MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: Suzuki Burgman 400

Wanted: women riders

By Perri Capell, Photos by Riles & Nelson

American Suzuki Motor Corp. is aiming its Burgman 400 motor scooter squarely at the womens market with a sporty new 2007. One sales brochure for the Burgman features a woman riding the 400, whereas a man is sitting on its beefier cousin, the Burgman 650.

WRN Contributor Perri Capell rides the 2007 Suzuki Burgman 400.

This 2007 model has sleeker lines that are meant to appeal to a woman. Plus, a cleaner burning, more powerful engine than the 2006 model make this new Burgman a solid option for commuting. High gas prices make everyone think seriously about other options for transportation.

Many women would like to ride a motorcycle but hold off because theyre intimidated by shifting or the size and weight of a bike. The Burgman eliminates the shifting issue and is relatively light at 439 pounds without fluids. It offers the horsepower necessary for touring and a comfortable ride. In the U.S., 24 percent of Burgman 400 owners are women, a larger share than the 12 percent of Suzuki motorcycle owners who are women, the company reports.

The running boards are angled in the front. Perri says, “When I placed my feet on the angle, I was really comfortable and felt support on my lower back from the back rest on the seat.”

“Burgman” is a German word that roughly translates to “suburban man.” This name apparently works in Europe where the Burgman is selling well, but it seems odd for a scooter targeting U.S. women. Still, I found a lot to like about the 400. One nice feature is the low seat height, another issue for women riders who often have shorter legs than men and cant find bikes that allow them to put their feet flat on the ground when stopped.

The scooter#39;s seat is 28 inches from the pavement. Perri says, “I#39;m 5-foot-6-inches tall. I could sit flat-footed and had slightly bent knees when I was stopped.”

For someone who likes to ride and shop, like me, the large lockable storage area under the seat is practical. Its been enlarged to 62 liters, which is more than 14 dry gallons. You can get a better picture of how much space this is by imagining it holding two full-face helmets (or a lot of junk from yard sales!).

The lockable storage compartment under the “dashboard” was a handy place for my wallet and camera, plus there are two smaller compartments in front of the rider for gloves, sunglasses or other small items (these dont lock). The designers also included a power outlet in the dash area for charging mobile phones.

A large, generous dash provides lots of useful rider info including current miles per gallon the machine is getting at the speed the rider is traveling.

Test riding the Burgman was a learning experience for me because I had never ridden a scooter before. Not only was I judging this particular machine, but I was assessing whether I would enjoy riding a large motor scooter enough to buy one. After I got used to not having to shift gears to get going, as I do on a motorcycle, I was able to enjoy myself.

At nearly 90 inches long, the Burgman is substantial enough to hold its own in traffic. Its seat cushion seemed plush compared to those on some of the bikes I ride. I like its sporty front end, which is a lot like a motorcycles.

The 400s motor is a single cylinder four-stroke with fuel injection providing for a very smooth ride. One reason Suzuki has increased the engine size to 400ccs (from the 385ccs on the 2006 model) is to give the bike more oomph at all speeds. The engineers also took other steps to boost power, such as giving it a dual overhead cam versus a single. As for emissions, the new Burgman 400 meets tighter 2008 U.S. regulations.

Scooters arent expected to be as quick off the starting block as a motorcycle because they have automatic versus standard transmissions. With that in mind, 400 was somewhat sluggish when starting from a full stop but after gaining speed, it accelerates quickly to pass or stay up with freeway traffic. The 400 also takes curves nicely at moderate speeds.

My test ride included taking the Burgman up and down San Franciscos hills, where it performed more like a car than a motorcycle after stopping on an incline. Unlike on a motorcycle, which requires you to find the friction zone quickly to accelerate (while hoping you dont roll backwards), you just let go of the brake, engage the throttle, and youre moving.

Part of Perri#39;s test ride included riding San Francisco#39;s famous Lombard Street, the narrow, hilly road with the tight turns.

The Burgman also has another car-like feature a parking brake to use when parked on hills so it doesnt roll. Motorcycles dont have parking brakes because when parked on an incline, theyre typically left in gear, which keeps the wheels from turning.

Suzuki increased the wheel size on the Burgman to 14 inches. Perri says she had no trouble making tight turns with it.

The larger front wheel received an additional brake rotor for increased stopping power. I found the dual disks to be more than reliable and stopped me where I wanted. Although Suzuki touts its link-type mono shock suspension system, I still felt jarred by bumps in the road. Im sure it was because the rear shock was set at the factory setting that of a rider much heavier than me. The single rear shock has a 7-way adjustible spring preload Next time I ride a Burgman, Ill loosen the shocks preload a bit to suit my light weight.

The wide seat includes a pad for lower back support that#39;s adjustible.

As for fuel consumption, I averaged 57.5 miles-per-gallon after 82 miles. This information came from the fuel consumption indicator on the instrument panel, which also includes an odometer, two trip meters and a clock. I became fascinated by this digital indicator and began riding conservatively to raise my mpg average as high as I could.

Styling in the back of the Burgman is just as sporty and cool as it is in the front. Notice the grabrails for the passenger, a thoughtful touch.

My biggest complaint is the curved front windshield. The top of it was parallel with my eyes causing me to alternate between looking over or under the top edge. It is not adjustable, so I couldnt change its height. More disconcerting is that when looking through the windshield, the curved molded plastic created a “bi-focal” effect making me see nonexistent bumps in the road. I would probably change the windshield if I owned a 400.

The Burgman fills a niche in the two-wheel market, and I enjoyed riding it. But the test ride showed me that when on two wheels, I prefer the connection to the road I get from shifting gears. However, those skittish about dealing with a clutch, or those who want a scooter that can handle all conditions will find the Burgman an ideal choice. Visit

Specs at a Glance
Suzuki Burgman 400
Displacement: 400cc
Seat height: 28 inches
Fuel Capacity: 3.6 gallons
Weight: 439 pounds dry
Colors: Candy Indy Blue, Metallic Grey
MSRP: $5,899

WRN Recommendation:
The Burgman 400 is easy and pleasurable to ride and has enough power to hold its own with traffic on busy highways. Due to its fuel economy, its an excellent commuter option. The MSRP of $5,899 is a reasonable price for a machine this size and with gas prices being an issue, youd recoup some of that from gas savings. The 400 also makes sense for riders who want to enjoy the open road on two wheels without having to deal with a tall, heavy bike or shifting.

To read a short review of the Burgman by a WRN reader who owns one, click here.

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  1. I really enjoyed the article and how it talked about all the features on the bike. I just bought a 2012 Burgman 400 ABS. I’ve enjoyed riding it since I bought it three months ago. Would love to find other Burgman riders where I live to go riding with.

    1. A great place to hook up with other Burgman riders in the the WRN Forum. It’s free to sign up. You can connect and network with other women there to find those in your area.

  2. Love the comments. I just purchased a 650 Exec and dropped it the second day. Thought I had made a mistake because it is so heavy but everyone has been so wonderful and encouraging with advise. I am ready to get back as soon as the foot heals. My husband and I want to tour so the Burgman is a great choice for long distances. So far I have enjoyed the control, the power, the comfort ride, the look is so sporty.

  3. I’ve been riding my ’06 Burgman 650 since 07. I ride with a ladies riding group as a road captain and love it when I have a trail of big bikes behind me!

  4. This is a great article, however, you should try the AN650, I have a 2006 Burgman 650. One of the first things I purchased was a different windshield. I have ridden this scoot from TN to MN, and down the east coast from VA to FL. The 650 has better get up and go than the 400. I have ridden with all the bigger bikes and they are usually impressed that I keep up.

  5. I love rideing my Burgman 400. I'd really like to find a group here if anyone knows if there is a Burgman club in the Lemoore or Fresno, Calif., area — please let me know. Thanks. I have been riding for four months, and love it so much. I ride whenever I can. I am so hooked.

  6. I love my Bergman 400. I am 62 years old and ride with my husband when he is out on his motorcycle. He has an 1982 1100 SJ and I have no trouble keeping up with him as long as he stays close to the speed limit. Good gas mileage and I have a lot on men who commute looking at my scooter. Scooters still have a little way to go to be excepted here in Texas. Still thought of as just a toy but the Bergman 400 holds it own. Love it.

  7. I just bought a 08 Suzuki Burgman 400. I have had more than 40 motorcycles in my life. I just traded in my 03 Suzuki 1500 Intruder, which I just purchased a few weeks ago. I find that the big bikes are too heavy for me. When I have to make turns or walk the bike around for a tight u-turn, I don't feel in complete control. Today I bought my first scooter, even though I had Vespa's and Lambretta's and even a Harley Topper many many years ago. I called the dealer as soon as I got home and told him that my big bikes are work and the 400 was nothing but fun. I only have about 20 miles on it, but I am looking forward to many many more.

    If I enjoy this scooter as much as I do now, I may consider moving up to the 650. If this one is enough for me, then I won't bother. However, I do want to say that all the Suzuki cycles I have purchased over the past couple of years have been excellent. You are doing a great job , Suzuki. I already had four of the C50Ts, and they were all great. I just get bored from time to time and trade in and try other bikes. I do keep the economy flowing.

  8. I just brought my new '08 400 home yesterday. Perri's assessment of the windshield is also mine. I found the bi-focal effect very disorientating and downright dangerous. My dealer and Suzuki are going to hear from me. I don't understand how Suzuki can be allowed to sell this scooter without a proper windshield. This is my third motorcycle and as much as I know I'm going to love it, but this windshield has made a terrible first impression.

  9. I've had my Burgman 400 for a year now. I haven't gone far with it. Mostly around town. Love the way it handles.

  10. I had many bikes since my early 20s. In 2006, after 19 bikeless years I decided to become a motorcyclist again, and went for Suzuki Bandit 1200N as my eigth bike. An awesome machine which gave a lot of pleasure on the road. Too heavy for the stop-and-go of city traffic though.

    In 2007 I took a spill on an oil patch on the pavement, which left me with a bruised arm and hurt my tight head cartilage. I'm well recovered by now and eager to get back on two wheels. I am selling the Bandit and considering the Burgman 400 as a great option for commuting and short trips. I am 63, and after reading all the comments here I have no more doubts.

    My Suzuki dealer has a beautiful gray one. Tomorrow I'll be making a trade in offer on it. Will be back here soon.

  11. Love this site. Bought a used '06 Burgie this summer. After retiring, I planned to ride some kind of cycle. Always had been a passenger, but now that I'm single, it was up to me to be on my own. I knew that I didn't want to do the clutch business so, I did some research and chose the look and power (didn't want to hold up traffic) of the Burgie. First attempts were great till I dropped it. Found out how heavy (for me) it was (425 pounds). Quickly learned how to lift it, thanks to my son.

    Took the required training course and now I'm licensed. Just need more practice for it to be second nature. Plan to join a scooter club and do some traveling. Did I mention, I'll be 71 in a couple of weeks? Age is no barrier to enjoying life. Anyone local who wants to buddy up and join the Treasure Coast Scooter Club?

    1. You can always submit a posting to WRN's Connect With Others link if you're seeking to hook up with other riders.

  12. Love the article. Right now I ride a Honda Reflex and I like it but I'd like something a bit bigger. The Burgman 400 sounds like the bike for me. My husband rides a Moto Guzzi and wanted someone to ride with. I'm 52 and just now starting to ride so the scooters are more suited for me. I ride back and forth to work daily and I even do my shopping on the scooter.

  13. Gas mileage for the 2008 Burgman 650 Executive is 48 mpg around town and 55 mpg on the highway. This is with 300 miles – not yet broken in. The 650 Executive is a great machine – I love it, but the one thing Suzuki messed up was the “mpg” indicator. It pegs out at 50 mpg. On the highway, its always pegged at 50 mpg and even in town, with few streetlights, it's also pegged. So, I had to measure this manually.

    I'm looking to trade for a 400cc Burgman because I'm only 5-feet-6 (and 64 years old) and I'll feel more comfortable with the seat 1.5 inches lower and the bike weighing 100 pounds less (see

  14. Does anyone know of or have information on where to buy the speakers that fit into the two compartments on the Burgman scooter? I have seen several pics with speakers that fit perfectly into the compartments on both sides of the steering wheel but have not been able to locate a dealer who has heard of them let alone a dealer who can sell me a set. Your help is appreciated. Thank you

  15. I bought my Burgman 400 in July 2007 and love it. After many years of not riding a bike, I took a chance and started riding again and haven't looked back. I ride 40 miles round trip a day to work on two-lane roads. No problems with the ride, handling, or anything about the bike except the windshield (gonna change it later). I'm a big man, 6-feet-2 and 340 pounds. Mostly bought it for commuting. Maybe later buy a 650 so I can two-up.

  16. I bought my 2004 Burgman AN400 at 4,000 miles and have ordered a rear tire at 10,500 miles and will change the front tire at the 11,000 mile check.

    I ride to the gym daily and stop at the market for milk (gallon) and produce, typically in two or three bags. It all fits easily in the trunk with my gym bag.

    I get 58 mpg in winter and 62 mpg in summer. I am 190 pounds, 6 feet, and it fits me well. It's perfect around town at 30 and 40 mph and solid on the interstate at 65 or 70 moving with traffic. It quickly goes to 80.

    It's a fine machine. I don't see any reason to go to a 650cc and drop my gas mileage to 50 or less.

    1. Check with your local department of motor vehicle as laws differ in each state, but most states require a motorcycle license for a two-wheeled vehicle over 50cc.

  17. Wow! What fun this scooter is. I will be 51 next month and this is the first time I've ever ridden a bike. My husband bought this for me and I felt obligated to learn to ride. I took a MSF course on the Coast Guard base here and learned as helicopters were taking off and landing not far from us.

    I started out shaking like a leaf but by the end of the next day I was flooring it and hitting the brakes safely like a pro. Well, almost. I love, love, love this scooter. I love everything about it. We are getting me a Givi windshield to replace the wierd one but it really doesn't bother me too much. I am recommending the Burgman to every woman I meet who asks. Good job Suzuki!

  18. The comments sound like they come from very satisfied riders. I have a '92 Honda Helix that will be replaced by a Burgman 400, if, and when, one becomes available. The Honda has served me well in both in-town and highway (non-interstate) driving. he added power in the Burgman will be appreciated and will add to my safety on the highway. Now if I could only find a dealer who has an '08 in stock.

  19. First coming to Brazil I was very hesitant to drive in the big city. My husband and I decided on getting each of us motorcycles. After reading this review, I knew this was the scooter for me. I love the look and size. I have now ordered my scooter and can't wait to enjoy.
    Thanks a lot.

  20. I wonder if anyone can/has compared the 07 with the 08 as far as performance? I note that the 07 has a 11.5:1 compression and shaft final drive, while the 08 has 10.6:1 compression and v-belt final drive. (I'm shopping and comparing online. I don't have one yet.) Did/does the 07 call for 91 octane, and the 08 doesn't? Which is more efficient, the shaft drive or v-belt? Why the change?

    Love the article. Convinced me the 400 was the way to go. Though I'm a guy, I only come in at 5 feet 6 inches and 140 pounds. The 400 should be enough for me without the extra weight and gas penalty of the 650.

  21. Colin above (posted 5.14.08) asked for more information on larger windshields for the Burgman 400. An excellent resource is I ordered my windshield from them and the service is great.

    I think it is wonderful to see more women riders on our beloved Burgman and if anyone has any more questions or needs Burgman information, our community at is more than happy to help.

  22. Thank you for the wonderful information. I have been interested in purchasing a scooter/motorcycle for some time but could not locate a bike I felt comfortable trying since I am so short (5 feet 1 inch). I was happy to see there were individuals as short as I am enjoying this scooter. The next step is to take the hubby with me to the local Suzuki dealership and check the scooter out in person.

  23. Excellent article. I learned a lot as well as locating probably the best seat height I have seen so far on any comparable scooter.

  24. I just found out about this “new” scooter. I think it's great that all of these people are finding out how much fun it is to ride on a two wheel vehicle. I've been riding motorcycles all of my life (I'm 58) and currently ride a Kawasaki Concours 14. I hope they all ride safe and enjoy it for a long time.

  25. I have been riding my 400 for a year and have more fun on it than my H-D Great around the city, easy to park, great gas mpg. Last year we trailered it to Monument Valley on vacation.

    For people having trouble with the windshield, one should not be looking threw the windshield anyway, but looking over the windshield. There are two ways to change this: buy the short windshield from the dealer, or take the windshield to a place where it can be cut down. I can't find anything wrong with this bike. It is great.

    As for riding on the highway two up — my wife asks me to slow down. We were at speeds up to 80, and it could go faster.

  26. I bought a 2008 Burgman 400 three months ago. I, like many of the others with comments have never owned a motorcycle before. I am 50 years old 6 feet 200 pound. I bought “Burgie” because of the cost of fuel and the length of my commute (50 miles round trip).

    This is a great machine, very easy to handle in all conditions. I have a full face helmet and look over the top of the windshield so I don't really have any problems with vision. I average about 64 mpg. I am looking forward to a longer road trip to really test it out. Maybe we could all get together and start “Scooter Week” in Daytona.

  27. I purchased a 2008 Burgman and I love it.. The windshield, yes is a problem! Until now, I did not know I could change it out, but will look into it. The bike is very stable, and cruises very nicely. I have some back problems which come with age and hard work, and I find the ride very comfortable.

    The ability to move your leg position is great. Had I known how gentle this bike was I would have gone for the executive 650 with all the bells and whistles. I am only 5-feet-3 and it is no problem holding up the bike. I highly recommend it. I bought a Piaggo 150, and I liked it, but I was soon bored with the power. I moved right into the Burgie 400.

  28. Regarding real world mileage on the Burgman 650:

    I have a 2003 Burgman 650 with 3,000 miles. I regularly get 42 mpg at an altitude of 2,500 feet, using “regular” 87 octane gasoline. The passenger weight is 250 pounds with jacket, helmet, cargo, etc. Stock exhaust, windshield and tires. There has been the addition of a GIVI box on the tail. Information from the manufacturer for this model year of 650 quotes 43 mpg.

    Driving conditions in Boise are typically 30 to 45 mph street speed limits, with a stop light every mile, and wait times at the light of 30-75 seconds. Not many hills, long straight runs from traffic light to traffic light.

    I have no data on using “premium” (91 octane) as opposed to 87 octane for mileage, although I will look at that this year.

  29. My husband and I both bought the 2008 Burgman 400. We love the bikes. I agree with the comments about the windshields. You can order different windshields through the dealer but they are very short. We plan on taking the Burgmans on some trips this summer.

  30. My husband and I just ordered a 2008 red Burgman 400 that we will pick up in New Mexico in late August. After reading several Suzuki Burgman web logs and comments about how awful the stock windshield is, I immediately put in an order for a Givi windshield at This one has garnered the most praise and offers substantial improvements over the stock shield.

  31. I just purchased a Burgman 400 a couple of weeks ago and love it. I never really get to ride my motorcycles much during the workweek due to always needing to carry a laptop or briefcase that did not fit into side compartments. Not a problem with the awesome storage under the Burg's seat!

    I'm vertically challenged (5 feet 1); the height is good for my short legs (with riding boots on – which is how I've ridden my motorcycles as well). I agree the windshield needs to be taller as it hits right in my line of site. That's a minor issue.

    I get stopped often with questions from both men and women. My husband (who is a life long sport motorcycle rider — GSXR) loves it. He likes it because he can ride it to work without scuffing his shoes.

    I've had it on the highway without fear of not being able to keep up. It handles very well.

  32. Could anybody tell me what I could really expect the mpg to be with the 650 version? This article is very interesting.

  33. I am currently looking at buying a scooter/motorcycle for my commute to work (120 miles round trip, yikes!). I have never ridden a scooter (or motorcycle) and am a complete newbie to the whole “lifestyle.”

    This article was a great read and it has given me the confidence to go to a dealer and see the Suzuki Burgman in person. I am excited. Wish me luck!

  34. At age 50, I decided gas was to expensive and started researching bikes. After much investigation, I decided that the Burgman 400 might be the one for me. I had never been in charge of the handle bars before. The day I bought the bike the salesman had to ride it home for me. But I had my learner's permit.

    My ex-husband came to my house and soon I was riding it around the yard and up the drive. He waved me on and I finally took it on the road. When I got to the end of the road I was afraid to turn So I went around the block and headed home. My ex was walking down the road looking for me by this time, afraid of what he would find. Once I got started, I simply did not want to get off of the bike.
    I love the look, the attention, the room, the way it handles in traffic, the gas and the storage. The windshield is awfull though.

    Great bike for an older woman to learn on and drive for a long time. Biker chicks rule!

  35. I'm 25, in the army and recently bought a Burgman 400. I love it. It's so easy to use, sporty, and powerful. I have a lot of places to go to during the day and was using a lot of gas in my car so the Burgman was the right choice for saving some money.

    All the spaces for storage are really convenient. I've never owned a motorcycle but I have ridden one and I was uncomfortable with using the clutch. I wanted a smooth ride and because I don't have to worry about shifting, I can concentrate on making sure my ride is a safe one. Here in Ft. Hood there are so many people with motorcycles and now I feel like one of them.

  36. I've had my Burgman 400 since July 2003. I still get comments and questions about the bike every time I ride it. Amazing that this thing isn't better known. This is the third bike I've owned and it's by far the most fun. I get between 65 and 80 mph depending on the type of riding I'm in the mood for.

    Being from Pittsburgh, there are many hills and twisty roads. The Burgman handles both with no problem due to its balance and smooth ride. I love the fact that I don't have to think about shifting/what gear I'm in at any given time. This allows me to concentrate on the ride making it much more enjoyable. Thanks Suzuki.

  37. Greetings. What a great Web site! I have just ordered a Burgman 400 and feel very reassured by all the comments. I hadn't noticed the windscreen problem during the test ride so am a bit concerned. I'm having to trade in a Honda CBF600, which is only 3 weeks old as it's too powerful and big for me.

    Apart from a cruiser, the Suzuki Burgman 400 is the best option for me as I'm only 5 feet 2 inches tall and fell off the CBF600 five times in two weeks! Am looking forward to contributing some constructive comments – very soon!

  38. I recently purchased a Burgman 650, mostly because of the gasoline getting to the $4/gallon.
    Just about four months ago I had no idea what 50cc were or 400 or 600. I did my research and found out that the Burgman 650 was great and that I wouldn't have much of a problem. Being only 5 feet 6 inches I couldn't ride just any bike, This one is nice looking, feels right and I can actually touch the floor with my two feet.

  39. Just bought a 2008 Burgman 400. I like everything about it except the inadequate windshield. I hope someone at Suzuki reads these comments. Can someboby tell me where I can buy a larger windshield?

  40. I started riding big scooters for the practicality that was lost when motorcycles became fashion accessories, rather than transportation. I recently purchased a Burgman 400 and have been very impressed by the performance and handling.

    The seat has enough padding that the cover can be removed and the foam cut down by at least an inch. At the same time, you can make the seat fit your body. When replacing the seat cover, the original staples can be used by gripping them with a pair of pliers so only the tip of the staple sticks out and gently pressing the staple back into the base.

    The windshield can be stiffened some by adding Saeng TA Microswirl Edging, which also improves airflow. I'm 6 feet tall, so I can't comment on the view through the windshield.
    I ride the scooter year round, whether the weather is acceptable or not. I actually enjoy winter rain showers.

  41. Bought my 2006 Suzuki Burgman 400 last Spring, best investment ever! Before that, I was straining to handle my 1985 H-D Sportster (I am 5 feet 6 inches 122 pounds). I feel more comfortable on my Burgman; I control the scoot it doesn't control/overwhelm me like the H-D. Also, by the way, the 64 mpg that I get really is the icing on the cake with gas prices this day.

    My husband also purchased a Burgman 650; after “checking” mine out he decided his H-D FLHTCUI was heavier. I think what really “sold” him was, I was on my Burgman and he was on his FLHTCUI waiting for light to change; when it did, I went leaving him sitting shifting gears to catch up.

    I am looking forward to spring again so
    I can ride. Ohio's weather changes daily.

    1. Be sure to visit the women's event we're organizing here at WRN as part of Ohio Bike Week on June 13 in Sandusky. We've got stories about it on WRN as well as

  42. I've owned a Burgman 400 for more than a month and find it has everthing I need in a bike. I went on a 500-mile poker run and got a lot of looks from the big bike riders. After the ride was over, I got a lot of questions. I also got one complaint from the Harley rider who was in front of me for most of the way saying, “Would you please slow down and keep off my tail.”

  43. I have a 2008 Burgman 400. I love riding it. The windshield sucks. You can see double. That could use some work.

  44. I just bought a Burgman 400cc and think it is great. Very comfortable to ride. My first long ride was a 1,000-mile round trip down to England to see my sons. I set off when the temperature was reading -2 degrees [Celcius] and it didn't get much higher all the way there until it started to rain for the last 150 miles.

    I, too, find the wind screen unsuitable for the job. The rain came round the sides of it and made the dash very wet and when cleaning it, I couldn't get right down the inside of it. I have heated hand grips and also put hand warmers inside my gloves to keep out the cold.

    I am 58 years old and only took up scootering five years ago. Wish I had done it years ago.

  45. Just bought a used '03 Burgman 400 with 4,200 miles on it. I compare it to the '01 Honda Helix 250 I had. This bike is just great so far. I should mention the fuel gauge is very slow to react. Other than that, I call it a baby Gold Wing. It's that smooth. Sixty mpg is nice, too.

  46. In 2003, at 58, I decided it was time to get the motorcycle I'd always wanted. However, knowing my lack of coordination, the idea of using both hands and both feet was disconcerting.
    I did take the motorcycle safety course, which was wonderful instruction and great fun. At the end of the course, I went right to the Suzuki shop and bought a blue Burgman 400. Long story short: I love it!

    Now, four and an half years later, my scooter has 25,000 miles on it because in any acceptable weather, it's my vehicle of choice. I have to make a point of keeping it clean. Everywhere I go, somebody will come and ask about it because it is so sleek and stylish. The first question is always, how fast will it go? My answer is: fast enough to do anything legal and a little more. This machine still has a lot of miles left in it, but I'm getting the itch to get a new one -a red one this time.

  47. I own a 2007 Burgman 400. It's the best and most comfortable bike. I enjoy it very much. I ride it in the winter and in the summer. I get lots of comments on the bike. It might have the looks of a scooter, but its power is like a motorcycle. It keeps up in traffic, and is extremely reliable. Starts in below zero weather the first time. I have really enjoyed riding this. I will always keep this motorcycle. It's so easy to ride.

  48. I'm 5 feet 9 inches , 200 pounds and I've owned the 2004 Burgman 400 for one year now. I had to go clutchless because of tendonitis. So I acquiesced, gritted my teeth and went to my nearest dealer and got a used AN400. What a shock! To my amazement, it's just been the easiest, nicest riding bike I've ever had.

    I've never owned a scooter before and wondered if it came with a pink scarf. Yes, I had my reservations. This bike is so nimble, easy to ride, and most importantly, forgiving, that I recommend it for everyone. I would like a a dual cylinder engine for the smoothness and the extra HP for highway travel, two up, so I'm trying a Burgman 650 this year. I hope I like it as much as I like the 400. We'll see.

    The windshield does give a bi-focal view and it can be unnerving especially at night. Don't know what to do about that. I also recommend the hand protectors that came with my bike. It protects against wind and, most importantly, rain. I rode all through the winter this year (in Connecticut). It was a bit chilly at times but it's really OK. You can enjoy the cold of the winter, the warm of the summer, and the feeling of freedom a bike can give you. Oh! And no mechanical problems whatsoever. Amazing!

  49. I have a 2005 Burgman 400 and absolutely love it. I can put a flat of flowers or a large pizza in the trunk with no problem! My legs are short (26-inch inseam) so I had to get a different seat for the Burg. The windshield has always been a problem, so I bought a Clearview Shield for the scoot which has made all the difference in the world. I wish Suzuki would get the message and make one that is aerodynamically useful in protecting the rider!

    I have ridden on major highways and love the performance of the engine. I especially enjoy not having to shift in city traffic. I am glad the Burg now has larger tires as this may make for a more softer ride.

    If you are considering a scooter then definitely consider this one. I don't think you will be disappointed.

  50. My fiance is afraid of motorcycles, but loves scooters because they remind her of riding Vespas in Italy. The windy, country roads of northwestern Connecticut beg for a two wheeled chariot, and the Burgman 400 gets the job done. If you're into relaxing Sunday cruises, it's perfect. It has much better acceleration than you'd expect of a 400cc machine, but it is a little sluggish off the line with two up riding.

    Even still, it's at least as quick as most cars, so you won't get tailgaters up hills. Once you're above 15 mph, the single cylinder counterbalances nicely so you don't feel much vibration.

    Weather protection on cool days or during unexpected showers is much better than a motorcycle, and the variable ratio auto transmission is a joy to making riding easier.

    The windshield is too short for me. I get a blast of air from my forehead up. It begs for replacement soon. The passenger backrest is an expensive option, but well worth it for the passenger's security.

    Storage is superb. I can stuff a leather jacket, a gallon of milk and a bunch of other stuff under the seat.

    I wondered if I'd be happy with this after owning big bikes most of my life. The answer is yes. Comfort is as good if not better than my Kawasaki 1500. I miss that bike's low end grunt, but being in Connecticut just one month a year, I couldn't justify keeping a big bike in the shed. I'd also have to ride it alone, because my fiance is afraid of big motorcycles. I guess scooters are safer in her eyes.

  51. Had three motorcycles in the past and none can begin to compare to the Suzuki Burgman 400. It rides and handles better than any of my previous bikes. Friends that have ridden it LOVE IT! I'm 6 feet tall and weigh 260l pounds and this has more than enough power to fly over these Vermont Mountains. Gas mileage 62 to a high of 76 on a trip. Fantastic!

  52. When you get finished reading this you might think me to be a bit nuts, but here goes. I owned a 2007 Burgman 400 (blue) for about three months. It was purchased new. I am 67, 6-feet-2 tipping the scales at 229 pounds. One day I got this idea to move up to a 600cc machine of some sort. I traded the 2007 Burgman in on a 2008 Honda Silver Wing 600 (dark silver in color). I did not enjoy riding the Silver Wing, especially in stop-and-go traffic. I found it to be top heavy and poorly balanced. Anytime I came into a turn I did not trust it and kept thinking I might go down.

    One day I was at an auto parts store and I took off at maybe 10 mph and “boom” I was on the ground. The only thing the bike pinned to the ground was my left shoe…the rest of me was unhurt. Lucky for me, I had on steel toe shoes and the bike was resting on my left steel toe and I did not receive any injuries. Well, that made me all the more anxious about riding it. So, I came to the conclusion that the Burgman was much better that this Silver Wing. I went back to the Suzuki dealer and traded the Silver Wing with about 300 miles on it and got myself a new 2007 Suzuki Burgman 400 (in red/maroon). What a world of difference. Now I am trying to figure out how to fashion a mount for my GPS to go on the Burgman.

    They may be marketing it to women, but I really love it myself. It is a finely designed scooter. I will have to embrace the windshield issue maybe. Right now at my height I look well over it, but I do get a lot of wind in my face. The 3/4 helmet seems to control it. The Burgman is far better controlled at slow speeds because of the way the throttle kicks in. With the Silver Wing it was so easy to just barely touch the throttle and get a huge response you were not expecting. Why did I think you might call me crazy? Because of the financial loss of the trade…and there was one. I was that unhappy with the Silver Wing.

    1. Thanks for your comparison. Visit Tech Mounts at for a high quality selection of accessory mounting systems.

  53. Last summer I rode my Burgman 400 Type S on a 7,213 mile trip — Virginia to New Mexico to Washington and back. It doesn't get much better than that!
    (5,000 miles to the West the year before on a Honda Reflex 250!)

    I don't like the position of the parking brake or the analog fuel gauge on the Burgman. The other features are fantastic. The storage, as is advertised, is much larger than it first appears.

    I love the look of the small short windshield, but replaced it with a large GIVI for the trip. The GIVI was too tall and hampered my view in the rain. I have replaced that one, too.

    I'm 57, 5 feet 6 inches, and have no trouble with the height and weight. My mechanic wonders if I will ever need new brakes; they hardly look used. Tires are wearing well.

    I cruised at 80 on flat Montana highways. Climbing with headwinds slowed me down. Still, it had enough power such that I do not feel the need to upgrade to something more powerful for this summer's trip from Virginia, across Canada, to Washington and back.

    I think it is a okay to market it to women but not just for around town and shopping. It's perfect for grabbing the handlebars rather than sitting behind a man on his Goldwing on trips.

    The Burgman 400 is great for long-distance touring!

    1. This is the kind of feedback we love – honest with lots of miles on the tires. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  54. So far, I love my new bike. I agree that the windshield is distracting. I am also getting used to the weight. It is a bit heavy. The ride is smooth and fun; great suspension and handling.

  55. Good article. I own a 2007 Burgman 400. I love it. The only thing I dislike is the seat could be lower and I hate the windshield. It cuts my vision in half and is very flimsy and shakes in the wind.

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