New Gadget for Peeing Anywhere

No more squatting and dirty restrooms

Heres a quirky new device we thought might be of interest to our women motorcyclist readers. It might just come in handy on a long road trip. Note that we have not received this product to test. We are simply running the press release here for you to know about this gadget.

Whiz Freedom enables women to pee anywhere without squatting or stripping down.

One of the biggest inconveniences on the road for women is having to squat in the bushes while traffic is flying by, or trying not to touch anything in disgusting public restrooms. The name of the product is Whiz Freedom and according to the press release “takes the glory from men who swear by being able to pee standing up.”

This hygienic device enables women to wee while standing, hovering or sitting, without removing clothing completely. Its ideal for the outdoors, sporting activities, traveling, events, unclean toilets or long line-ups. The press notes say its highly hygienic, medical grade, convenient, comfortable and simple to use. We think you might still need toilet paper or a tissue to “dry off.”

The Whiz is a unique patented product made of medical grade plastic with an antibacterial agent for hygiene. Its soft, comfortable and easy to use with no spills. The Whiz is liquid repellent, reusable, washable and flexible, making it super easy to store and carry discreetly.

CE marked, FDA and medically approved, Whiz Freedom won the 2009 Medical Design Excellence Award. Whiz Freedom retails for $24.95. For more information visit, or call 877.393.9449.

13 thoughts on New Gadget for Peeing Anywhere

  1. I am so excited to hear about a better way than pulling off along the road, search for a large enough bush to squat behind and then bare your bottom. Thanks so much!

  2. I have used both the P-mate and the Go-Girl. The P-mate ( is easier to use and disposable. The Go-Girl ( is reusable but takes a little practice in the shower first.

    I've used them at work at job sites away from restrooms and on camping and hiking trips. You don't need paper for either. Throw the P-mate away and bag or rinse the Go-Girl. They really are helpful. It's nice to be able to undo only your fly and pee discreetly.

  3. Don't know about this particular brand, but I have used another product, and no you don't need paper with that one. This one has a different design, though. Whichever brand you go with, this is an excellent item and not having to strip half naked to “go” is worth the price over and again.

  4. A friend of mine had one of these about eight years ago. She used it whenever she went kayaking, whitewater rafting, hiking. She loved it. It can be used any time you know you will be away from a restroom.

  5. I think this is one of the best products available for the “have to go now” or “this place is gross.”

  6. Please let us know when you give it a test run!

  7. Sorry, but this is far from a new idea. The “Jane Cup” was available to the female fishing community at least 25 years ago, or more. A perennially-reinvented favorite for taking care of “business” in unlikely locales, though. Never figured out how to conveniently and sanitarily deal with the urine that remained on the device after use, so I never used it again.

  8. Ok, so I wanna know. Who's used this? C'mon ladies, speak up.

  9. This is similar to the F.U.D. (female urination device) sold at REI. I have that one, and it is terrific for any outdoor sport. I'm sure that the Whiz Freedom would work just as well. You don't have to show the world your “assets” when peeing outdoors.

  10. While this is cool – you should check out the Go-Girl, It's only $6.99 + shipping, and might even be available somewhere near you.

  11. I needed one of these yesterday for my 1000-mile ride day on the way to the AMA conference in Colorado!

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