Heres the ultimate party attire! A hoodie that comes comes with a Neoprene beverage holder inside the front pouch pocket! Theres even a metal bottle/can opener attached to the inside pocket.

Wearing the Party Hoodie means youll always have an extra “hand” when your hands are full walking away from the food and drink table at your next party. And youll always have a spare drink with you.

party hoodie drink holder built right in
This is the Hellbound Party Hoodie from Hells Bells Customs and features an original Marix Stone design of a helmet with teeth on a chopper.

party hoodie drink holder built right in hells bells customs
This is the Scream Outta Hell Party Hoodie from Hells Bells Customs and features an original Marix Stone design of a screaming skull jumping off the shirt at you.
When not at a party, use the Velcro fastening pouch to hold small items like cash, lip balm, and other essentials; even some cell phones fit!
One things for sure … weve heard from those who own this … when you show up at a party wearing the Party Hoodie, everybody wants one!
Sizes available are M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL. Available color is charcoal gray. To order visit
Makes a great gift idea for Valentines Day, a birthday, Fathers Day, Christmas or whenever!

2 thoughts on The Party Hoodie: Drink Holder Built Right In!

  1. I think we should rise above the stereotype and not promote items that reinforce the idea of drunken bikers. I’m a motorcyclist and do not care about products that make drinking easier. If this article was tongue in cheek, then I missed it and that’s my bad but if you are seriously reviewing this item, I think you can do better.

    1. A motorcycle accessories company (that was a former advertiser of WRN) sells this item as part of their collection. We thought it was too funny not to post. Nowhere do we promote drinking and riding in this article or promote that stereotype. Nowhere do we mention it holds beer. And no, we did not review it. We were just having fun with a new item we found for those who think it might be of some use to them.We appreciate your comments, but I do think you missed the point.

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