PRODUCT REVIEW: Motorcycle-Specific Undergarments

Stylish and fun performance bras and underwear

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
I’m pretty proud of the fact that at 49 years of age I still have flat abs, thanks to a lifetime of healthy eating and working out. Nonetheless, I’m a modest woman, so I’ll spare you the photos of middle-aged me wearing the Freegun bra and underwear and leave that to the hot young chicks in the photo below.
Motorcycle Specific Undergarments Freegun
Freegun makes bras, underwear, and other undergarments specifically for active women, including motorcycle riders.

Like most riders, regardless of age, my body perspires when I’m on my motorcycle and temperatures start to rise. My everyday cotton undergarments get clammy and feel awful against my body underneath my leathers or textile jacket and pants. I started researching underwear for motorcyclists, and Freegun came up because the company is a sponsor of top female motorcycle racers Melissa Parisand Ashley Fiolek.

Motorcycle Specific Undergarments Freegun Melissa Paris
Motorcycle road racer Melissa Paris in a poster for her sponsor Freegun Underwear.

Freeguns bras and underwear are made of 92 percent polyester and 8 percent Elastane, so when the fabric gets wet, it wicks moisture away from the body so it dries up quickly.

Motorcycle Specific Undergarments Bra Bikini Skulls
Freegun offers many matching colors and styles to choose from.
Motorcycle Specific Undergarments Freegun Thong
The thong-style bikini has lace edging that is soft against the body.
Freegun is a France-based company with a big presence in Europe. The company started gaining momentum in the United States a few years ago, in part because the brand began aligning itself with top extreme sports athletes.
Freeguns prices are reasonable, with a bra and underwear set running $29.95. There are lots of styles for men as well. Wearing Freegun undergarments keeps me dry and comfortable, but the added benefit is that I feel young, hip and edgy—even if I’m the only one who knows I’m wearing them. See all the available styles and order online at
Also be sure to check out this cool video of Melissa Paris—youll feel like youre right there with her in the saddle as she races around the track!

7 thoughts on PRODUCT REVIEW: Motorcycle-Specific Undergarments

  1. I’ll stick with my Hanes for Women, thankyouverymuch. Not interested in butt floss or biker babe photos, too.

  2. My husband invested in LD Comfort underclothes. I love them. They are seamless and go from your waist to your knees. He bought two pair of shorts and I took over one of them. He also has an undershirt that he wears as well. They work well in 105 degrees to 30 degrees and they wash up great and dry quickly so we can use them every day on a long trip. I’m past the bikini underwear thing so I like the LD Comforts but I’m betting that the younger women riders would like them.

  3. Ha!Great minds think alike, Genevieve! I just got my Melissa Paris underwear yesterday, and LOVE them! Super-comfortable, aren’t they? I’m pretty proud of my born-in-the-60s bod’ too, but will also leave it to the pros to show off this great product for my upcoming review. Maybe we could get women to “show their support” for Melissa at her next race, huh? Lol…

  4. I have been riding more than 10 years and had difficulty finding comfy undies and I recommend exercise/bike shorts. They are longer than boy short cut panties. There is nothing worse than riding miles and miles and miles on pantie lines and elastic! My sensitive skin doesn’t do well with laces either. I usually have to resort to wearing my undies wrong side out as well.

  5. Do you have any info on that undergarment shirt that Melissa Paris is wearing in the photo of her in front of the Yamaha? I don’t see any products like that on the company’s web site.

    1. I think the focus of that image is on the underwear at her waist peeking out from underneath her riding leathers. That shirt must be a custom shirt for promotional purposes as it is not available to the public.

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