APPAREL REVIEW: Kevlar-Lined Jeans with Amazing Style

Look sexy while being protected

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

A few months ago, I promised I’d review Draggin Jeans women’s protective motorcycle riding pants after I posted a review from a WRN reader of her protective riding jeans that she ordered from Draggin Jeans. I ordered a pair of the “Skins” for women by Draggin Jeans. Draggin Jeans is name of the company. Skins is name of the style of pants.

Some background: if you’ve been riding a motorcycle for 10 years or more, you’ve probably seen Draggin Jeans’ ad in the classified section of many of your favorite motorcycles magazines advertising its Kevlar long sleeve shirts, and I believe, pant liners, made of the yellow weaved abrasion resistant fabric. You’d wear them under your riding jacket and jeans. Quite innovative back in the day, when protective riding outerwear options was limited.

When I heard Draggin Jeans started offering Kevlar lined jeans for women, I became interested because, if you’ve read my other reviews of protective riding jeans, you learned that I’m all about protection when riding my motorcycle these days. I feel naked wearing just regular jeans on my bike.

There are several styles of Kevlar lined women’s motorcycle riding pants from Draggin Jeans. I ordered the Skins, which have a slim fit, medium rise (versus a low rise), and a semi-boot cut (not as wide as a boot cut).

Draggin Jeans is based in Australia so sizing numbers are different than in the U.S. Their sizing chart steered me towards an 8, equivalent to a U.S. size 2. I normally wear a U.S. 4, but the sizing chart gives waist and hip dimensions, which put me in a 2. That said, sizing was right on and these fit me perfectly. So use the sizing chart. U.S. sizes go from 0 to 12.

Pulling the Skins on felt like, well, another layer of skin. So if you don’t like jeans that hug through the waist and thigh area, you may not like these.

The Skins are slim fitting throughout the waist, hips and thighs, but the stretchy material makes them very comfortable to wear, kind of like youre wearing leggings. They’re made of 98 percent cotton and 2 percent Elastane.

I’ve gotten used to wearing my favorite low rise Levi’s and Miss Me jeans lately, so it was nice to sit on my motorcycle wearing these Skins with their slightly higher waist (so they don’t ride down your butt), but not so high-waisted as to be unfashionable.

Here’s a side view of me wearing the Skins jeans with its 32-inch inseam, the only inseam size offered.

I didn’t shoot a rear view of me wearing the Skins because the stretchy material flattens my already flat-ish butt, so I don’t think the Skins flatter my backside. But most women don’t have a problem with a flat butt. Quite the opposite.

Apparel Review Kevlar-lined jeans MyRoad 700 i woman
Draggin jeans are very comfortable to wear seated on a motorcycle or scooter in this case. The stretchy material allows them to “give.”

Out of curiosity, I ordered the Minx style too, the low rise lined jeans from Draggin Jeans just to see how they fit. I found them to not be as comfortable as the Skins. To me, the Minx just felt heavier and thicker to wear around the hips and waist area (dare I say they made me feel fat!). But that’s just me. They are still highly flattering throughout the legs and all the protective qualities make the Minx an incredible pair of jeans for the right person.

The inside of the Skins is lined with a combination of Kevlar and Dyneema billed as “the worlds strongest fiber.” The liner is soft to the skin, breathable, flexible and non-allergenic. Feels like you’re wearing a thin layer of flannel underneath.
Heres the inside rear. The liner does make the jeans feel “thicker” on you, but not so that you’re uncomfortable.

I think these are one of the most attractive and flattering Kevlar lined motorcycle riding jeans on the market. They better be to justify the $195 price tag. The Skins come in black and indigo.

Here’s additonal information on the lining taken from the company’s Web site: Draggin Jeans patented positioning system ensures that each of the primary contact points are well covered. Inserted during the manufacturing process and secured with heavy duty stitching, the revolutionary lining is specifically designed and positioned to keep skin safe at all legal speed limits. CE Approved armor is also available and can easily be fitted to the knees, hips, elbows, shoulders and back of each Draggin Jeans product to enhance rider safety in impact situations.

The Skins have traditional jeans styling with five pockets, large belt loops, a front zipper and metal button closure.

I washed these as instructed, cold water, tumble dry low. I took them out damp and hung them to dry, then lightly ironed them to smooth them out. You can order online from They get shipped UPS from Australia within a week or so.

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15 thoughts on APPAREL REVIEW: Kevlar-Lined Jeans with Amazing Style

  1. Have you ever worn “Slider Jeans?” They are over half the price of these and I was wondering how they compare. Thanks!

  2. I have read the review on your jeans and I am very interested in the Classic style. I ride a HD Ultra Classic trike and as everyone knows, they can run hot on the leg. I have ridden across the country twice and going again June 2016. I have problems with the heat from the pipes on my legs. My question is – would these jeans offer any heat resistance as well?

    1. Charlotte, You will have to ask that question directly to the manufacturer, Draggin Jeans. The link to their website is found at the end of the article.That said, I can weigh in since I reviewed these jeans. These Kevlar-lined jeans only offer heat resistance insofar as that the Kevlar lining thickens the material so you don’t “feel” the heat as much on your legs. It doesn’t really offer any heat resistance. That’s not what the Kevlar is meant to do.

  3. I also wear Draggin skins jeans. I am a pretty average size 10, and bought the smallest pair, however they are still fairly huge! I looked around at other options but couldn’t really find anything much smaller available with a nice cut. The jeans are comfortable, and look good, they’re just a bit big. The Kevlar inside is a bit rough after being washed, and can be abrasive against your skin. All in all I think they’re pretty expensive and then you need to factor in the tailoring costs to get them resized (as they are really long too – and I usually buy a long leg in jeans!) There is definitely room in the market for a competitor for women’s bike clothing as while these are OK, they’re far from perfect.

  4. A year and a half after the review, I ordered a pair of these jeans, and I thought I’d add a more recent comment. I’m 64 and a new rider (license late last season), so I’m very safety conscious. I went for the Classic style, Australian size 16 (36 inch waist), since the sexier styles just aren’t me anymore. I agonized over the purchase, because it is a lot of money ($175 plus $30 s/h), and I’m never sure of sizing without trying things on. I emailed the company with several questions and received a detailed reply—always a good sign—so I took the plunge. If you order online, they throw in the yellow add-on knee armor for free, which was a welcome surprise. I ordered the hip armor, too, and they sent the sew-in pockets it slips into at no extra charge. I haven’t used either yet, but I’ll be giving them a try for comfort. I was amazed when the jeans arrived in three days from Australia. I was expecting to wait a couple of weeks. The jeans fit beautifully. They’re comfortably snug around the waist and hips and a bit loose, but not at all baggy, elsewhere. The cuff is perfect to fit around a boot but not wide enough to catch on the foot pegs, a problem I have with boot cut jeans. The stretch denim is wonderfully comfortable “out of the box,” and the Kevlar lining is soft and as flexible as the denim. It has a surface a bit like terry cloth. I took the jeans out on the road today in 83-degree heat and Virginia humidity, and they were totally comfortable. I’m very satisfied, and if they hold up well, I’ll be ordering another pair. Well worth the price for the added safety, especially with the good looks and comfort, not to mention the superlative service.

  5. I read your article on WRN about Draggin Skins. Thanks so much for the write up and wearing Draggin Skins! Skins are a great jean that I designed based on my skinny leg fashion jeans. We are about to launch a new style called Drayko Drift and I can tell these will be my new favourites. I just wanted to respond on the sizing query that has been brought up because Draggin really prides itself on fitting all different shapes and sizes. Women’s Classic and Drift are available from size 6 (70cm waist), 8 (75cm), 10, 12 to size 24 (115cm). Please let me know if you have any more queries. I would be happy to help.

  6. Thanks for the review! I still wear chaps but will check these out. I’m also glad to purchase something from Australia. I am not buying anything from China anymore. I hope manufacturers take heed.

  7. I searched out these jeans last year after hearing a friend of mine talking about her accident in Australia. She was very glad to have decided to put them on for the short drive home. She was cut off by a car, went for quite a slide and had not a scratch on her and the jeans did not tear. I found a dealer in Calgary, Alberta, and they did carry larger sizes (I seem to remember seeing 20+) three different cuts and many styles/colors. I did have to purchase a 16 although I generally wear 12-14. But they have stretch and are very comfortable. It’s such a treat not to have to wear leather chaps. They were well worth the price to me. I will definitely be ordering another pair.

  8. I believe most of us riders are bigger than a 12. So what do we do?

    1. My response to this is to contact the manufacturers directly and let them know. In addition, there have been plenty of women who’ve posted their thoughts here on WRN in various apparel stories I’ve posted over the years… and I’ve made sure that manufacturers I deal with are reading those comments.

  9. Great article and great jeans! I just wish that manufacturers would realize that big girls ride motorcycles, too! If you ever find protective jeans like this in large sizes it would be a blessing.

  10. Great article. I currently ride a sportbike, but am dating a Harley kinda guy. I often look/feel a bit odd riding with him in full leathers. I’ve been looking for a good pair of jeans, specific to women, that offer great protection in all the right areas. also feel nekkid without gear on and am also petite at 5 feet 4 innches. Thank you for the write-up and pictures. I’ll definitely check these out. Sure wish more manufacturers offered similar products for the smaller framed female as I can’t fit into men’s sizes.

  11. Where is the knee placement when you sit down on the bike? I tend to buy my jeans in long. I bought a pair of jean very similar to this and had to return them. They fit great but when I sat down on my sportbike, the knee shifted too high and the Kevlar didn’t even cover my knee. I could have returned them and bought a bigger size but then they didn’t fit around my waist/butt/hips. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

    1. The Kevlar is sewn to the inside of the pants so it does not shift when sitting on the bike. While Draggin’ Jeans does offer removable armor, I did not try it with these pants.

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