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By Carolyn Overcash

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As a new motorcycle rider, the 2006 Suzuki Burgman 400 was my motorcycle of choice. Lots of research went into my choice and I absolutely love mine. Ive taken the BRC and the ERC. Ive still got a lot to learn.

The Burgman 400 in blue.

Known as “Burgie” or my “Silver Hulk,” Burgie keeps up with all the Harleys, Gold Wings, Kawasakis and other makes and models that my spouse and I ride with. Interstate travel, back roads, curves, mountains, weve been there. The only thing holding Burgie and me back is my limitations. This is my first year in the drivers seat. Weve already traveled more than 6,000 miles and plan to go a lot more.

On a two-night camping trip the underseat area held: one three-man tent, one sleeping bag, one ground sheet, two pairs extra gloves, one pair soft shoes, and a hat. Had to put my clothes and the water cooler in two bags on the seat and the rain gear in the dash. Lower center of gravity YES!

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10 thoughts on READER MOTORCYCLE REVIEW: Burgman 400

  1. Thanks to the women contributors who posted reviews and experiences on the Suzuki Burgman 400. I am a 56 year old female, my only motorcycle history is an occasional passenger and crash survivor! Having my own motorcycle license has been a longtime “bucket list” item, but I set it aside for years. I didn’t see myself as a big bike or cruiser rider, nor a sport rider, or even a little Rebel.I would have likely never pursued this desire any further had I not seen a Burgman 400 for sale in the neighborhood. I drove past, did a double-take, took a long contemplative look and thought it looked exactly like a ride I could handle and enjoy! It appealed to my practical side with the step through design and large locked underseat storage. I had no idea then what a maxi scooter was, but loved the styling that made it look like a motorcycle, and the fact it was automatic was a bonus in my mind. It rekindled once more the desire to learn to ride and this weekend I completed the Motorcycle Training and Safety Course, my first ever experience riding a street bike! Now that Burgman is a tangible option.I was on the fence, second-guessing my sanity and wondering why I kept coming back to wanting to ride, especially as I know firsthand the very real dangers out there. But the desire remains to become a confident rider and enjoy once again the pleasure of being on a bike! The stories shared by women riders of similar age has boosted my confidence as they addressed some of my concerns around how this machine corners and starts from a stop in traffic. I love that there is no clutch to deal with. I can do it, just prefer not to. So I plan to go ahead with a purchase. I’ll post an update once I get some miles under my belt!

  2. Update on Burgie, my Silver Hulk. Burgie just tripped 50,000 miles and I still love my Burgman. Even with 10 percent ethanol gas, Burgie gets 63 mpg. ATGATT.

  3. Enjoyed reading the comments. Helped me finalize my decision. I currently have two 250cc scooters. I'm 65 years old, and am taking delivery of my new 2008 Burgman on Tuesday. Wow! I can't wait.

  4. I bought my first scooter last September 2008 after almost buying a SYM RV 250, which is a very nice scooter but only comes with a 250cc motor and there are not too many SYM dealers around the country yet — a consideration if you travel out of state and need repairs. It also comes with a two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

    I was going to get the RV 250 and actually had a deposit on one on order by the dealer when I found a used 2007 Burgman 400 with about 1,900 miles on it. It fell over once in the previous owner's garage so it had some very minor cosmetic damage. The asking price by the Suzuki dealer was $4,000 out the door. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It was big and a gorgeous blue color.

  5. I'm a 49-year-old female and just got my motorcycle license. My first scooter was a LXV 150 Vespa. I loved it but it shook at high speeds on the highway — it was too light at 243 pounds. I then compared the Yamaha Majesty and the Suzuki Burgman 400 — identical twins. I fell in love with the Burgie with its comfortable seat height of 28 inches.

    I'm 5 feet 7 1/2 inches and sit flat-footed and am in full control of a 437-pound maxi scooter. It has great pick-up and is very sporty with the red color and motorcycle looks. My sister just purchased the Yamaha Majesty and we are always fighting which scooter is better. The Burgie of course!

  6. I have just purchased a 2008 Burgman 400 (used). I am a “young” 65 year old pharmacist, and plan on using it to commute to work, and also to take on vacations so that my wife and I can add another dimension of fun to them. Like some of your other owners, I have done much research concerning which two wheeler I would be most happy with, and the 400 Burgman came up first every time.

    I was especially taken with the looks, seat hight, comfort and mpg it offers. I plan on keeping it untill they either take my licence away or put me in a nursing home, but hopefully that won't be for quite awhile.

  7. Really enjoyed the test drive artical, and the owners response. I'm not a chick, but I like the looks and features of the Suzuki 400. My plan is to purchase one in the spring. I'm not comfortable on big bikes, so I think that the 400 Burgman will be just the set up for me. Thanks.

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