Product Review: SW-Motech PRO BLAZE Saddlebags

Semi-rigid bags with an easy and secure mounting system

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor

Naked motorcycles are cool. But if you ride one, you need to find a way to bring along all the stuff you need. SW-Motech’s PRO BLAZE saddlebags look great, offer 40 liters of securely-fastened storage space, and can be removed or installed on your bike in seconds, leaving only a trace of hardware on your bike.

SW-Motech PRO BLAZE Saddlebags
SW-Motech BLAZE saddlebags look like they belong on this 2019 Suzuki SV650. The ballistic nylon lightweight 40 liter bags cost $465.95 and come with the mounting hardware for your motorcycle.

In the 22 years I’ve been testing all kinds of products for motorcycles, I’ve installed, used, and reviewed tons of motorcycle luggage. Leather, canvas, plastic, waterproof, lockable, wearable, magnetic, throw-over, tank bags, tail bags, top cases, dry bags, backpacks, stuff sacs, saddlebags, panniers… the list goes on. I’ve come to appreciate the finer features of well-made luggage from companies who have excellent reputations in the industry, SW-Motech being at the top of my list. Besides being a supporter of (WRN), I appreciate the company’s customer support and attention to detail in producing top-quality products for motorcycles.

SW-Motech’s PRO BLAZE semi-rigid saddlebags are lightweight and offer 40 liters of storage space. The main compartments hold 30 liters, then an additional 10 liters is gained with expansion panels. If you know how to pack well, this is enough space for what you might need for a week on the road.

The PRO BLAZE bags hold their shape even when empty due to their UV-resistant ballistic nylon/EVA plastic makeup. To mount them, you attach them to each other with the thick Velcro straps, throw them over the passenger pillion, then connect them to brackets that are permanently installed on the bike.
The PRO BLAZE accommodates additional storage when you unzip the expansion panels. The rigidity of the bag remains strong because the bag pivots out from the top.


The PRO BLAZE saddlebags come with easy-to-understand installation instructions and all the hardware necessary to permanently attach a support for their removable brackets. The one-time installation of the supports is easy but pay attention to the instructions. Be careful not to over tighten the screws or you might crack the plastic. (Yes, I learned this the hard way.)

The BLAZE’s unique quick-lock mounting system uses “arms” for holding the bags securely in place and prevent them from swinging or moving at speed. They can be removed in seconds.
Installation is fairly straightforward and easy to do with just a couple common tools.
On the Suzuki SV650, the PRO BLAZE bracket support is installed on the stock passenger footpeg bracket and is inconspicuous. The left image shows the SV650 before the mount is installed, and the right image shows the mount once permanently installed to the bike.
When the bags and support arms are uninstalled this is all that is left on the bike. Barely noticeable.
SW-Motech includes bodywork protector sheets so the bags won’t damage your bike’s paint if they make contact with it.

Easy On, Easy Off

Once the hardware is installed, throwing the bags on and off is a simple 10-second process. First, click the arms into the mounts. Then with the bags connected to each other, toss them over the passenger seat. Insert the arms in the pockets built into the backside of the bags, and click the two connectors for the final security lock.

Once installed, be sure the extra strap from the click-connector is secured so it doesn’t get caught in a wheel and the bag is held in place.

Fill ‘Em Up!

While the PRO BLAZE nylon material is tough and UV-resistant, it is water-resistant but not waterproof. So, waterproof inner bags are included. I actually don’t mind this at all, because it’s easier to figure out how much to bring along by packing the inner bags then putting them in the mounted PRO BLAZE bags. They make convenient carrying totes, too.

It’s easier to mount the saddlebags to the bike when empty. So I prepare by installing them first. Then I fit my gear inside the waterproof inner bags and stuff them into the PRO BLAZE bags.
The lined main interior opens wide with a dual zippered top opening. This allows you to gain easy access without your contents falling out. I like how it’s lightly colored so your stuff doesn’t disappear into a dark abyss.
The two zippers come together and can be locked to each other for extra security.
One of great features SW-Motech thought of was an outer pocket you can actually use. The inside of this pocket caves inside a little, creating a useful built-in space. No more jamming your fingers into tight spaces to find your smaller items.
Another cool attention-to-detail feature: a pocket to protect the zipper pull. Have you ever noticed how the zipper pulls are usually the first thing to break on motorcycle gear? We also get a patch of reflective material for extra safety.
If 40 liters of space isn’t enough, the PRO BLAZE bags include MOLLE strap points for securely adding accessory bags. I keep this My Medic First Aid Kit here at all times—easy to access in an emergency.


SW-Motech offers two versions of the bags. The “H” in PRO BLAZE H indicates the saddlebags are designed for bikes with higher-mounted or upward pointing exhaust. There’s plenty of space between the bags and the stock exhaust on the SV650, but you should use the bike filter on SW-Motech’s website to make sure you get the recommended bags for your specific bike model.

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