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I just read the article on WRN, A Ride to Change Your Life—Yes, Really! Its about how editor Genevieve Schmitt, whos accustomed to riding street bikes tried out dual-sport riding. Very cool! I learned to ride motorcycles when I was 29 years old, and quickly realized off-road was my true love. I’m considering entering enduro and scrambles for fun.

Is there more trail riding out west? I am hard-pressed to find places to ride off-road near Madison, Georgia.

Maybe your readers can suggest some routes for me.

Madison, Georgia

Please post your advice to Suzy in the comments below. Thanks!

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1 thought on Off-Road Rider Looking For Trails Near Her Home

  1. I’ve always gone on-line to the states FWP or BLM websites. They usually have maps you can print out. The FWP station near your town would have hard copies of it too. I found an app called moto2go that let’s you pick the state and it lists private and public OHV areas. I hope that helps.

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