Photographic Fine Art For Sale

Images from world traveler Ramona Eichhorn's journey

Ramona Eichhorn is making available on a limited basis through the month of August images from her historic two-wheeled journey across the world. Click here to read her story. Her and her companion Uwe Krauss photographs are truly works of art as they capture places few motorcycle riders have ever ventured. For Ramona, its likely shes the only woman to have ever ridden in these parts of the world. For that reason, these photographic images are destined to become a rare collectors piece. Ramona is the rider depicted in these shots.

Each high resolution photograph is printed on high quality photo paper with non-fading ink. The 11″X14″ prints are matted and will be shipped in a protective package. Only 50 of each photograph will be printed and each will be signed and numbered by Ramona. The cost is $115 ($105 plus $10 for shipping and handling).

Orders are being accepted on behalf of Ramona Eichhorn by Solitude Ranch Communications, the parent company of Women Riders Now. Please call 406.333.4491 to place your credit card order. Checks are also accepted made payable to Solitude Ranch Communications. Send to: Solitude Ranch Communications, P.O. Box 435, Emigrant, MT 59027.

Below are the seven images for sale in a low resolution format. Click on images for a larger view.

Riding high in the Argentine Andes at 15,600 feet on the remote mountain pass of Agua Negra.
The sun had melted the snow into bizarre formations on top of Paso del Agua Negra. The air was very thin, literally breathtaking.
After riding for days on end across the wind-swept plains in Patagonia, the striking mountain scenery of Mt. Fitz Roy rose on the horizon.
Camping in the middle of nowhere on the dry salt flats of Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the setting sun striking the hexagons of salt.
Pink sunset in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile.
Eucalyptus ghost tree in the outback of Australia.
Tropical sunset in Queensland, Australia. The sky seems to burn.

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