World Traveling Motorcyclist Visits WRN Office

Ramona Eichhorn nearing end of 6-year history-making journey

More than five years ago Ramona Eichhorn took off on a motorcycle trip that has her visiting every continent on the globe. During her three-month swing through the U.S., Ramona stopped by the offices of Women Riders Now in July on her way to Vancouver.

Ramona took just two days to ride from Tennesee to the WRN office in Montana. She rode an incredible 1,100 miles the second day. The reason? Her U.S. visa was expiring so she only had a few days left before she had to leave the country.

“I met Ramona and her traveling partner, Uwe, in June at the Americade Rally. Right away, I knew their story was one I wanted to share with visitors to,” says Genevieve Schmitt, editor of “Ramona was 24 years old and had just received her motorcycle license when she left her family and friends to ride a motorcycle around the world. Her story is fascinating and inspiring, one I think everyone should read.”

Making the most of a muddy situation in Argentina.

Ramona grew up in east Germany behind the Iron Curtain. When the Berlin wall fell, she wanted to experience freedom in the biggest way possible. Riding a motorcycle around the world seemed like the way to do that. Ramonas story will be posted in two parts with the first part posting on August 1 in the Motorcycle Lifestyle feature section link. Click here to read part 1.

Argentina#39;s breathtaking Atlantic coast.

In addition, is pleased to feature a gallery of Ramona and Uwes amazing photographs from their journey that are for sale. The two earn money by writing for 14 motorcycle magazines including Road Runner and by selling these fine art prints. Click here to view the gallery of images.

Ramona at the WRN office in Montana eating a breakfast of strawberries while packing her bike before heading to Vancouver.

“As far as I know, there is no other women who has ridden a motorcycle around the world to the extent Ramona has,” says Genevieve. “Her journey is sure to make history and be written about for years to come.”

Packing the bike has become a ritual for Ramona. Among the camping gear and clothing she carries on the bike are her laptop and photography equipment.
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