Review: Schuberth C3 Pro Women Helmet

The next generation in protection for a woman's head

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

Schuberth broke ground two years ago when it introduced the C3W, a highly researched, richly featured full-face helmet for women. I reviewed the C3W then and found it to be amazing in all areas, and well worth its original $699 price tag. The cost has since dropped to $499.

There’s always room for improvement though. It turns out I wasn’t the only one where the fit of the helmet wasn’t quite right. Hey, not all helmets work with all heads. I never could get the C3W’s padding to mold to my head shape and therefore had an annoying “hotspot” on my crown when wearing it.

So, I was happy to see Schuberth release an updated women’s helmet called the C3 Pro Women, the female-designed version of the C3 Pro.

Review Schuberth C3 Pro Women Helmet
The C3 Pro Women, in the glossy silver color option here, is a nicely ventilated and lightweight helmet to have on a hot Arizona day while riding my Harley-Davidson Street Glide.

The C3 Pro Woman has been out for a year now and I’ve been wearing it all summer, and indeed can attest that it fits my head just right with no annoying pressure spots. The marketing notes say the C3 Pro Woman and C3 Pro now offer “enhanced comfort and fit.” Im glad I wasn’t the only one with fit issues and its great to see Schuberth listening to its customers.

Review Schuberth C3 Pro Women Helmet Joan motorcycle
Joan Krenning, owner of Design Wraps, and founder of the Steel Horse Sisterhood, never thought she’d get used to wearing a full-face helmet, but the C3 Pro Women has made her a convert. “Now that I’ve experienced the benefits of the C3 Pro Women, I dont ride without it,” said Joan.

I wrote a very detailed review of all the features that make up the C3W, which are also included in the C3 Pro Women. You can read that review here.

Here are the areas that the C3 Pro Women, which starts at $769, differ from the C3W.

Interior Lining
Not only is the color of the inside liner different, but the material has been improved. The fabric has additional properties that make it not only wick moisture better but keep you cool as well. There are fewer seams on the new liner, which means its smoother on the inside. And the ruby color of the liner hides makeup stains and dirt better than the off-white color in the C3W.

Review Schuberth C3 Pro Women Helmet interior
The liner fabric on the C3 Pro Women is anti-bacterial and hypo-allergic to accommodate those with fabric sensitivities. And the cheek-pads are easy to remove when its time to wash them.

It’s worth noting that the cheek-pads are the main feature that makes the C3 Pro Women different from the C3 Pro. The padding is contoured to accommodate a woman’s narrower jawline and higher cheekbones.

Schuberth improved ventilation on the C3 Pro Women stating that its supply of fresh air has increased to more than 8 liters at 62 mph versus the C3W’s 7 liters. Honestly, this is one of the toughest features of a helmet for me to gauge, because when I’m hot, I’m hot. I’ll take their word that there’s more venting and better circulation, and I know my roasting head will appreciate it when the temperature heats up.

Review Schuberth C3 Pro Women Helmet Pinlock
The face shield on the C3 Pro Women allows for a Pinlock lens, which is installed here. Pinlock is the brand name of a dual pane lens system that prevents the face shield from fogging. It is included with the helmet.

This is one area I can gauge easily because I’m so keen on when the wind is blasting my helmeted head so hard that I feel like a bowling ball’s plopped on my noggin. Side-by-side you can see subtle differences in the shape of the C3 Pro Women over the C3W.

Review Schuberth C3 Pro Women Helmet pearl white
The C3 Pro Women has a more aerodynamically shaped vent on the crown for air to flow over it and through it more smoothly. There’s also a slight modification for better airflow on the chin vent and at the rear of the helmet.

Review Schuberth C3 Pro Women C3W Helmet
This is the C3W. You can see the difference in the vents from the previous picture, and on the rear shape of the helmet. This one is lacking the spoiler at the rear that allows for better airflow.

SRC-System Ready
The SRC-System is Schuberth’s in-helmet Bluetooth communication system, thats sold separately. It’s a Cardo Scala Rider system thats integrated into the neck collar of the helmet. If you buy this $429 accessory, youd then replace the stock collar with this one.

The system connects wirelessly to your GPS, cell phone and up to two other riders for conferencing. It also gets FM radio reception. On the C3 Pro Women, the helmet comes already equipped with an antenna and Bluetooth receiver to boost reception and distance between communicating riders.

So whether you buy the SRC-System accessory or not, the antennas come pre-installed in the helmet. They’re hidden—between the shell and the EPS liner—so you’ll never know they’re there. I don’t like Bluetooth attached to my helmet—I prefer to ride my motorcycle without the option to answer a call, listen to GPS, or an FM radio—so I didn’t opt for this accessory.

Review Schuberth C3 Pro Women Helmet sun visor
My favorite part of the Schuberth C3 Pro Women is that it’s a modular helmet with a sun-shield. I can ditch my sunglasses, and lift up the front of the helmet while stopped to communicate with others. Once you wear a modular helmet, it’s hard to go back to wearing a regular full-face helmet or any other helmet for that matter.

Color Availability
Apparently there was a demand for a pink helmet. I’m not surprised as pink is one of the hottest selling colors among women riders despite what an outspoken minority have to say. Harley-Davidson has long said that its Pink Label collection outsells its other apparel lines. Here again Schuberth responded to customers by offering the C3 Pro Women in a tasteful pearl pink.

Review Schuberth C3 Pro Women Helmet motorcycle riders
Three leading women in motorcycling with their C3 Pro Women helmets. From left: motivational speaker and author Eldonna Lewis Fernandez of Pink Biker Chic loves her pink helmet. Joan Krenning with her matte black C3 Pro Women, and Sarah Schilke, Schuberth North Americas head of marketing and P.R.
Review Schuberth C3 Pro Women Helmet woman man rider
Why not buy two! Schuberth makes the C3 Pro Women for her and the C3 Pro for him.

My Final Observations
Let me address the elephant in the room, or shall I say, on the screen, here. Yes, $769 is a lot of money for a helmet. In fact, I was almost afraid to tell you that this is the starting price for the base colors of pearl white, pearl pink, glossy silver and matte black. The mineral white, a specialty color goes for $809, and two special graphic helmets sell for $829.

Review Schuberth C3 Pro Women Helmet euphoria
This is the C3 Pro Women Euphoria with tasteful graphics that sells for $829.

Once you know all that has gone into the development of this helmet and you wear it for a long period of time, like I did, you realize you’ll never want to wear another helmet—it’s that comfortable and you know it’s that protective.

To ease the sticker shock, Schuberth offersa three-year service program, as well as a “mobility program,” which enables a rider to replace a crash-damaged helmet with a brand new one at one-third of the retail price. I think thats a pretty good offer.

The two biggest factors for me when wearing a full-face helmet are the noise and the weight. The C3Pro Women, like its predecessor, is very quiet, much quieter than any other helmet I’ve worn. This is huge as wind noise over time fatigues me. I love the cocoon of quietness when the faceshield is locked in place.

Additionally, I need the helmet to be as light as possible because when you add in all the wind buffeting that your full-face-helmeted head and your neck must endure, the lighter the bucket on your head the better. Schuberth’s poundage and wind-tunnel tested aerodynamics can’t be beat in modular helmets.

Sizes for the C3 Pro Women range from XXS to L. To learn more visit

Review Schuberth C3 Pro Women Helmet pink black helmets
The differences between the C3 Pro Women and the C3 Pro is the shape of the cheek pads, the size offerings, and the availability of pink.
Review Schuberth C3 Pro Women Helmet couple
The C3 Pro Women goes up to size large. If a woman needs a larger helmet, shell have to consider the C3 Pro, which goes up to XXXL.

Review Schuberth C3 Pro Women Helmet matte black
Joan Krenning, wearing her C3 Pro Women,
is off to tell more people how great her
helmet is!

More Observations on the C3 Pro Women from Joan Krenning
“I was the traditional old school Harley biker chick who was never going to wear a helmet. Although I had never ridden with a full-face helmet (and from what I hear, the old ones were not great) I always came out against them based on what others had told me: they are too heavy; the wind catches them, and you lose your peripheral vision.

When Sarah Schilke from Schuberth reached out to me in April of 2013 and asked if I would like to wear the C3 Pro, I had to think about it. I was currently wearing a newer half helmet from Harley-Davidson that weighed about 4.5 pounds, and as I rode, the wind was always buffeting me. And funny thing: it always seemed to be a crosswind.

I started wearing the C3 Pro Women on 100-degree day in June and took it off half way through the day. The next day, it began to rain, which turned to hail. I pulled over and said to myself, “Joan, this is stupid. You have a helmet and it is hailing.” So I put it back on and I have never taken it off.

I have since tried on many helmets to obtain a point of reference on these features:
– The Schuberth C3Pro Women weighs just 3.6 pounds.
– It’s cut back so far on the side that I have no vision loss at all.
– It has memory foam that is very comfortable around my face.
– The fabric lining is a very high quality fabric. (I’m picky about fabric because I work in the fabric business!)
– Faceshields are interchangeable and extremely easy to change.
– The chin piece is Velcro-ed in to achieve an airtight fit. It comes out easily for venting in extreme heat.
– Modular is very quiet and fairly air tight.
– When I ride in the cold, this helmet keeps me warm.

But at the end of the day, it is each and every one of these features that I believe has a direct effect on my fatigue level when riding. I am not as tired at the end of the day.”

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7 thoughts on Review: Schuberth C3 Pro Women Helmet

  1. I bought this helmet based on reviews from this site and the style, weight, padding are all good. I went to Colorado Springs for a bike rally—rode two-up for about 350 miles the first day. I had a hot spot on my forehead along with a huge knot and headache that lasted more than two days. Needless to say, I couldn’t ride the rest of the trip. It was sad for me and my riding partner.I think it should be noted that that this helmet is mostly for people with round heads. I have an oval head and nowhere in Schuberth’s description do they tell people it’s best for round heads. When I reached out to them upon returning they suggested I wear it another 100 miles or more or send it to them for some adjustments at my expense plus $79. It’s an expensive helmet as is. I could have avoided my loss if Schuberth stated the helmet shape in its specs. That’s my experience.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Vicki. I’m sorry to hear about your hot spot. I do know what you mean, as I noted at the beginning of this article, as I had a hot spot with the original version of this helmet that prevented me from being able to use it. I was OK with this newer version, but it never did fit quite right. I do wear it, but I have other helmets that fit me better. I think you’re right on because I too have an oval-shaped head so perhaps that could be the issue with this particular helmet. Years ago, some helmet makers would identify their helmets based on the shape of one’s head, but today’s helmets are not listed that way anymore (why I don’t know), so reviews like mine and comments like yours are so very important for consumers to know. So thanks again for your feedback.

  2. When WRN first reviewed this helmet, I decided then I wanted one. The closet place near me to buy one is two hours away. They did not have the women’s in stock. The salesman said the only difference was the cheek pads. So I went ahead and bought the helmet. At first I did not like it. But after the helmet conformed to my head, I LOVE IT. Had a Shoei before. Will never go back. Excellent helmet. The only problem is I worry it will get stolen. I am very careful locking it to my Sporty.

  3. I am in my second riding season with the C3 PRo Women’s helmet. Absolutely the best full-face helmet I have owned. Quiet and comfortable. I was involved in an accident where another bike rear-ended me when I was turning the corner. Helmet did what is was supposed to do: gel coat missing, scrapes and cracks on the visor. I replaced it immediately with another C3 Pro Women’s helmet! A great investment.

  4. I bought one, in pearl white, at the Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit this past spring where Schuberth was a major sponsor. I thought paying so much for a helmet was a bit over the top but it’s far exceeded my old Shoei full-face helmets. It’s lighter, more comfortable and quieter. I never thought I would find these qualities in a modular full-face helmet. With this helmet I don’t get the buffeting whiplash effect when I turn my head sideways to look at something or do a head check when changing lanes. I really like the built-in sun shield. I wear glasses and now I don’t have to carry a pair of prescription sunglasses or deal with those that fit over glasses (not a great fit under a helmet). And, best of all, I don’t have to take my glasses off every time I take my helmet off or put it on. Heavenly. I also like the ability to flip up the front so I can get a drink and/or snack at a gas stop. It was definitely worth the price.

  5. Great article. I have been riding for 19 years and worn many helmets. As a Harley rider I have typically worn 3/4 helmets instead of a full face. The Schuberth helmet is the most comfortable helmet I’ve worn. It actually fits my face and doesn’t slide around like most helmets that are usually a smaller version of a men’s helmet.The helmet is well worth the investment. Highly recommended!

  6. Nice review! I think I will ask Santa for one of these.

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