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  1. Genevieve. regarding your editor response:I like your viewpoint: “I don’t think getting a bigger bike means you have “graduated” or that it proves you are a better rider.” For some reason there is this unwritten notion that the better rider you become, the bigger more powerful motorcycle you should ride, or graduate to. I think this is worth exploring in an article. Thanks for the idea. I think this would be a great article. Too many times, women, and men, think that bigger is better and with more experience bigger is the way to go. The “biggest” bikes I have are 1300cc and I don’t feel any desire to go bigger. However, they are four cylinder. engines powering Yamaha FJR1300s (a 2005 and a 2014). The only V-twin that I own is a Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 NTX, which I consider to be a big bike. I currently own 13 bikes ranging in size from 250cc to 1300cc mixed between scooters and motorcycles. I’ve been riding for 20 years. The acquisition immediately prior to the new FJR was a 900cc Triumph America cruiser and it’s one of my favorites as an all-arounder. I have more fun with smaller displacement, lighter weight, more fuel efficient bikes. I think I’m one of the few people on the planet who prefers sporting bikes over cruisers. Why limit yourself to a Harley/cruiser when there are so many great bikes out there? Which might be another article idea. Thanks for listening to my rambling.

  2. Wondering if we’re going to get any reviews on the new Indian! I would love to get one!

  3. I started riding motorcycles when I was 11 or 12 years old. I had a Harley 1200 XL Low until 2012 when I traded it in for a Can-Am Spyder trike. I love the Spyder because I am now in my 60s and I feel safer on three wheels. Wondered why you never write articles on the three-wheel motorcycles.

    1. Sharon,I’m glad you asked. We actually have a whole section dedicated to Can-Am Spyders, and I’ve reviewed them in the past. You can find that section at this link. It’s located under the Motorcycle Reviews link at the top of the page for future reference. When you click on Motorcycle Reviews you will also find sections on the trikes we have reviewed in the past, including those by Lehman and Roadsmith Trikes.

  4. To the readers of WRN!We launched a new design of this site on December 23, 2013, our third in nine years! If you are on the site today or in the coming days and browsing around you may notice a glitch here and there — that’s all part of the transition process so we ask for your patience as we work out all the bugs. Within a few days, the site will be working perfectly. WRN is a full time venture for me and my team, so it’s important for us to keep the site looking fresh and to keep current with new Internet technologies and visual experiences. You are looking at the result of more than six months worth of work to improve your WRN experience. Your feedback is appreciated.

  5. We are planning a tour to Sturgis, South Dakota. Will be gone for about 10 days. Would appreciate any input from any women tourers on how to pack, what to take. I will only be allowed one saddlebag! Thank you for your help.

    1. A great way to reach out other women riders with your questions is in the WRN Forum. It’s simple to register. You can post your question in the events section and before you know it you’ll be getting lots of responses.

  6. I too made history last season in Road Racing with AHRMA. Along with three other women, this was the first time in the 30 year history of AHRMA that a woman has won a class championship. I won the Vintage Superbike Lightweight. I now get to race with 1z as my number.

  7. Trikes are just as much fun as two wheel bikes without the worry of falling over, etc. You still get the wind in your face! And for us older riders (59, partner 70) they have allowed us to keep riding without a lot of worry. Many options out there, check out the Trike Riders Now site.

  8. My husband and I started riding in 2005, me behind him, then in 2007 I got my Heritage Softail Classic. When the economy started to fall we sold his Ultra Classic with the decision to share my bike. Sharing has its downfalls, since I feel like I’m not riding as often as I like. Now my husband has a medical condition that causes some potential safety issues. So now I don’t ride with him. As I’m reading this issue more than a few times I have noticed that women are choosing to ride a trike. It has always been my theory that it would not feel same, that riding with three wheels under you would lessen the ride.I am rethinking this, a bit wondering if we shouldn’t ride a trike or a Can-Am, more for his safety. I’m 60 now and maybe this would make a better choice for both of us. Does anyone have any input on this subject? What are the reasons for riding a trike over a motorcycle?

    1. Kathy,Thank for sharing your thoughts. You might want to share your question on the WRN Forum that you can access here, and of course visit our sister site, TrikeRidersNow.com, to read more about trikes.

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