Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories

WRN profiles the AIMExpo 2019 “Best of Show” winners

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor

Always on the lookout for new gear, accessories, and companies by and for women motorcyclists, Women Riders Now (WRN) was on a mission at the 2019 AIMExpo in Columbus, Ohio, in September. We reported last month that WRN provided surveys to all the women who stopped by our booth, including the Women Riders World Relay (WRWR) attendees, to choose their favorites in several categories. Here we share more about the winners and their products. Help us support the companies who support women riders. If you see something you like here, be sure they know who you are when you order and how you found out about their products.

1. Best Jackets for Women

AGVSport — Gear House Pros

Always on the lookout for new jackets designed specifically for women riders, we were pleased to present the award for “best jacket” to Gear House Pros, distributor of AGVSport gear. With a full line of leather and textile jackets in a variety of styles and colors, it was clearly the largest and broadest selection of women’s jackets at this year’s show. Styles range from vintage café, to adventure, sport, and vented. All AGVSport ladies jackets are good-looking, functional, and affordable, and also come with level 2 CE armor in shoulders, elbows, and back.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Best Jackets_Gear House Pros
Richard Storino, Gear House Pros sales manager, was surprised and elated to receive the award for “best jackets for women” from Erin Sills, WRN Leadership Board Co-Chairwoman.
Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Womens Jackets_Gear House Pros
The ladies from Gear House Pros and I are wearing four different styles of new AGVSport women’s jackets. From left, Mojave, Palomar, Saki, Bypass.

Saki, one of AGVSport’s leather vintage café racer-styled jackets, is offered in black, Oxblood, and Tobacco brown. It’s available in sizes 0-14 and retails for $399.99.

Bypass is only offered in classic black and features vents and a removable liner. It’s available in sizes 2-16 and retails for $329.99.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_leather jacket_AGVSport
I love the urban sporty style of the Palomar ladies leather jacket. Available in men’s and women’s cuts, this is another style from AGVSport’s Vintage Café collection. Offered in three different color combinations, it retails for $359.99 and comes in sizes 2-16.
Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_mojave_jacket
While pink may or may not be your color, there’s no denying the functionality of the adventure-touring Mojave jacket. If not, don’t worry, it’s also available in black/grey/neon yellow. This jacket retails for $269.99 and comes in sizes 2-16.

Check out more ladies jackets from AGVSport’s 2020 collection at GearHousePros.com.

2. Best Off-the-Bike Product

Mimi and Moto: The Motorcycle Monkeys children’s books

Not only did husband and wife team Nancy Gerloff and Mark Augustyn win the MIC Gas Tank Competition at this year’s AIMExpo, but they also took home the WRN award for best off-the-bike product. There’s just no denying their children’s books featuring Mimi and Moto, the Motorcycle Monkeys will be a hit in any household with young kids.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_WRWR_Mimi and Moto
WRWR founder Hayley Bell (far right) and US ride leader Liza Miller (in back) help WRN Leadership Board Co-Chair’s Erin Sills and Sarah Schilke present the award to Nancy and Mark while Mimi and Moto zoom past.

We first heard about Nancy and Mark’s cute little monkeys in 2016 when we reviewed their first book, The Adventures of Mimi and Moto: The Motorcycle Monkeys.

Riding the success of the first book, they debuted their new release at the Expo, capturing the hearts of all who filled out our surveys. Mimi and Moto Ride The Alphabet is a 28-page hardcover book thats just as adorable as the first book. Colorful illustrations by Aveliya Savina and Marat Kurokhtin represent all aspects of motorcycling; hill climbs, motocross, choppers, dual-sports, vintage bikes, and so much more. Kids will surely enjoy the creativity of how each letter of the alphabet fits into motorcycling as they explore each cute, colorful page.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Mimi and Moto
Both Mimi and Moto books are $14.99 (plus shipping) and are available now, just in time for the holidays.
Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Mimi and Moto
Mimi and Moto always wear all their gear before getting on their motorcycles—just another reason to adore the cute monkeys.

You can order directly at MimiAndMoto.com. Be sure to use code WRN15 to receive a special holiday discount. Offer good until January 31, 2020.

3. Must-Have Tool or Gadget

SportBike Chic Motorcycle Tank Purse

Women know that the best tool a woman rider can have is a bag to put her essentials in. That’s why we were so excited to find a relatively new woman-owned company at AIMExpo with what was voted as “best tool or gadget.”

SportBike Chic was started by LaShundra Rucker in 2016 as the answer to fill the need for motorcycle apparel that covers the lady rider safely without sacrificing femininity.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Tank Purse_Charlotte
LaShundra models one of her innovative creations—the Charlotte tank purse.
Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_SportBike Chic
The stylish apparel we found at LaShundra’s booth really caught our eye, ranging from riding jeans to flannel shirts and hoodies. But the company also sells jewelry, jackets, and the tank purses that caught the attention of our voters.

The company currently offers two tank purses. The first design is just named the SportBike Chic Motorcycle Tank Purse. The $99 cross-body purse has detachable straps and powerful magnets that convert it from a stylish purse to a tank bag in seconds.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Tank Purse_back
The back of the tank purse has an anti-slip material and powerful magnets to secure it to a metal motorcycle tank.

The newest creation is the “Charlotte” motorcycle tank purse. Styled as a handbag, it has two carry straps and magnets to hold it to the tank. There are two D-rings on the bag that allow you to attach an included shoulder strap. Interior compartments help you keep things organized.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Tank Purse
The Charlotte is water-resistant and includes a clear, touchscreen-compatible pouch for storing a phone. This bag also retails for $99.

SportBike Chic’s protective riding jeans are made of cotton/spandex and have a Kevlar and para-aramid liner. They include armor in the hips and knees and are available from size 6 to 20. Retail price is $111.99.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_jeans
The mid-rise jeans looks fantastic on curvy women and go high enough to cover the butt even in a sporty bent over riding position.

SportBike Chic’s hoodies, sweatshirts, and flannel shirts are lined with Kevlar and include armor in the shoulders, elbows, and back. They retail for $89.99.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_flannel shirts
The stylish flannel shirts are also available in men’s sizes S to 3XL. They retail for $94.99.

Visit SportBikeChic.com to see more styles and learn more about LaShundra’s story.

4. Best Hot-Weather Product

Wild Ass Seat Cushion

How does a seat cushion win the “best hot-weather product” category? Well, even though Wild Ass air cushions are designed to relieve pressure points, creating a more comfortable place to park your butt for those long rides, they also work to keep said butt cooler due to the air circulating between the air pockets.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_ hot weather product
Erin presents a very happy Craig Johnson with the award for “best hot-weather product” at the AIMExpo.
Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_motorcycle air cushion
Wild Ass air cushions come in Smart, Sport, and Pillion shapes, each offered in medical grade neoprene rubber, polyurethane/gel, or an economical polyurethane version.

The Wild Ass air cushions eliminate painful pressure points and promote good blood circulation by using adjustable interconnected air cells that conform to the rider’s shape regardless of weight or seating position.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Wild Ass arir cushion
Designed to relieve pressure points, the channels between the cushion’s air pockets also work to keep riders cool by circulating air. A valve in each cushion allows you to customize the cushion for your specific needs.
Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Wild Ass air cushions washable cover
Offered in a variety of shapes to fit most motorcycle seats, the air cushions come with a removable, washable cover.

The air cushions also reduce shock and vibration, helping to reduce lower back pain.

Visit Wild-Ass.com for ordering and more information. Be sure to use code WRNBG to receive a special WRN holiday discount. Offer valid until December 31, 2019.

5. Best Cold-Weather Product

California Heat Heated Gear

California Heat was founded in 2014 and has been making quality heated gear since. Today, John, Dawn, and Jenn Ambrose own and run the family business out of Pylesville, Maryland and all three were on hand at AIMExpo. There were a number of heated gear companies in attendance, but we couldn’t be happier that California Heat took home the prize.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_ california heat heated gear
The winners pose with the presenters. From left to right: Erin Sills (WRN), Debbie May (WRWR), John Ambrose (California Heat), Dawn Ambrose (California Heat), Jenn Ambrose(California Heat), Liza Miller (WRWR), and Sarah Schilke (WRN).

The California Heat booth was large, fun, interactive and included a ton of items on display and for sale, including some never-seen before items such as a heated balaclava and a new outer jacket.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_heated jacket
On hand at the AIMExpo was this new 12V four-season jacket. It’s windproof, waterproof, vented, and comes with removable armor. The heating elements are found in the chest, back, arms, and collar.

California Heat carries top-quality electrically heated vests, jackets, jacket liners, pant liners, gloves, sock liners, pants, and a balaclava. The heating elements and plugs carry a lifetime warranty—so you know the company stands behind its products!

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Sportflexx gloves
WRWR rider, Debbie May, explains to the crowd why she so enthusiastically voted the SportFlexx gloves to win WRN’s “best cold weather product” at the 2019 AIMExpo.

We were so thrilled with the California Heat products, we decided to put some of them to the test. Check out our review of the California Heat SportFlexx gloves, jacket liner, 12V pants, and dual-temperature controller.

For more information visit California-Heat.com.

6. Best Safety Item

inView Wireless Turn Signal and Brake Light

Perhaps it was the flashing lights that grabbed voters’ attentions. Or maybe it was the simplicity of a smart design and display. Whatever the case may be, we are proud to present “best safety item” to Third Eye Design for its inView wireless turn signal and brake light.

The inView looks like a brake light that you might find on a motorcycle, but it gets mounted onto the back of a helmet (just with Velcro—no screws). When you install the transceiver into your motorcycle’s wiring and activate your brakes or turn signal, the transceiver sends a signal to the inView to illuminate either a brake light or turn signal.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_safety
Jeff Piersall, program manager for Third Eye Design, accepts the award for “best safety product” from Erin Sills (WRN), Liza Miller (WRWR), Sarah Schilke (WRN), and a WRWR rider.
Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_InView_clear lens
The inView is available in a clear or red lens. Both retail for $249.95.

Another cool feature of the inView, is that when it senses you’re slowing down quickly (like using engine braking to slow down), it will send a signal to activate both the inView and your motorcycle taillight. In addition, there’s no on/off switch. Once the transceiver is hardwired to your motorcycle and light affixed to your helmet with the batteries installed, the unit will work as intended.

The inView system includes the brake light/turn signal, wireless transceiver, accessory LED brake light, adhesive Velcro, mounting hardware, and two AAA batteries that should last a full season. We can’t wait to test this safety product out! Watch for an upcoming WRN review of the inView system or go to ThirdEyeDesignInc.com for more information.

7. Best New Tech

Novus Radar Technologies Motorcycle Blind Spot Detection Kit

Here’s another cool safety product that could also have won for “best safety item.” I guess our voters really liked flashing lights! In any case, we can’t believe major manufacturers aren’t yet offering blind spot detection mirrors on motorcycles. Luckily, Novus Radar Technologies has come up with a kit to remedy this.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories Novus Radar
Erin and I present Augustin Leung, Vice President of Novus Radar Technologies, with the award for “best new tech” at AIMExpo.

The product is pretty self-explanatory if you have experience with how blind spot detectors in cars work. If a vehicle enters the motorcycle’s blind spot, the sensor sends a signal to illuminate the warning light on the side of the vehicle. If there’s a vehicle in the blind spot and the rider activates the turn signal, the warning light will flash, and a warning vibration is sent to the rider seat as well. This “haptic feedback” is a step beyond what auto manufacturers are doing, and we hope to see this well-designed system as an option on OEM motorcycles soon.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_safety gear
The large sensors get mounted to the rear of the motorcycle, as shown here. They cover a warning zone area both left and right of the sensors, with a range of 30 feet. Small lights are mounted to the motorcycle’s turn signals.

The Motorcycle Blind Spot Detection kit is available at Motorcycleblindspot.com for $599.99. Yes, it is pricey, but with the potential to save a life, we agree that this new technology is important to highlight. We hope the OEMs are paying attention!

8. Best Product for Pillions

Cardo Freedom 1+ Communication System

What do passengers like? That’s what we wanted to know when we included this category on our voting card. Apparently, they want to be heard! Enter Cardo with its extensive line of Bluetooth communication systems.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Cardo
I’m between two very happy Cardo Brand Managers; Mike Tole (left) and Jon Frankel (right). Not only do we love Cardo communication devices, but we were impressed with the company’s promotional signage as well. We always like companies who show real women riders in ads and promos.

Cardo’s Freedom 1+ system is best-suited for a single rider and passenger who don’t need any frills. The 2-way wireless Bluetooth communication device features a slim design and allows you to listen to music, GPS directions, or talk with another rider on the short-range system.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Freedom 1+
The economical Freedom 1+ is just $139.95 for a single unit or $259.95 for a two-pack.

Cardo’s Packtalk Bold system is a popular option for those who want to connect easily with up to 15 riders. This system features JBL speakers for exceptional sound quality, universal connectivity to connect with other branded Bluetooth systems, voice activation, FM radio, automatic volume control, and much more.

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Packtalk Bold
The Packtalk Bold single unit costs $339.95 and a two-pack is $599.95.

To check out Cardo’s other Bluetooth communication systems and to find more info about the Freedom 1+ and Packtalk Bold Duo, go to CardoSystems.com.

9. Best Product for the Vertically Challenged

Can-Am Ryker

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_CanAm Ryker
Erin and I present the award for “best product for the vertically challenged” to the Can-Am Ryker itself. No matter what your inseam is, you can ride this super-fun moto-machine!

We hear it all the time. “This motorcycle is too high. I can’t reach the ground.” And, “I’m afraid of dropping it.” Well, this year’s winner for “best product for the vertically challenged,” the three-wheeled Can-Am Ryker has turned these statements into a non-issue for shorter riders.

As Brittany Morrow explained in her review we featured on WRN, the Ryker is the perfect entry into the sport of motorcycling for riders who have no experience on two wheels or who can’t reach the ground. By taking balance out of the equation, riders can focus on learning street strategies, smooth throttle and braking control, and how fun it is to feel the wind on our faces!

Overhearing this 4-foot-8-inch woman proclaim to her husband, “Now THIS I can ride!” explains perfectly why the Ryker is perfect for inseam-challenged riders.

Visit Can-Am.brp.com for more information on the Ryker and other 3-wheeled options.

10. Best Sales Experience

Liqui Moly Additives

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Liqui Moly
When WRWR rider Linda Hood, from Florida, found out Liqui Moly won the award for “best sales experience,” she just had to be part of the celebration. Here she presents the award to Vinny Russo who had given her exceptional service earlier in the day.

Many women are intimidated walking into a parts or service department if they don’t know how to work on motorcycles or have little experience with internal combustion engines. Linda Hood, WRWR rider from Florida, had lots of questions when she visited the Liqui Moly booth at AIMExpo. The company’s display included a vast array of additives, flushes, lubricants, oil, and more. Vinny Russo, Liqui Moly rep from Brooklyn, New York, took Linda’s questions seriously and offered easy-to-understand answers with helpful tips in a non-condescending way. If only all salesmen were this good!

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Liqui Moly
From fuel additives that are designed to boost acceleration to engine flush treatment that cleans your engine from the inside, there are plenty of products here to help your bike run better.
Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Liqui Moly
WRN teamed up with the Liqui Moly crew for this shot at their booth. Vinny may have been specifically called out on the award ballots, but the entire crew was helpful, generous, and so happy to be part of making women riders feel welcome and empowered.

You can find more information about all the Liqui Moly additives at Liqui-Moly.us.

11. Best Representation of Female Riders

Women Riders Now

With the giant backdrop showcasing our logo and an independent woman riding a motorcycle with her hair flowing in the wind, the WRN booth was a hit. We handed out stickers, hair wraps, and lip balm, and even offered mimosas and bagels to Saturday morning attendees. It was a true pleasure to meet and talk with all the awesome ladies and men who ride with them who stopped by, whether new followers or tried-and-true WRN fans. And we were especially honored when the voting attendees decided to present WRN with the award!

Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Bella
WRN’s Isabella Merjanian prepares snacks, drinks, and freebies for everyone who stopped by our booth. Thanks Bella!
Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Knoxville
Beverly Pugh came all the way from Knoxville, Tennessee, to say hi and visit our booth.
Women’s Favorite Riding Gear, Products, and Accessories_Florida
Joy from Florida rides an Indian Chieftain and had a few tips for me when I told her about the Chieftain Limited I was testing for this review.

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