REVIEW: Riding Specific Jeans

Comfort for the long haul

By Genevieve Schmitt

Ive been riding a motorcycle for 20 years and in all that time Im usually wearing Levi jeans. I was introduced to Biker Premium Jeans earlier this spring, jeans made specifically for riding. Margaret Meyer, a rider with her husband, Bruce, came up with the idea for motorcycle specific jeans ones that “give” and are comfortable instead of binding on the legs when sitting in a saddle all day.

Margaret set out to design and manufacture these jeans in the U.S. No easy feat if youve ever shopped for jeans. No matter what the label says, from basic Levis and Wranglers to high-end True Religion and MEK brands all jeans fit differently. And I know, as I own a pair of each of the aformentioned.

Wearing the Biker Premium jeans, which I think, flatter my figure.

When I told Margaret Im a size 4 with a 32-inch inseam I was expecting the jeans she sent me would not fit well because sizing is so hard to dial in, especially for a first time manufacturer like Biker Premium. To my surprise, the jeans she sent fit great. I do need to cinch the waist with a belt but I have to do that with all my jeans because I have a skinny waist relative to my hips. Sizing goes up to size 12 with the option of three inseams 30, 32, and 34 inches. I was excited the Biker Premium jeans fit me like an expensive pair of jeans and they should because they are expensive $150! But dont let that stop you from exploring them if youre a connoisseur of jeans like me. For one thing, theyre on sale for $120.

A close up shot shows the fit and stretch panels better. The jeans are extremely comfortable to wear.

Biker Premium jeans are very comfortable for wearing on the motorcycle because of the stretch panel inside the legs thats the key to these jeans. When you sit in the saddle, the jeans give. Sure you can wear loose pants while riding a motorcycle if you want comfort but those arent as flattering as a nice-fitting pair of jeans, and secondly, loose fitting means theyll flap in the wind when riding.

Biker Premium jeans are meant to function for riding while not sacrificing style. Id say the jeans accomplish some of this. They fit slim throughout the leg but are not confining because of that stretch comfort panel. The jeans are offered in a flared cut at the bottom, stylish for sure, but not functional for riding a motorcycle. The lower part of the pant legs flapped around in the wind and rode up my boot while riding. I think a boot cut should be offered for those concerned with this.

Pretty gutsy, eh, showing a close-up of my backside, but for someone concerned about how jeans flatter my flat butt, these do a good job of perking me up, a key criteria for me when buying jeans.

A couple of more notes about the fit: the only “rise” thats offered currently is a low rise, and these are low mine measured 6 inches from the crotch to the top of the waistband. The downside is when you sit on the motorcycle, if youre not wearing a long shirt that tucks in, your lower back is exposed because the jeans are so low. Margaret and Bruce of Biker Premium are aware of this so theyre currently working on the design of a higher rise jean available soon.

You can see the rise of the jean here. For riding, most people will prefer the high rise. I#39;ll sacrifice this “functionality” for style as low-rise jeans look better on me.

To their credit, Im quite impressed with the attention to detail of these jeans. Part of why the price is on the “premium” side is because a) the jeans are made at a factory in the United States as opposed to overseas like most jeans are made, and b) Margaret and Bruce make sure quality is top notch, like an expensive pair of jeans should be. The seams are stitched well and the jeans didnt shrink after washing them. Youll find the traditional five pockets along with a button and zipper opening.

Biker Premium is stitched into the waist belt where you#39;d normally find a leather patch of the brand, and initials B P are stitched into the lower right hand side of the right pocket.

The stretch panels come in a variety of colors and biker-inspired designs. I went conservative and ordered the blue, but black, orange, purple and red are some of the other colors offered. I got a lot of compliments wearing these jeans as I felt they flattered my figure isnt that what you want jeans to do?

Biker Premium is offering denim jackets soon with stretch panels to match the jeans. Visit their Web site at to see a prototype of the jacket and to order the jeans. Even if youre not interested in ordering, check out the site anyway as the models look a lot better with the jeans on than I do.

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20 thoughts on REVIEW: Riding Specific Jeans

  1. Sure these look great, but as someone who rides ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) let me know when someone finally comes up with a stylish riding jean designed for women that actually provides protection. I've never heard of a rider who went down and wished they hadn't been wearing their protective gear.

  2. Nice jeans! But, no mention of men sizes, and do the panel come in different colors?. Me and my wife like to look our best when out on the bike, going to clubs and restaurants, and if these jeans are as comfortable as you say, and made in America then they worth every penny. Looks and comfort is what we are looking for, because there not much protection in a skullcap.

    1. Visit the Biker Premium Jeans Web site for the men's sizes, and as mentioned the panels do come in different colors.

  3. I have a problem with Margie St Cloud's comment on size 22 women not being stylish. Very sexist remark and coming from a fellow female no less.

    Next time you've got some company wanting free advertising in the form of a 'review,' pick a rider with a more average size, not a woman who wears a size 4. I'm small, but I haven't worn a 4 since college!

  4. Oh Genevieve, it looks like you have the body that looks great in any style. Now for the rest of us that love to ride, long and hard, style becomes secondary to protection, comfort and then looks. My thought on the featured jeans are, yes there are some good ideas, like the inside panels and maybe the fabric. But personally a low rise jean is not practical or attractive for most women, as I would be looking for a 12 inch rise, size 16 with a 34-inch inseam, and looking good.

  5. Margaret and Bruce's jeans are great for riding, and style too. Obviously some of the riders from the other statements are certainly not use to riding in the heart of Harley-Davidson — Daytona, Florida –because they would die of sweat and chafing. Kevlar jeans are too thick, hot, inseams in crotch way to thick. It's not the fault of us stylish and well-built girls that others can't fit into this well worn, stylish jean by Biker Premium. Heavy thick jeans will not save your life. Styling jeans may attract you “a life.” Helmets save lives not thickness of jeans.

  6. Both my wife and I have these jeans along with some of our friends. I always had a problem with the “bunching” in the crotch area until I got these jeans. I will never ride in any other jeans,they are very comfortable. They don't ride up and they move with you. My wife also feels the same way about these jeans. We are riders and these are for riders. My wife and I are average size and build and these are very comfortable for any ride you want to do. I have ridden several long trips and will never wear anything else. Also at what price does your comfort cost? Most people will spend ten times the price for comfort

  7. When your headline announced “Biker Specific Jeans”, I thought I was going to see jeans with some “safety” features built into them, not “comfort.” I was kind of disappointed in that. Also, the size range is very limited. Not even going up to the most commonly worn size for women, 14. I wish them luck, but I will not be a customer.

  8. When will jean makers wise up and make longer options. Even 34 inches isn't enough for a tall woman when her legs are bent on a bike. I'd love to find that quality of jeans and not have all the bugs beating on my ankles.

  9. I love the American made specific, and they look great. Someone mentioned that they would like bigger than a size 12. I am a size 9 bordering on 11 during the holidays. But please no one is looking too stylish in a 22W. Come on now. Let's be real.

  10. I went ahead and ordered a pair of these jeans. They look great and with that panel on the inside of each leg, they will work out great when riding in our Ride Like a Pro shows at events. I'll let you know how they feel and work out once I put them to the test over in Daytona for Biketoberfest. Thanks!

    Donna Palladino
    Ride Like a Pro, Inc.

  11. I think it is a great idea, but honestly, they are not best looking jeans out there, and could use a little improvement. Unless you are a thin person, that looks great in no matter what, I do not see how they would look on a little more heavier and more curvy woman. I believe they are very comfortable, but let's not sacrifice the looks here, ladies.

  12. The jeans look great, but judging from the review, I have to agree with Alice, who commented above, that they don't seem to have been designed with many riders' needs in mind other than that stretch panel — and that's something we can duplicate by just getting stretch jeans. Other than that, the low rise, the flared legs, and the shallow pockets sound like problems for riders. Not trying to be a buzzkill, but if I were going to pay that much for Biker Premium jeans, I'd want more biking-specific features.

  13. I believe in always “dressing for the crash.” Therefore, I would never wear these jeans because they have absolutely no protection in them; no knee or hip pads, not even any Kevlar lining. Also, I agree with the author's comments about low- versus high-cut waists, and about boot cuts.

  14. These jeans are wonderful if you are a little tiny person, but not when you are size 22WP with inseam of 27 1/2 inches.

  15. Question: how deep are the front pockets? I usually wear men's jeans because of their deep front pockets. I use pockets as opposed to a purse. With women's jeans, I find that they “always” skimp on the front pockets and make them so shallow I'm afraid to carry anything in them. Even Harley-Davidson jeans for women are made this way. A major bane for me!

    1. Good question. They are the smaller pockets. I measured 3 inches from the longest part of the pocket up to the opening.

  16. Very nice jeans!I would seriously consider getting a pair, however, I think only offering sizing up to a size 12 is going to cut out a big market share for Margaret and Bruce. Lots of riders in my age group are size 12 and up, much to my chagrin, however, that's the way it is. I love the thought of buying jeans made in America.

  17. Nice review but I don't see how these are any more “functional” than your average stretch jeans. They don't seem motorcycle-specific since they don't provide any additional element of protection over regular jeans. And regular jeans don't provide much in the way of protection in a fall. How about reviewing real motorcycle-specific jeans like Draggin' Jeans? They have Kevlar in the butt and knees and are available with armor. I wear these jeans whenever I ride and they look nicer and fit better than most of the jeans I normally wear. (Though, admittedly, I'm no Genevieve.) Plus, they cost quite a bit less than the ones you reviewed. Since they come in ladies sizes, there is no need to sacrifice function for fashion.

  18. Wow! I was just thinking about the lack of options regarding stylish riding jeans that are available to us! I recently bought a pair of the newly re-designed GAP “Long & Lean” jeans to ride in. These fit me best and have been wearing them on the bike and off for the past five years.

    However the new design is not made for the rigors of riding, just après-riding. They are now made thinner and have a stretch to them and if God-forbid you go down, the jeans will shred to bits. This is awesome! I can now purchase a stylish pair of riding jeans which are functional. Thanks!

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