Review: Wolfman Expedition Tank Bag

Generously-sized tank bag for motorcycle touring

By Liz Jansen

The large Wolfman Expedition Tank bag is designed for adventure and off-road motorcycle travel, but its features make it ideal for motorcycle road riding, too, and can fit on the tanks of some cruisers for those riders who like to use tank bags. Durable, versatile, and waterproof, this bag stands up to the rigors of the road.

review wolfman expedition tank bag triumph tiger
The large Wolfman Expedition tank bag measures 13 x 8.75 inches and is designed for sloped tanks, like on this Triumph Tiger 800 XRX. The front height (closer to the handlebars) is 5.75 inches; at the rear (closer to the rider) it’s 9.5 inches. The height is adjustable by about 3 inches, depending on what’s inside. The removable map pocket has a visible area of 7.625 x 9 inches. As someone who has struggled with stuck zippers and had to replace them on other tank bags, I was pleased to find none on this model.

Ballistic external fabric means it will take whatever you throw at it, whether it’s weather, bumpy roads, ultraviolet radiation, or taking it with you and tossing it on the ground. The skid-proof, scratch-proof, and cushioned bottom extends under the straps and buckles to protect your bike’s paint from damage. Reflective strips on the sides increase your visibility. It also comes in a smaller version with similar features.

review wolfman expedition tank bag straps
Mounting the Expedition is super easy. The harness assembly consists of four straps of equal length straps (two each for front and back), two keeper straps looped on each end, and four buckles.

review wolfman expedition tank bag buckles
Secure the straps over immovable parts, like frame rails, making sure not to pinch wires, hoses, or brake lines. Slide the keepers over each pair of straps and then attach the buckles. The exact positioning will depend on the design of your motorcycle. I attached mine to the frame at the front and removed the seat to attach the back straps to a cross member.

review wolfman expedition tank bag velcro
Two buckles each at the front and back secure the bag. Attach it loosely until you determine the best fit given the tank shape and your seating position, and then cinch it up tightly. The Velcro closure at the front secures the top. The bag is virtually unmovable, even during a tip over.

review wolfman expedition tank bag mounted on gas tank
To access the bike’s gas cap, simply undo the front two buckles and flip the bag back. To remove it completely, undo the two back buckles and lift it off. There are two D-rings on either side of the top to which you can attach an optional carrying strap. I use the front Velcro closure as a carrying strap.

review wolfman expedition tank bag open
The 12-liter compartment — expandable to 14 liters — means there’s plenty of space to store your gadgets and extras for a weekend getaway. It can get cluttered however, so I prefer to store like items in small travel packs so the inside stays tidy and things are easier to find. Even though the compartment has proven to be completely waterproof on a number of rainy rides, I store my cell phone and electronics in another waterproof bag, if only to protect them when I fail to fully close my water bottle tightly.

review wolfman expedition tank bag apron
The apron, folded back in this photo, adds a divider over the bottom contents and helps further organize and separate items. I carry a hydration reservoir and place it on top, allowing enough hose to feed it between the top and main body and for easy and safe use while riding.The bottom is closed with a drawstring, and the contents are held firmly in place with a buckle and strap. Tightening it also makes it easier to fit the top on properly the first time. As with the hydration hose, it’s easy to fish an electric wire through to charge electronics without risking rain getting in. A removable zippered pouch secured with Velcro under the top (to the right in this picture) is good for storing personal items and documents.

Considering its size, the profile is surprisingly sleek, doesn’t interfere when turning the handlebars, and is not at all a distraction. I originally purchased it for a 1200cc Yamaha Super Ténéré but now have an 800cc Triumph Tiger XRX and it still fits perfectly.

I’m used to tank bags that come with individual pockets and specialized zippered compartments. This bag’s open concept was the biggest adjustment when I first started using it. Now I really appreciate the versatility this design provides. Other than a small amount of wicking into the map pocket through the Velcro closure, the main bag has remained completely waterproof through extended downpours.

Wolfman Products feature a limited warranty against manufacturing defects. The Large Expedition Tankbag retails for $176.99. The small is $127.99. To learn more and to order online visit

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  1. My Wolfman Explorer bag goes from bike to bikes, has 100,000-plus miles on it, is no longer true black, and is the best bag I have ever used. Only downside I have found is, it is not “Yellowstone Raven” proof. He opened all zippers including the heavy-duty main compartment one. Highly recommended!

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