New Helmet Just for Women Debuts

Schuberth’s C3W is designed for a woman’s features

When it comes to shopping for helmets, there are hundreds of choices out there. Women now have the option to choose a modular full-face helmet designed just for them. Schuberth, a leader in high-end protective helmets, has designed the C3W, the womens version of the C3, the “lightest, quietest, most compact flip-up motorcycle helmet on the market,” according to Schuberth.
The C3W in Pearl White. Other colors include silver, black, matte black, and white.

The C3W features reshaped cheek pads made of soft memory foam to fit a narrower jawline and smaller facial features. The subtle ecru microfiber lining is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, easy to clean and soft on sensitive skin.

“Schuberth conducted extensive research on womens head and facial structure, which led to a redesign of the fit and different materials in the padding and liner fabric,” said Sarah Schilke, Schuberth North Americas marketing and public relations manager.
Mike Tallarico from Schuberth North America demonstrates the condensation-free technology of the C3Ws visor to WRN Editor Genevieve Schmitt at last Decembers Long Beach International Motorcycle Show.
Michael explains the C3Ws unique ventilation system.
“Women who have tested samples of the C3W at the International Motorcycle Shows raved about its lightweight and luxuriously comfortable fit,” said Schilke.

The new helmet is available in women’s sizes XXS-L and retails for $699. A five-year warranty and three-year service plan are included in the price. For more information and dealer locations, visit Schuberth’s Web site at Look for a review forthcoming on WRN.

20 thoughts on New Helmet Just for Women Debuts

  1. I purchased the helmet in a small (recommended by dealer) it was tight around the forehead, and gave me a headache. I tried to take it back and was unable to return it. I couldn’t believe Schuberth would not stand by their product, after spending more than $600. Leaves me and my husband sick to our stomach. We will never buy a Schuberth product again.

  2. I transitioned from wearing a half helmet to the Schuberth CW3. This helmet is extremely well fitting, comfortable and just about eliminates wind noise completely. I do not like feeling confined (this is a modular) or wearing something heavy on my head, and neither are an issue for me with this helmet. I tried on a lot of full-face helmets and this one won hands down. I know it is pricey, but this helmet is worth every penny given all of its features. Buying the helmet was a financial stretch for me, but I made adjustments in my spending and I can honestly say that I have no regrets with my decision.

  3. I just bit the bullet and bought the C3W helmet. Yes it’s expensive but I feel that my head is worth it. Anyway, the reviews I’ve read stated that it’s much lighter than most other helmets. I’ve been wearing a Shoei for the past give years and this helmet is much heavier. I took out my scale and it weighed in at 3.95 pounds and my Shoei weighed in at 2.154 pounds so, that’s about an extra pound and a half. If anyone out there has neck issues, they may want to test this helmet out before buying it.

  4. Like the looks and design, but I can’t afford the price. I have to keep buying those lottery tickets!

  5. Are you listening Schuberth? Every single woman who has commented on this article has lamented the price (Hello! The world economy isn’t the greatest right now). Add my name to the list of those who will purchase, once the price comes back down into the affordable stratosphere.

  6. This is great, but the tag amount is not. My helmet off to you who can afford this.

  7. Just sounds like a way for the company to make money off of women. The price is a little steep. I wonder how much the men’s helmet costs?

  8. Would love to have this helmet – price is way too steep.

  9. All I can say is “OUCH!”

  10. Loved the whole article and concept as well as the look. Got sticker shock at the end. Just cant afford it!

  11. As described it sounds great. The hypoallergenic, antibacterial features along with the speciifc design for women is especially appealing. Nothing is if it meets DOT codes but assume that it does. The cost of $699 was a shock! I feel this helmet will be passed by due to the cost. I’d like to consider this helmet but know I will need to find a helmet that costs less.

  12. Great that they now have a helmet to fit women but the cost is more than I can afford.

  13. Nice looking helmet but what about someone who doesn’t want a full face helmet?

  14. Nice, but not $700 nice. There are helmets that are just as good at a fraction of the price. Don’t get me wrong, if someone gave me one, I’d love it. However, I won’t be buying one.

  15. Looks awesome. Been waiting for a lightweight model, but the price is a little outrageous. Guess I will have to continue to wait until they become a lot more affordable.

  16. You’ve got to be kidding. All this is nice, nice design; nice look, nice idea. But $699? Who could possibly afford this helmet? And why would anyone want to spend that much on one. And no where does it indicate it’s DOT tested.

    1. Schuberth has the ECE 22.05 safety standard rating which is used in more than 50 European countries. Helmets with the ECE 22.05 certification are used in racing events sponsored by AMA, CCS, FIM, Formula-USA and WERA. The helmet is also DOT approved.

  17. I’m just waiting for the women’s to come out in the bright yellow that they already have the men’s model in.

  18. Love the look of this helmet and the fact that it’s lighter. I have been searching for one for myself for the last year or so, and cannot find one that doesn’t look like a mushroom on top of my head. I currently wear a “pea” helmet, but want something with more protection. If the price ever comes down to something I can afford, I’d love to try it.

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