Quad Lock Motorcycle Cell Phone Mount & Charger

Don’t let your bike's vibration ruin your expensive mobile phone!

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor

Why Use a Quad Lock or Any Cell Phone Mount?

If you use your cell phone for navigation or music streaming, it’s helpful to be able to glance at it while riding (only when it’s safe to do so, of course!) It’s also nice to have it easily accessible when you want to snap a quick picture or two at scenic stops.

Quad Lock Indian Pursuit
Even if your motorcycle has a great navigation system like this Indian Pursuit Limited, it’s nice to have your phone mounted where you can see it, like on a handlebar. I personally love to ride with Waze open so I can get those helpful messages about road hazards and police reports ahead and see where they are.

The original Quad Lock mounting system keeps your phone secured with just a quarter turn and press. The newer Mag system uses strong magnets to keep the phone in place. It’s simple and effective. This is why the company has grown so quickly since its Kickstarter campaign in 2011. Quad Lock is leading the way in phone mounts not only for motorcyclists, but for car drivers, bicyclists, golfers, boaters, pilots, and other outdoor recreations.

Vibration Protection

There are many cell phone mount options available, so what makes Quad Lock different? I finally ditched my old phone mount a few years ago when iPhone users began reporting issues with the phone’s camera not being able to focus after being mounted to motorcycles. Apple warns about not mounting your iPhone to motorcycle handlebars or chassis due to the engine’s high-amplitude vibrations degrading the closed-loop autofocus and optical image stabilization features. This applies to any cell phone with this technology. Quad Lock is the only company that I know of that guarantees 90% of that high frequency vibration is dampened with its product.

Quad Lock vibration dampener
Quad Lock’s $20 vibration dampener fits all the company’s mounts and is surely the best insurance policy out there for your phone.

Mounting Options

Quad Lock offers a plethora of options for you, depending on your phone and where you want to mount it. For motorcycles, you can choose a handlebar mount, mirror mount, fork stem mount, handlebar clamp mount, or brake/clutch mount.

Quad Lock Pro handlebar mount
This is Quad Lock’s handlebar mount PRO. The $69.99 PRO is all black and will fit handlebars that are 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, and 35mm.

You must select a case or adapter for your own phone case with the female side of the locking mechanism that attaches to the mount. There are also accessories to help you get the perfect placement, such as extension arms and knuckle adapters.

Quad Lock iPhone case and dust cover poncho
This is Quad Lock’s iPhone 13 Pro Mag case ($39.99) with an optional red colored ring ($9.99) and the clear poncho ($24.99) that covers your phone to help keep out dust and rain. The Mag mount versus traditional mount is thinner, flatter, customizable, and easier to attach.

Charge Your Phone While Riding

I often ride with my phone charger connected to a USB port, but the vibration can also damage the charging port of your phone. A better option is to install Quad Lock’s wireless charging head ($75). The name is deceiving because it’s not truly wireless…the head itself is wired to the motorcycle. But the phone itself is free from plugs while charging.

Quad Lock charging head
Quad Lock’s motorcycle wireless charging head comes with three different lengths and styles of USB cables. Another option is purchasing the 12V-24V charging head that gets hardwired to your motorcycle. This is good for motorcycles that don't have a USB port near the mounting location.

The charging head is completely waterproof and dustproof. It comes with an LED light that lets you know if it’s on as well as the level of charge on the phone.

Installing the Quad Lock System

To install the mount, figure out where you want to put it first by retrofitting it. Make sure it’s not going to hit anything when you turn the handlebars. Select a place that will allow you good visibility and easy reach. If you are running a power cord, this needs consideration, too.

I decide to mount the Quad Lock on the Indian Pursuit’s right side handlebar near the brake master cylinder, because the charging cord can reach a USB outlet in the bike’s fairing pocket from there.

Quad Lock Indian Pursuit installation
I figure out which handlebar adapter will work and place the clearly-labeled 1-¼ inch (32mm) adapter where I want it.
Quad Lock Indian Pursuit installation
Then I use the QUad Lock Allen wrench and hardware to loosely attach the arm.
Quad Lock Indian Pursuit installation
Next, attach the vibration dampener to the arm. If I wasn't installing the charging head, I would also attach the lever now.
Quad Lock wireless charging head installation
Now the wireless charging head goes on top.
Quad Lock installation wireless charging port
Attach the phone, figure out the right angle, and tighten the Allen screws on the arm and handlebar mount. Then select one of the three charging cords included and snake it from the USB port on the bike up to the mount and plug it in. Use the zip ties to keep the cord tidy and in place.

Make sure to check clearance and cord slack by turning the handlebars fully back and forth with your phone attached. If anything touches or if the cord pulls, reposition the mount and cord before fully tightening all the hardware and zip ties.

Quad Lock on Harley-Davidson Nightster
I've used the Quad Lock vibration dampener and mount on a dozen motorcycles through harsh riding conditions for thousands of miles—it's never come off and my iPhone still works perfectly.

It Really Works!

I know it can be stressful to think about your beloved phone coming loose and disappearing on a ride. But having used the Quad Lock in various forms on a number of motorcycles for years, I have never seen one dislodge. Coupled with the vibration dampener, rest assured your phone will be secure and safe.

WRN’s Erin Sills also swears by Quad Lock’s vibration dampener’s capability for extreme off-roading, as she switched to it after experiencing the iPhone camera problem first hand on a lively off-road tour through Baja.

For more information, visit QuadLockCases.com.

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