Video Reader Review: Harley-Davidson Dyna Switchback

The easier-to-handle touring motorcycle

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The Harley-Davidson Dyna Switchback has a big following among women riders who want the power, comfort, and storage of a big touring motorcycle, but dont want the bulk and “big-ness” of the bigger bike.
Watch this short video by a WRN reader who owns a Dyna Switchback and see the customization shes done.

If youd like to submit a motorcycle review, either with video or photos, please read these guidelines on how to do it.

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Review: Harley-Davidson Dyna Switchback

6 thoughts on Video Reader Review: Harley-Davidson Dyna Switchback

  1. What does the Harley-Davidson Switchback weigh? I went to the Harley Heritage Classic due to the lighter weight, 755 pounds without the front fairings, as that blocks my close-up view. I also like the power of the Twin Cam 1450cc engine. Great for Passing. Without a passenger, I am able to carry a lot of camping gear in front of and behind the sissy bar, on the bump pad and the rear rack, as well as the saddlebags and a toss-over saddlebag set that rests on top of the regular saddlebags, plus two more small bags on top. This setup is good for a two week tour or adventure. The Harley Heritage gives a very smooth ride, and has a larger higher passenger pad which also acts as driver backrest.

    1. The Harley-Davidson Dyna Switchback weighs 718 pounds. It’s lighter than your Heritage, but offers less storage due to its smaller saddblebags.

  2. I had a 2012 Switchback and within a year put 12,000 miles on her. Thought a bigger bike would be even better for longer rides so I traded for a Victory Crossroads Classic. A truly wonderful bike but moving it around became a bit of a challenge as I soon realized. I now own my second Switchback, a 2015 in Mysterious Red Sunglow. I have found my keeper!

  3. I’ve been riding a 2013 Switchback since February of 2014. I currently have almost 12,000 miles on it. I love it! It is the perfect bike for me because of the low seat height but big engine. I can keep up with my husband on his Ultra Classic now with no problems. The only drawback is that it is hard to find accessories for this bike. Harley doesn’t make many things for the Switchback. I put a Memphis Shades batwing fairing on mine and had it custom painted.

  4. I’ve had a Switchback since they came out in 2012 and I love it! Best bike I’ve ever ridden, smooth ride, very good handling, very maneuverable. I started riding many years ago on a Kawasaki 440 LTD; left riding for quite a few years and came back in with a Suzuki Intruder and then a Sportster. Hubby wanted me on a bigger bike, but I was not comfortable on anything before the Switchback. I ride with a close solo seat to bring me up closer to the forward controls. I knew from the test ride that it was a done deal! I wish more women considering a bigger bike would test ride the Switchback. I think we’d see a lot more of them out on the road.

  5. You’re amazing Sharon! Very nicely done. Safe travels.

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