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By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
What woman doesn’t love shoes and boots … and sandals? I’ve met a few over the years who are not fanatical for footwear, but most women I know love shoes—from shopping for them to wearing them to organizing them in their closets. And most female riders own at least one pair of riding boots.
While I enjoy the privilege of reviewing different styles of riding apparel, I find that Harley-Davidson makes the most stylish and functional riding boots out there. And its branding is often minimal so you don’t have to ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle to enjoy the benefits of the boots.
Each year the folks at Harley-Davidson Footwear, a licensee of Harley-Davidson, send me their latest riding boots and casual footwear catalog. I admit I do enjoy looking at all the new styles and picking out one to review.
Because there are so many awesome styles, I usually have a hard time deciding which one boot to review. So this year Im letting you, the WRN reader, help me pick out a boot to review.
Following are some of my favorite styles. Im only going to review the performance / riding style boots. The rest are there for you to enjoy.

Tell me in the comments below which one you want me to review and why. In the meantime, browse the different shoes I’ve posted by clicking the photos to view them in a slideshow, and shop for yourself as well. You can order online at the links posted at the end.
Performance (meant for riding) High Boots

help wrn editor pick next boot to review delana
The Delana is an engineer style boot with four buckles around the 10-inch shaft. The heel measures 1.25 inches, and a mesh lining keeps you cool. An extra layer of leather by the shifter toe helps with wear in that spot. $220

help wrn editor pick next boot to review alexa
The Alexa is 12.5-inch tall leather boot with a 1.5-inch heel. The sturdy rubber sole keeps you planted, and a zipper and buckles in back look cute and allow for fit adjustments. $188
help wrn editor pick boot to review savannah
The Savannah has laces on the front of the 14-inch shaft. Leather construction, and a side zipper and buckle for added closure and fit. Microfiber lining inside. $206.

Performance (meant for riding) Low Boots

help wrn editor pick next boot to review balsa brown
The vintage-motorcycle inspired Balsa style comes in brown shown here, black, and stone (gray). WRN fans know I love brown and have a favorite pair of high lace-up brown boots. These 7-inch brown leather boots have a sturdy tread, are tall enough to provide ankle protection, and would be a nice addition to my boot collection. They’d get worn often! $160.

help wrn editor pick next boot to review sylewood
The Sylewood is a simple black leather lace-up boot that should be a staple in every woman riders boot collection. The 6.25-inch shaft covers your ankle and the sturdy 1.5-inch sole keeps you well planted. $170
help wrn editor pick next boot to review
One of the boots in my personal collection is a distressed brown flat-toed engineer style boot, so that’s why I love this style, with its tonal dark brown that will only get better with age. The straps add an edgy touch. $180.

Casual Style Boots

The next two styles are from Harley-Davidson’s Black Label footwear line. They’re eccentric and fun, and I know some of you who will love these. I personally don’t want to review either of these off-the-bike boots, so don’t put them in as option for me to test-wear.

help wrn editor pick next boot to review halyward
Harley-Davidson is getting in on the popular hidden wedge style with the Halyard, a sneaker style wrapped around a 4-inch hidden wedge heel. Full grain leather on the outside, mesh lining inside, and sneaker-type tread underneath. Not recommended for riding, but I know there will be some women who will want these to wear on urban bike nights outings. $150. What’s a halyard you ask? I had to know too. Its a rope used for raising a sail or flag on a sailing ship.

help wrn editor pick next boot to review mcalpin
The distressed leather of the Mcalpin style catches my eye on these low biker-styled boots. Shaft is 6 inches; heel height is 1.25-inches. Made of full grain leather with a leather lining, people will think youve gone many miles on those boots. The sole is leather, but not a lot of traction. This style is intended for your time off the bike. $170. The only definition I found for mcalpin is that it is a Scottish surname.
I Dare You!

help wrn editor pick next boot to review artesia
You’ll definitely make a statement in the Artesia, meant for off-the-bike style hopping. The faux fur lining will keep your feet warm so these are more fun to wear in fall and winter. The shaft is 10 inches, while the heel is a rock-it-high 4 inches. I’m afraid my days of 4-inch heels are over. But what about you?

First place to shop for these is Harley-DavidsonFootwear.com. The performance style boots are there too but youll be directed to Harley-Davidson.com/store to order those.

Dont forget! Post a comment with your favorite as well as the one youd like me to review. Thanks!

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19 thoughts on Pick WRN Editors Next Motorcycle Boot Review

  1. Still waiting on them to make a lug-soled riding boot with a 2.5 to 3-inch heel! Then I’ll spend the money.

  2. M

    Please try the Balsa. Love that they are offered in brown and gray.

  3. The Delana and the Savannah ones look great, I’d love to hear your comments. Particularly on how difficult they are to get on, while still being a tight enough fit not to fly off if there is a crash!

    1. We hope editor Genevieve never tries that particular fit test, Fran!Thanks for your votes. At this point, the Delana’s are in the clear lead.

  4. I bought the Harley-Davidson Albara performance boots. They have a 1.5-inch heel, are 9 inches high, lace up (easily adjustable for all calves), and have a zipper on the inside of each ankle. They offer excellent grip, great comfort, protection from the heat of the bike (I have a cruiser), are very comfortable and I really like the ankle support the height of the boot provides. I feel very secure in them. I ordered them online as I couldn’t buy them here in Australia, and they shipped very quickly from Harley-Davidson in Wisconsin. It’s a good fit and they’re comfortable to wear immediately on the bike or walking around. No breaking-in time required. Plus, they look awesome. They cost approximately US $200 but are well-worth every penny. Investing in good gear is important. I love them. I can’t recommend them enough!

    1. Thank you for this wonderful review, Tara. We couldn’t have described the boots better ourselves!

  5. One of my first pair of leather motorcycle boots is the Harley-Davidson Alexa boot! I love them! They’ve held up quite well over the year; they don’t show wear and tear from the shifter either! I get compliments every time I wear them. No wonder they are at the top of the list.

  6. The Delena looks rugged. I wish there were no laces or zippers, bring back pull-on. My old pair of pull-on boots have finally worn out after 25 years. Still looking for comfort too.

  7. Best and most reliable boot I have found is the Bates boot for women. I wear the 8-inch with the 6-inch zipper. They are waterproof! These boots are made specifically for women who are in the service, fire fighters, law enforcers, etc. They do come in several styles. The ones I wear are about $150-160.

  8. I have the Delana, Alexa, and Savanna. I like all three but the Delanas are great! They’re cushioned, easy break-in, and no water in laces when riding in rain. Great grip soles, easy fit under shifter, and they look bad ass!The Alexas are nice but are not that comfortable. I have the Savannas in slick and also flat black leather. They look nice, shins feel protected, however, both pairs squeak when I walk. Also they’re a little narrow in the toe. Buy the Delanas. They rock!

  9. The Delana. I am a beginner and looking for a stylish yet basic boot for scenic riding. Thanks!

  10. I would love to see what you have to say about the Delana.I have The Savannah. I actually got them for my wedding shoes/riding boots, so I can always enjoy them!The other boots I have were discontinued. They were waterproof and came up mid-calf with a side zipper. I had two pairs. I wear them out in one season, but I ride more than 6,000 miles a year.The distressed brown flat-toed engineer style boot—I would love to know if they are tall enough? Any waterproof ones?

  11. I prefer brown too. I vote for the Balsa. It comes in three colors including brown—the color choice is a win in my book. Black is boring. Its 7-inch top is more versatile than the tall boots. Tall boots don’t work well with textile riding suits. And it looks like it could be worn while exploring off the bike as well. Sometimes I want to take a break from riding and walk down a trail to an overlook or stroll down the street. It would be nice if your riding boot could also function comfortably off the bike.

  12. My big peeve for riding boots is that they choose to put a inner facing zipper or a back zipper, which then scratches the heck out of your bike finish/ I wish they would leave the back and inside of the boot clean with no abrasives.

  13. Tell them when they can make a lug-soled 2.5-inch heeled boot they will start to sell more footwear for women in the wind who ride and are short!

  14. I’m really liking the Savannah boots. It’s just always so hard to find my size in stores so I can actually try something on.

  15. My favorite is the Delana! I’d love to see a review on these.

  16. I’d like you to review the Balsa, Stylewood and the Engineer-style boot. And please include walking comfort. Too often motorcycle boots are either too heavy or have no cushioning on the footbed or are just plain uncomfortable to walk in. I end up toting an extra pair of shoes for walking around.

  17. Purchased the Savannah boots on trip to USA as not stocked by Harley-Davidson Australia. Within six months one metal zipper pull snapped in half. By 18 months the zipper on one boot broke completely.I can’t find anyone who can fix it for a reasonable price. A specialized leather worker or cobbler would cost more than the boots. Harley says they cannot fix it either and won’t replace them due to being out of warranty.I have $20 H&M boots that I live in and are still in perfect condition after two years. For $225, I expected a lot more from boots I would wear once a fortnight for a few hours riding. Very disappointed.

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