Popular Bikes for Women

And some opinions to go with them

Text and photos by Cindi Servante

The International Motorcycle Shows (IMS) are in full swing at select cities across the U.S. WRN Contributor Cindi Servante walked the floor of the IMS show in San Mateo, Calif., to find what some women and one man think of some of the most popular bikes for women. Here are their initial impressions. Click on images to view full size.

2007 Suzuki Boulevard S40 (650cc): Seat height 27.6 inches. Dry weight 352 lbs. Price $4,399. Linda is 5 feet 1 and says, “It feels good. I can#39;t believe I can put my feet flat on the ground!”
2007 BMW F 650 GS: Seat height 30.7 inches. Dry weight 423 lbs. Price $7,525. Sandy is 5 feet 7 and says, “It#39;s light, feels good and has a comfortable arm position.”
2007 Motto Guzzi Breva 750: Seat height 31.1 inches. Dry weight 400 lbs. Price $8,400. Moto Guzzi also makes the Nevada Classic 750.Cindi (me) is 5 feet 4 and says, “It#39;s nice and compact and feels very comfortable.”
2007 Buell Blast (500cc): Seat height 27.5 inches (a low profile 25.5-inch seat is available). Dry weight 360 lbs. Price $4,600.This bike can be adjusted to two different seat heights. Carrie is 5 feet 4 and says, “It#39;s cool and it fits!”
2007 Ducati Monster 695: Has an adjustable seat starting at 30.3 inches. Dry weight 370 lbs. Price $7,495. Rae is 5 feet 2 and says, “It feels great. I think I need one of these!”
2007 Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider: Seat height 25.8 inches. Dry weight 641 lbs. Starting price $17,345. Gina is 5 feet 6 and says, “Feels great. Definitely my choice.”
2007 Yamaha FZ6 (600cc): Seat height 31.3 inches. Dry weight 410 lbs. Price $6,849. Robin is 5 feet 1, and says, “It feels OK, but I think this bike would suit a taller person better.”
2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250: Seat height 29.3 inches. Dry weight 304 lbs. Price $2,999. Jennifer is 5 feet 9 and says, “It#39;s really light feeling and my daughter loves it, too.”
2007 Kawasaki Ninja 650R. Seat height 31.1 inches. Dry weight 393 lbs. Price $6,399. Martin is 5 feet 7 and says, “This bike has a very comfortable feel to it.”
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