New Product for Turning Wheels Without Moving Bike

Perfect for motorcycle cleaning and maintenance

Since we first introduced you to the Wheel Jockey in 2009, the folks at Wheel Jockey have been developing a larger version of the companys ball-bearing roller for bigger motorcycles. The Big Boy Wheel Jockey is ideal for motorcycles weighing up to 950 pounds, meaning most cruiser models. The original Wheel Jockey, the sport model, works on motorcycles weighing up to 650 pounds. Read our original story below and then take a look at this short video of a woman rider using the Wheel Jockey on her Yamaha V Max. The retail price of the Big Boy Wheel Jockey is $89.

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Original story dated 11/6/2009:
New Product for Turning Wheels Without Moving Bike: Great for Checking Tire Pressure and Maintenance
Wheel Jockey is a new gadget that offers a compact solution to the bothersome task of rotating motorcycle wheels for cleaning, checking tire pressure, and completing drive chain maintenance. Once a motorcycle is walked onto the Wheel Jockey, wheels turn on ball-bearing rollers, providing easy access to the entire wheel and chain. Plus, Wheel Jockey is small enough to stow under the seat or in motorcycle luggage.

Wheel Jockey, shown here, works for both front and rear wheels.

Bill Kniegge, owner of Wheel Jockey and an industry veteran, says, “I was always looking for a better solution to daily chain maintenance while leading motorcycle tours around the mountains of North Carolina. I guess necessity really is the mother of invention. Wheel Jockey came about as a result of needing a very portable way to accomplish wheel and chain work without a helper.”

Constructed of sturdy steel and aluminum, the Wheel Jockey sport model measures approximately 4 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches and can accommodate road bikes weighing up to 650 pounds. Wheel Jockey is designed to work only with road bikes and cannot be used with off-road tires.For more information, visit

5 thoughts on New Product for Turning Wheels Without Moving Bike

  1. I bought a Wheel Jockey a couple of years ago for my husband for checking air pressure, cleaning wheels, etc. I found that I use it more than he does. I love it for putting my VTX on it to clean my whitewall tires…works great. Yes it is a little spendy but it is a high quality, well machined, made in the U.S.A, piece of equipment for those of us with heavy cruisers.

  2. This is a fantastic tool, but pricey compared to the one at Freight Tools for only $25 (now on sale). This version is awesome for my Suzuki GSX-R sportbike, as its easier for someone without a lot of body strength and short like myself (5-feet-2) to roll onto the stand. But for heavier bikes, the Wheel Jockey mentioned in your article surely fits a heaftier need! And your article is very correct in the sencs that its a tool you will absolutely love that you will use regularly for maintenance.

  3. To Gary, from Corinth TX:
    If you use a 50/50 tire on your Dual Sport bike, you will be just fine. Knobbies that are for pure off-road are not.
    Hope that helps you out.
    Bill Kniegge
    Wheel Jockey

  4. Sure wish he had a version for dual sport bikes. I would love to have one to do both my and my wife's KLR 650.

  5. I'm going to get one of these gizmo's. I'm sick of getting down on my hands, knees and practically laying on concrete trying to get my hands up and in-between saddlebags, swingarm's chain guards and the frame to clean both our bikes rear rims and spokes after every ride. We never put our bikes away with brake dust or grim on them, and at my age (60), it's getting physically harder to do with every passing year. This looks like one slick tool!

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