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Naomi all geared up on her 2007 Shadow Spirit.

I chose this bike because I tried holding up my husbands friends Shadow, and it felt like something I could handle as a beginning rider. It was probably a little big for me to start with. I dropped it twice on my first day riding on my own, but keep in mind I had never ridden any kind of motorized two wheeler. I also like the reliablity of Hondas products, so I decided to start looking for a Shadow.

What attracted me the most to the actual bike I bought was the sweet color. It is my favorite blue! I had a hard time with the bike at first because I really couldnt get my feet down in a good sturdy position to hold the bike up when I wasnt moving. We bought a 1.5-inch lowering kit for the rear. That made all the difference in the world. The bike isnt too heavy—less than 500 pounds. The bike itself has a good balance to it. Its more noticeable when you get it up and go and see how it handles around the curves.

Naomis Shadow with aftermarket parts, including a seat, handlebars and risers, hand grips, mirrors, and exhaust pipes.

I bought the bike used with about $5,000 of aftermarket parts that the previous owner had put into it, so there werent a lot of modifications left for me to do. The only thing that I really dont like about the bike is the suspension. I am still adjusting the shocks here and there to try to find a happy medium, but I still have to stand up over most of the bumps on the road to keep my back from taking the hit.

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1 thought on READER MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: 2004 Honda Shadow Spirit 750

  1. I have a Shadow also, a VLX, and I love it. It is a great bike. My BF has a Spirit like yours and he loves it also. He also did some mods to his to speed it up, and it kicks butt.

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