VIDEO: No More Hot Running Motorcycle Engines Heating Up Your Legs

V-twin engine air cooling fan system eliminates heat while protecting life of your motor

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor
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It’s no secret that Harley-Davidson motorcycle engines run hot. And over the years, as the size of the air-cooled engines got bigger and more powerful, the ambient temperature around them got hotter. Real hot! Like burn your legs hot! There never seems to be enough air to cool these blazing hot motors. Until now.

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We love when we find products that solve problems. Thats just what the folks at Hammerhead Engineering have done with this simple, but incredible solution to the hot engine problem. You’ll wonder why you’ve been dealing with the blazing heat all these years.

The product is simply this: two powerful cooling fans that direct air onto the hot engine cylinders to cool the motor. Because V-twin engine cylinders are often referred to as “jugs,” the cooling fan product is aptly named Love Jugs.
no more hot running motorcycle engines harley davidson touring
This rider is smiling because she recently had Love Jugs installed on her Harley-Davidson. The chrome cooling fans located on either side of the horn cover blend in nicely with the chrome of the motorcycle.
no more hot running motorcycle engines love jugs
On some models, Love Jugs cooling fans easily mount to the horn bracket on the motorcycle and are powered by the motorcycle’s battery. For Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycles, there’s frame-mounting hardware.

Love Jugs are made from high quality stainless steel and are weatherproof. An independent test done by our friends at says the temperature of the motor dropped as much as 100 degrees in four or five minutes when the Love Jugs cooling fans are turned on.

Another huge benefit to having Love Jugs on your bike is the way the fans cool the engine oil. Oil pressure rises when the engine gets hot. Oil is designed to protect the engine’s internal parts. When the oil pressure goes up, the oil breaks down so it can’t do its job as effectively. Love Jugs not only keeps engine heat down, but also keeps oil pressure at normal levels effectively prolonging the life of your engine.
Love Jugs air cooling system shown in the photos above is called the Cool Master style. Recently, the company introduced another style called Mighty-Mite, fans with a smaller and more compact profile.
no more hot running motorcycle engines love jugs mighty might chrome
This is the Mighty-Mite Love Jugs V-twin air cooling system. Riders with smaller motorcycles like a Sportster or Dyna will appreciate the compact profile of the Mighty-Mite Love Jugs.
no more hot running motorcycle engines love jugs mighty might black
Here’s the Mighty-Mite in black for motorcycles with black accents.
no more hot running motorcycle engines love jugs
This woman has the Mighty-Mite Love Jugs in black installed on her Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S. Check out the close-up in the next photo.
no more hot running motorcycle engines love jugs softail slim
Close-up of the Mighty-Mite Love Jugs air cooling system on a Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S. The small fans on either side of the horn cover blend in—you can hardly tell theyre there—while cooling this womans bike in the hot Florida heat where shes located.

We’ve not had a chance to fully test the product yet, but there are plenty of customer testimonials and reviews by experts in the industry on the Love Jugs website, including that video review done by that you can view here. You’ll also find installation instructions that seem straightforward enough. You should be able to install this yourself.

The price for Love Jugs starts at $349. The smaller Mighty-Mite has an introductory price of $299 until the end of April.
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To learn more, visit, then call 561.499.0974 and ask for Steve. He will guide you through matching the right Love Jugs for your motorcycle and help you get that discount. Just be sure to tell him WRN sent you.

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2 thoughts on VIDEO: No More Hot Running Motorcycle Engines Heating Up Your Legs

  1. Love Jugs works awesome to keep your Harley cool in the extreme heat. My wife and I ride many miles in the Florida heat and we rely on our Love Jugs to keep our engines cool even in long durations of stop and go traffic. Steve and his staff are great people and bend over backwards to supply, install, and support their products. I recommend Love Jugs for anyone seeking to cool their hot Harley!

  2. Nice story written with accuracy contained within your faultless integrity. I’ll look forward to hearing from your readers. You can be confident that they will be lavished with our renown Love Jugs customer service and that each lady who invests in a Love Jugs cooling system will be thrilled that they put their trust in us to transform their ride.

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