While many women prefer a heeled boot for riding, such as the recently reviewed TCX Ladies Classic Motorcycle boots, I prefer a low heel height so that the heel doesn’t “trap” my feet in a locked position on my Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob’s footpegs. I also specifically seek out waterproof boots because there’s nothing worse than being far from home with wet feet.

review hiking style waterproof riding boots for women inside profile
The Juliet is Harley-Davidson’s only vented women’s boot currently available. The waterproof low-heeled hiking-style boot is part of the performance collection featuring qualities that motorcycle riders require, such as slip-resistance, durability, and protective characteristics.

Harley-Davidson’s footwear is made by Wolverine, a company known for its tough work boots. Harley’s options include lots of great styles for men and women with more added each year.

When I’m shopping for new riding boots from Harley-Davidson, I immediately cancel out the “lifestyle” footwear, which are fashionable but don’t necessarily offer protection or grip for riding. Narrowing down the choices of waterproof women’s options, this leaves just a handful of styles, including my tried and true favorite, the Hennie, which I reviewed here on WRN.

With my beloved Hennie’s worn to death, I decided to replace them last year with a new pair, Harley-Davidsons Juliet boots. Despite the Hennie sizing being way off, I ordered the Juliets in my usual shoe size, 9-1/2, which turned out to be spot-on.

review hiking style waterproof riding boots for women shift
The Juliet’s low 1.5-inch heel height is ideal for me, since I don’t like how a heel can “trap” my foot in a set location on my Dyna’s footpeg. With a low heel like this one, I can position my foot anywhere on the peg in order to reach the shifter and brake lever comfortably.

review hiking style waterproof riding boots for women wide width
The sizing of the Juliet is right on par with my normal shoe size, but the standard width of the boot is extra roomy, allowing lots of wiggle room.

review hiking style waterproof riding boots for women waterproof
A breathable, waterproof membrane effectively keeps water from reaching your feet. Soft vented mesh material combined with full grain leather patches make up the upper. Amazingly, water doesn’t get past the mesh!

review hiking style waterproof riding boots for women flex
The lightweight boot weighs only 1 pound 5 ounces, and is very flexible for walking comfort.

review hiking style waterproof riding boots for women juliet
The Juliet is a lace-up boot with a 5-inch shaft height, which is measured from the top of the heel to the top of the boot. It’s high enough to protect the ankles and low enough to be able to easily get them on under jeans.

review hiking style waterproof riding boots for women ventilation
The Juliet is a soft boot, but there is just enough stiff rubber in the front top section to protect your toe while upshifting. Here you can see that after a year of regular wear they are scuffed up, but still in tact.

review hiking style waterproof riding boots for women harley sole
With the signature Harley-Davidson orange and black color scheme, the sole offers plenty of grip surface so you won’t lose your footing when you put your feet down. It’s also good for off-motorcycle adventures too.

While I appreciate the ventilated features of the Juliet on hot days, unfortunately I experience foot fatigue when standing or walking for more than an hour or two while wearing them. This is critical to me as I spend long, hot days standing in parking lots while teaching the MSF BasicRider course.

I believe this fatigue is due mainly to minimal arch support, but the extra-roomy width, even with the laces tightened up, may also contribute to my feet not being supported enough for the kind of rigorous activity I put them through.

The footbeds are removable so its easy enough to replace them with an aftermarket brand that offers more arch support, such as Superfeet. But for riding and short walks, the Juliet boots are extremely comfortable.

Juliet boots cost $164 and are available in sizes 5 to 11. Order online here at Harley-DavidsonFootwear.com or visit your local Harley-Davidson dealership.

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17 thoughts on Review: Hiking-Style Waterproof Riding Boots for Women

  1. I have these boots and though not very stylish they are comfortable and cool. My only concern is that after 5,000 miles the leather on left shoe is showing significant wear on the toe and I’m afraid it’s going to have a hole by the time I’ve ridden 10,000 miles. We will see.

  2. Those are ugly…next please.

  3. These boots look pretty nice. I have a general beef with the industry for the lack of good looking boots that will also provide the safety features needed for riding. Do they ALL have to be black? Of course not! A little brown here and there would be nice, maybe even venture out into actual colors (but not pink, please!). I was able to find a couple of pairs from Dainese that I like but it would be really nice to have more options.

  4. For a boot with great riding and standing qualities, I suggest the Harley Felix. It is a men’s boot but apart from sizing it makes no difference. The Vibram soles are great for standing and walking. Low heel and waterproof.In six years I am on pair number three. With a fresh pair in reserve. My go-to footwear every day, riding or not.

  5. I’m a guy that has been wearing Bates boots for years, for riding. (My boots don’t know the difference.) They make many styles for men and women, service and law enforcement personnel. Harley boots are a close second to them, but they did not last as long, and were cold during the winter riding season. This is one style for women that want a shorter cut.

  6. I wear Bates waterproof boots for winter riding. I wear a size women’s 8 I guess it is not motorcycling specific but it has all the same features that the HD boots. And I found at a much better price than HD boots.

    1. Glad you found a pair of Bates women’s boots that work. They have not yet made women’s motorcycling boots, but I’m told they are in the works.

  7. I love the look of this, very military boots-like. I love my HD women’s Tommi shoes, which look very similar to the style of the Juliet and the Hennie. While there are so many cool-looking shoes out there, I always try to wear the safest boots when riding my motorcycle. Great traction and non-slippery ones are tops on my list. Thanks for the article.

  8. I have been told that Bates footwear makes powersport boots. They are owned by Wolverine Worldwide, which also owns Harley-Davidson footwear. The adrenaline boot is the boot by Bates. I contacted their service department but they currently are not making motorsports boots for ladies. It would be nice if more ladies contacted them and told them that we need waterproof, light weight low profile protective footwear for riding our bikes. Bates customer service suggested I try the small size mens which is a men’s 7 equivalent to a ladies 8.5/9. I wear an 8 ladies so probably not an option.

    1. Julie,I met with Bates’ marketing manager at last year’s American International Motorcycle Expo in Orlando and she shared that women’s boots are being considered for a future rollout. The company is taking it slow as they introduce their first few styles for men as powersports is a new market for them. The female rep was knowledgeable about the women’s motorcycling market and assured me she’s pushing for it. So stay tuned and thanks for your feedback as well.

  9. You had me until you got to “foot fatigue” and minimal arch support. Problem I’m having now is finding a pair of boots that have adequate arch support.I also prefer a laced boot with an inside zipper for easy on and off. But good review. Thank you!

    1. Kittie,I would definitely look into using SuperFeet aftermarket arch supports, especially since the stock foot bed is easily removed. I hardly ever wear a boot these days without replacing the stock foot bed. I find more and more they are chintzy and cheap with little arch support. I think boot makers expect people to take it out and replace. Just something to consider.

  10. Great article but like you I teach the MSF Basic Rider Course and I need a boot that will stand up to the test of time in all facets. I’ve found the LL Bean hiking boot has it all for about the same price. I can easily get through the two days in comfort with them.

  11. I wish they would make narrower boots. I wear a 3A-width shoe and need a narrow 2A to comfortably wear a boot with a heavy sock. These boots sound like they would be extra wide. I’ll have to stick with my custom-made Bates boots, though I really like the concept of these.

  12. Nice review, covers most any question. But, the second photo shows a big bow loop hanging down the front of the boot. Imaging the consequence of that loop catching on the footpeg when putting a foot down. Remember folks, if your boots lace make sure to tuck in those bows.

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