to the forks, added pegs and extended seat for my wife (110 pounds) to join me. She is content as an occasional passenger. Awesome bike! I'll be stoked to see more women on the road enjoying the Nightster, or any other bike, in SoCal. We'll keep an eye out for you.

  24. These are sexy, eye-catching, turn-other motorists-heads bikes, especially the all black or silver denim and black (mine) color schemes. I have an '08 Nightster and love it. It's a fun, fast bike and it handles curves and turns beautifully. I absolutely love the retro bobber look of the bike.

    I thought about purching forward controls for my bike but changed my mind. I like the mid controls; however, due to my height of 5 feet9 inches, I am looking at buying highway pegs to stretch my legs out while on longer rides. After about 45 minutes of highway riding, my legs are screaming to be straightened out. I advise anyone who's tall to get highway pegs or forward controls or you may feel your legs cramp up on longer rides. Thanks for the great review!

  25. I had never ridden solo on a motorcycle until April 08. Evidently my partner thought it was time, as I found us at Yellowstone Harley one day trying on different bikes for comfort and size. I'm 60 years old, 5 feet 1 3/4 inches, (got to get that 3/4 in there) and the Nightster was the perfect fit. I took the riding class and have done all of the things suggested for new riders except one. We haven't done an overnighter yet. We are going south for the winter and are looking for a car hauler that will be big enough for the car and the bikes, so maybe the overnighter will have to be in Arizona or Florida.

    I can keep up with my partner, who has a Dyna Low and the way it handles is smooth and easy. I want to get a T-shirt made that says: I Love My Nightster and My Nightster Loves Me.

  26. I bought a 2008 Nightster in September 2007 and have put more than 11,000 miles on it. I hated this bike at first and wanted my Honda Shadow Spirit 750 back. I had to change out the handlebars, grips, and shocks. The shocks were so stiff the bike bottomed out and was painful to ride. I've also learned you can't lean this bike very far before scraping the foot pegs. I have since come to like the bike as it is easier to handle than the Honda 750. It is a well balanced bike and easy to ride.

    I recently replaced the seat with a Corbin because I could only ride about 40 miles before having to get off the bike. I put the quick detach windshield, crash bars and sissy bar with luggage rack from my husband's 2004 Sportster 1200C that we traded on the Nightster. I have also replaced the rear fender with an 883 fender and moved the rear lights so I can put saddlebags on the bike.

    I purchased the Edge Leather Tek bags, but have not had them installed yet. I have put a lot of money into this bike to make it more comfortable for me and also to allow me to carry more items for those long trips. I am only 5 feet 1/2 inch tall and this is the only Harley I can ride. I'm still not use to the rough running of the engine or the heat it puts out since I was used to a water cooled engine. I started riding a little over five years ago and the Nightster is my fourth bike. I like the more powerful engine of the Nightster and the smoother ride I get at high speed.

  27. I can't imagine a family of five walking in a Harley dealership and all voting unanomously for this kind of bike. It's definitely a personal choice for that one particular rider. This bike is not designed for comfort. But does it have power? Oh yea! Does it sound sweet? Yes it does! Especially with Vance & Hines pipes on it. Do I have one? Hell yea! It's my ride and yes, it's personal!

  28. I absolutely love my Nightster and I didn't want a Sportster. I have the total black one. I have had a Stage 1 kit done, added highway pegs, and changed to Cycle Shack mufflers. It is so nice. I have had a lot of men not only shocked that it is a Sportster but that a woman rides it. I hate the thought of putting my bike away for the winter.

  29. I'm 49 and have had a motorcycle licence for three years. I used to own a 1983 single-cylinder SR250 Yamaha, so when the Harley demo models arrived in March this year, l took the Nightster for a ride four days in a row! (l guess the local dealership became aware that l'd fallen for this one). Unfortunately, due to the exchange rate with the Aussie dollar and the US at the time, the Nightster was a little out of my reach and I ended up settling for an all-black XL 883L which arrived in May. I think the hardest thing ever was having to wait the nine weeks for it to arrive from the States.

    I have recommended the Nightster to many (mostly female) riders and would love to own one one day. In the meantime, I love my current Harley and I love our great climate which allows me to ride every day!

  30. I have had my Nightster for about a 15 months. I love it. It handles so good and oh boy can it curve well. It fits my short frame perfect. I am 5-feet-4. I am having trouble finding saddlebags, even through my local Harley dealer. I was told they weren't available yet. I love my bike so I'll just settle for a backpack or wait until bags are available.

  31. I just bought this bike Saturday. I took the motorcycle safety training class, then decided on this orange and black Sportster. So far, I am loving this bike. It's super fun, easy to handle,
    and has lots of power so I can still keep up with my friends on the bigger bikes.
    I'm a 55-year-old woman, 5-feet-4, slightly overweight.

    My neighbor came over last night, he has a beautiful Indian bike. He said my Nightster was the best looking Sportster he's ever seen.

    Your review of this bike is right on. Keep up the good work on your Web site!

  32. I love my Nightster! I started out learning on boyfriend's 1999 1200C Sportster and found it a bit too much. The Nightster is much more suited to me (although I can now switch between the two with ease). I'm 5-feet-4 with 30-inch inseam so replacing midcontrols with forward helped with some cramping on the longer rides. Even though I'm looking towards a Softail in the future, I'll probably always keep my Nightster. It's very confidence building and a lot of fun — what riding's all about!

  33. My first bike is a 2007 Nightster. I am 5-feet-1 and after changing to a Reach seat I can put my feet flat on the ground. I also added the windshield and the crash bar. I absolutely love my Nightster.

    My only concern with the Nightster is that there are not many accessories for it. I have tried to find some sort of saddlebags/bags for short trips and am told there are none, at least for the 2007.

  34. I have a 2008 Nightster and love it. It's my first bike and perfect for my small size – 5 feet 2 inches. If I ever get another bike it will be handed down to my daughter. She cant wait!

  35. I rented one of a Nightster while out near Sturgis this summer and I have got to recommend it. I'm 5 feet 11 inches and still found it to be an extremely comfy ride for the twisties near Iron Mountain Road and Needles Hwy. by Mt. Rushmore. Remember though, it is like the Sporty Low, so it is a bit on the stiff side. I normally ride a '95 Vulcan 750.

    The Harley dealer in Rapid City, SD, rents one for about $100 on non-rally weeks. If your thinking of getting one, a $100 test ride for 24 hours seems cheap the get the right ride.

    1. We suspect Anonymous is male. I wish men were not shy about sharing their gender on this site. It is a site for ALL riders. Thanks for your valued input.

  36. I knew I wanted this bike the first time I sat on it. I'm 5 feet so this was the only Harley I could ride away from the dealer without making modifications. I've added a windshield, crash bars, highway pegs, exhaust and saddlebags. It's fiesty and keeps up with the big bikes. It's a definite upgrade from my 1998 Sportster Hugger.

  37. This is a great design. I like it and would buy it!

  38. I like the Sportster series. I have a 2008 XL 883, one of the very last standard Sportsters with the 27-inch seat height. I'm 6 feet tall, and I like the slightly higher ground clearance and seat height, it makes the 883 very nimble. I really think that the 883 and 1200 Sportsters are ideal first bikes. My 883 is so easy to ride but you can get your knee down if you want to.

    My hubby is only 5-feet-1 and he has an 883 Low. He really wants a 1200N, but I told him that I want a Dyna if he gets one!

  39. I love my Nightster. I got it in March of 2007 and already put 13,000 miles on it. I did change the seat to the Sundowner and put forward pegs on it and, of course, the windshield. Next changes are adding height to the handlebars and black pipes and engine guard. I did the Saddle Sore 1000 on it and loved it. Went from Georgia to Texas in 18 hours. Had no complications with comfort. Went to Michigan a month later. Plan on doing the outer banks in NC next year. After three bikes I think I finally found my keeper.

  40. I've had my Nightster for over a year and love this bike. In the past, I've owned an 883 and a Dyna Low Rider but I've found the bike that “fits” me.

  41. The Nightster rocks! I have owned mine for more than a year now and love it! I am also shortn — 5 feet 5 inches so it's nice to have a bike that I can plant my feet firmly on the ground. I have added mini ape bars and a windshield. Thanks Harley for making a great bike for those of us that aren't 6-feet-2.

  42. I have to say I love, love, love my Nightster. I am a second time rider. I had a 883 Sportster seven years ago. I took the class, rode for a season, then had to give it up due to health issues. So I'm still a beginner, but I love the way my Nighster handles. It's easy to turn and is fast, but I feel very much in control. I was visiting a Harley dealer and I talked another buyer into getting one.

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