REVIEW: No More Hot Seat

A cover to protect from heat and more

Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
CoverAlls offers the option to just cover your seat when you#39;re away from the bike to protect it from the hot sun.

We’ve all experienced the feeling of sitting on a burning hot motorcycle seat after your motorcycle’s been parked in the sun for hours. Now there’s a way to protect the seat from those hot rays to ensure your butt doesn’t get scorched and your seat’s leather stays looking new.

A relatively new product called Cycle Guard from CoverAlls was designed for that specific reason to protect your bike’s seat from the sun. A special fabric developed by Dave Rutledge of Dallas, Texas, reflects the sun’s harmful UV rays that can damage your seat and fade your bike’s paint.

Your bike will resemble an odd-shaped spaceship after you drape a CoverAlls cover on it, but the silver material is what has all the reflective properties in it. Unlike regular motorcycle covers that are heavy duty and bulky, CoverAlls covers are lightweight and portable even coming in its own packing pouch. I wanted to try it out.

The seat cover packs small in this pouch which comes with it.

I used my Cycle Guard cover on my trip to Sturgis this past summer. When packing space is at a premium, the last thing I want to take is my bulky all-weather motorcycle cover, the one I use for garage storage. The CoverAlls cover packs up very small so there’s no excuse not to take it on a trip. I covered the bike outside my hotel at night to protect it from the evening dew. How nice not to have to wipe down the bike or the seat in the morning. There was still some moisture that crept in, but not much.

The cover is also waterproof, but it didn’t rain on my trip for me to test it out. When I got home I took a garden hose to the cover and wow, the water just rolled right off. Definitely waterproof.

During the day when I stopped for lunch and the sun was blazing, I covered the bike so the seat wouldn’t burn me when I returned. Those few extra minutes to do that were worth a cool seat. CoverAlls also helps you find your motorcycle quickly when parked in a crowd of bikes. Just look for the silver spaceship!

This is the CycleGuard Model BCX that fits on a Harley-Davidson Road King.

The cover secures to the bike with a thin strip of elastic sewn in around the edges. The instructions that come with the cover say not to pull it too hard or the elastic will snap. Good warning. This material is sturdy, but has a flimsy feel to it. I could see some big guy trying to stretch the cover over his backrest hard enough it would snap the elastic. Which leads me to the next thing. Make sure you buy the right size cover for your bike. There are several to choose from.

We couldn#39;t photograph this backrest cover on our Road King backrest because it didn#39;t fit. We have a wide style backrest and this cover was too narrow. Be sure you order the right size cover for your backrest.

There are also CoverAlls just for your seat called Saddle Guard so you don’t have to cover the whole bike. And there’s a cover made for a backrest. Nifty idea. Prices range from about $21.95 for a seat cover on up to about $58.95 for a full bike cover. There are styles for all types of motorcycles. Visit for more info or call 214.350.2690.

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