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Stunt rider Leah Petersen needs the best protection possible when doing wheelies and other stunts on her Kawasaki Ninja 636. She recently purchased Draykos Slix jeans, a feminine, leather-like jean that is actually denim lined with Kevlar and another abrasion-resistant material. Being safe and wearing protective gear is a requirement for Leah in her work of stunt riding. Check out her video review.

You can purchase Drayko jeans at DragginJeans.net.

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6 thoughts on READER PRODUCT REVIEW: Slix Kevlar-Lined Riding Jeans

  1. Looking forward to your feedback. I purchased FXRG from Harley-Davidson last December was not impressed.

  2. They look very fashionable but it would be nice if they had some impact protection as well as the abrasion protection. They don’t even seem to have pockets where you could add at least knee armor. She has her arms, shoulders and chest covered but nothing for her lower back, tailbone, hips or knees. For a stunt rider, it would seem like she would demand a little bit more out of her gear. Still another compromise with fashion winning out over protection.

  3. Is this a USA vendor, or do will there be a currency converter on the Web site?

    1. The company is in Australia and there is a currency converter on the Web site. They ship UPS, no problem.

  4. These jeans look great! I am looking on the manufacturer’s Web site and considering ordering a pair. Anyone out there have any experience with how true the sizing is for these jeans? I am looking at the Minx style.

    1. I just ordered a pair of the Skins style. Will let you know after I review them.

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