PRODUCT REVIEW: Scorpion Dynasty Women’s Leather Jacket

Simple, edgy style for cruiser and sportbike riders

By Tricia Szulewski
Scorpion rides the line between being slightly edgy to appeal to young hipsters and having just enough sophisticated style and protection to appeal to tried and true riders looking for gear that’s fun to wear but not outrageous. I recently tested a lightweight leather jacket that looks smart on both cruiser and sportbike riders. It’s the Scorpion Dynasty, part of the company’s EXOWear collection.
Tricia wearing the Dynasty, one of Scorpion’s more subtly designed jackets without a lot of graphics.
The only logos on this jacket are located on the arms and mid-upper back.

The jacket is offered in perforated white or non-perforated black, and I opted to test the white version in a size big enough to allow several layers underneath if I needed them. The jacket comes with a full-sleeved zip-out quilted polyester/nylon lining, but my past experience with jacket liners made me skeptical about their effectiveness in holding in body heat. The Dynasty’s liner is lightweight and adds very little extra warmth.

The Dynasty’s liner isn’t functional as a second jacket. Its seams and snaps are exposed, there are no pockets, and the zipper’s only function is to attach the liner to the leather jacket.
Behind the full-sleeved liner is a breathable mesh lining.
Made of durable 1.2-1.4mm top-grain leather, the Dynasty provides excellent abrasion protection without weighing the rider down. Kevlar stretch panels run the full length of the inside of the sleeve and down the chest, creating a super comfortable, flexible fit. Ribbed flex panels on the shoulders and elbows allow for flexibility when reaching for the handlebars.
Spandex stretch panels on the arms and chest ease the tightness that can sometimes be felt when wearing a full leather jacket. The stretchiness makes for a comfortable, close fit.

The YKK zipper closure is easy to use with gloves on thanks to the stiff, ergonomically shaped pull tab. Because the jacket I ordered is a little too big, the belly area bunched up when I was in a sitting position. Opening the waist adjustment zippers on each side helped with that somewhat, but not as much as I would have liked. The jacket’s front zipper does not open from the bottom, which is unfortunate, as that feature would help let out some of the extra material that gathers in the belly area.

You can see the extra material bunching up at Tricia’s stomach area. The jacket lacks a bottom zipper, a comfort feature often found on women’s motorcycle jackets these days. This should be noted if you think it’s a feature youll need.
A single strip of leather with Velcro secures the top of the zipper, and a tongue keeps the zipper from making contact with your skin. The collar incorporates a stretchable area in back, while the collar’s soft rolled edge ensures no scratchy or rough fabric touches your neck.

The vented, CE-approved armor at the elbows and shoulders is pliable and removable. A generously sized P.E. foam pad sits in a zippered back protector compartment in the inner liner.

External sliders on the elbows add a touch of “hooligan” in case you need to elbow your way into a crowded restaurant (or in case you go down).
Two vertical zippered vents in the back allow a small amount of air movement.
Even though the white version is perforated, the Dynasty’s leather is a little too thick for the jacket to be called a hot-weather jacket. The vents give you only a little relief if you’re caught out without a true vented jacket when the sun starts to cook you.
Pockets on the Dynasty are minimal. The two hand warmers aren’t big enough for hands, but they do fit keys, lipstick or lip balm. They zipper closed and do a decent job of keeping your stuff dry.
The two front pockets are completely hidden when not in use.

A single internal storage pocket in the left front panel is generously sized and fits all kinds of paraphernalia. But keep in mind that whatever you put in there will bulk you up in the left breast area. Some women may welcome the extra girth, but I don’t need any extra bulk in that department.

The sole internal pocket closes with a zipper, as do the external pockets.
There’s no doubt that a white jacket is easier for other motorists to spot, giving you an increased margin of safety.

While you may be more of a black leather kind of girl, the white Dynasty really stands out, both on the street and in a typical black-leather biker crowd. A single strip of reflective trim on the back helps with nighttime visibility. Consider, too, that the sun will reflect off the white, while it will bake into the black. True, white does get dirty, but using just a little leather cleaner makes it sparkle again.

In addition to perforated white, the Dynasty comes in this non-perforated black.

The Scorpion Dynasty retails for $309.95. Sizes range from small (4) to 2XL (16). You’ll pay $20 more for the 2XL. The Dynasty comes with a five-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. For more information, visit

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