Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers for Small Hands

Dial in just the right reach

Brake and clutch levers that are adjustable to the reach of a rider’s fingers are pretty standard on most sport touring motorcycles and sportbikes and on some metric cruisers. But on Harley-Davidson models, the levers from the factory are not adjustable, so women with small hands must struggle to reach the brake and clutch levers when pulling them in. This requires the rider’s hands to roll forward off the handgrips to reach the levers versus seamlessly extending the fingers to the levers with the hands still wrapped around the grips. Hog Leverage is now making it easier for riders to reach those Harley-Davidson levers.
Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers Harley-Davidson
The reach to the levers is one feature we make a point to feature in our motorcycle reviews on WRN.
Being able to comfortably reach the levers makes the difference between feeling comfortable handling
a motorcycle and struggling with the controls.

Hog Leverage manufactures a lever that adjusts using a small knob to change the setting of the lever in relation to the grips. Each lever has eight adjustment positions. The “4” or “5” numbered positions correspondroughly to the stock lever position. Thus, there are three or four adjustment positions that bring the levers closer to the grips than the stock setting (for riders with smaller hands or shorter fingers), plus three or four adjustment positions greater than stock to increase the distance between the levers and grips (for riders with larger hands or longer fingers).

Levers are available for most Harley-Davidson models, with the exception of 2009 and later FLT/FLH touring models. We’re told those will be available in the near future.
Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers Black
A close-up of the lever in black finish. You can see the knob with its adjustable settings that bring the lever
closer to or farther away from to the handgrip.
Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers Black Small Hands
Becky Graf from Coast Fabrication shows how she comfortably pulls in the clutch on a Harley-Davidson
Rocker outfitted with Hog Leverage levers.

Coast Fabrication—which operates Hog Leverage out of its headquarters in Huntington Beach, Calif.—imports high-quality levers created in England by Oberon Performance (no made-in-China stuff here!) and assembles them in its US shop. The levers come in chrome or black finish, with your choice of colors for the adjustment knob.

Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers Chrome
The Hog Leverage lever in chrome finish with choice of colors retails for around $150. Double that price if you’re buying one for each lever.
Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers Colors
Each black-finish lever with choice of colors
sells for $134.63.
Installation instructions are included with the levers, but the company recommends a trained technician install them unless you know what you’re doing when it comes to clutch and brake levers. Average installation time should be no more than 30 minutes. Visit for more information.

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28 thoughts on Adjustable Brake and Clutch Levers for Small Hands

  1. I wish they were offered as an option. I find on my bike (Harley-Davidson Sport Glide) the levers are further out and harder to reach. The price should be lower—it’s a safety feature, not a cosmetic one.

  2. Snap! So glad to see this. Thought I was being a sissy. I have small hands and nerve damage in my left hand. Using leverage principles, it only makes sense that if your fingers are touching the clutch farther out from your hand, then it takes more strength to pull in the clutch, kind of like doing an exercise squat only 45 degrees compared to the more difficult 90 degree squat. I will definitely investigate this.

  3. Will order in near future! Great ideal for us small handed ladies! Love them.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I ride a 2015 Ultra Limited Low. I too have difficulty with my clutch lever. I will stop by my dealership this week to discuss options.

  5. Nice feature but it should be standard. We are not living in only a man’s world anymore, and why do women continually have to pay more than men to fit everything!

  6. Do you have small levers for metric bikes?

    1. At this time they are not making levers for metric motorcycles. Read down the comments as a reader previously asked about levers for Hondas. We posted a reply on where to get some.

  7. I’ve had Roland Sands Design adjustable levers on two of my bikes now. Love them.

  8. Nice! Finally something for those of us with small hands. This is a breakthrough for those of us who are small-framed and have adjusted to the larger with effort. I don’t think people understand how simple things like this helps the ride for smaller people. I use an easy clutch and have gotten used to lifting my hands off to pull it in each time. This looks like it can be used with ease.

  9. Looking for a closer to the bar levers for my wife to install on HD Sportster. Instead of having adjustable lever why don’t they just make the lever to be closer to the bar. Don’t like the adjusting knob. Looks ugly to me. Does anybody make a lever that will be closer to handlebar with out the adjustment feature.

    1. I have seen ergonomically shaped levers that allow the fingers to curve more closer to the handgrip, but they are fixed on how far away they are from the handgrip. The levers from Hog Leverage are really your best option. Call the company and discuss your needs. They may be able to help you.

  10. Being 5-foot-2 has created some challenges riding my ’99 Sportster XL1200S. I have finally found some grips for my small hands. YEA!

  11. I got all excited about these until I found out they start with a 1996 and I have a 1993 XL1200.

  12. These are absolutely great! I ordered one for clutch and one for the brake before I rode out to the AMA conference. My hands felt great, never tired. I stand 4-feet-11 and don’t have a huge reach. Using these levers made my long ride really comfortable and not so tiring. Being able to adjust them was nice and really easy to do. I’ve done a couple iron butt rides (1000 miles in 24 hours) and with these I will do many more.

  13. We petite metric cruiser riders need these levers too!

  14. I was interested in purchasing these adjustable levers. Unfortunatly for me, they don’t make them for my year. They start at 1996 and I ride a 1995 Sportster XL1200. I think they are a great idea though!

  15. I have seen adjustable levers, but no one seems to have any range of measurements to compare to my current levers. They are too expensive with installation by a professional to know how much I’m likely to shorten my reach.

    1. The folks at Hog Leverage do have those exact measurements. They were too detailed to include in the story, but feel free to contact them by phone or email (info on their website) and they can share that with you.

  16. A well explained and accurate article.

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