Mother and Daughter Riding Motorcycles Together

Sharing experiences on and off two wheels

By Veronica Garcia, Las Vegas, Nevada

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mother daughter riding motorcycles veronica celeste
Four months after Veronica started riding motorcycles her daughter Celeste expressed interest in riding. Now they ride together and get to share all the experiences two-wheeled traveling has to offer. Photo by Glenn Ducusin

I decided to finally take the first step in going for my motorcycle endorsement at 42. My kids were at the age of independence and I had always wanted to ride a motorcycle, but my parents were not supportive. But my husband was very encouraging, so I finally went for it with him.

From that point on, we rode together everywhere and anywhere. Four months later, my daughter Celeste expressed interest in riding motorcycles as well. How could we discourage her from this experience? We were having the time of our lives!

mother daughter riding motorcycles indian chief classic
Veronica Garcia rides an Indian Chief Classic with her daughter Celeste, who rides a Yamaha Bolt. Together, they enjoy riding to places that offer beautiful scenery from their home in Las Vegas.

mother daughter riding motorcycles yamaha bolt
Celeste’s Bolt is a 942cc bobber-style motorcycle.

I’ve always thought my daughter and I have a great relationship, and the experience of sharing this passion with her has brought us even closer. Our rides were shorts distances until she felt more comfortable. When she was ready for a longer trek, we took a 250-mile ride from Las Vegas to Babes Ride Out 6, an all-women’s motorcycle campout in Joshua Tree, California.

mother daughter riding motorcycles rocks
Veronica and Celeste enjoy the destination as much as the journey to get there when they ride together.

mother daughter riding motorcycles sin city moto girls
Veronica and Celeste are part of an awesome community of women riders who support and encourage each other called the Sin City Moto Girls.

We constantly talk about safety—possible scenarios and how to best deal with them. When others find out we are mother and daughter riding together they express their admiration towards us. We both agree that we are blessed and feel very lucky to have each other.

Our future plans are to take road trips on our motorcycles to other states and get to know little towns and share these experiences. Road trips we have planned in the near future include South Dakota, New Mexico, and Colorado. For now, Las Vegas has beautiful scenery and many places to ride to. We have ridden to Utah, Arizona, and California so far, which is one of the benefits of living in southern Nevada.

We don’t ride to get to our destination quickly, but to enjoy the journey. We are mother and daughter making memories with our watchful guardian, Celeste’s father. My loving husband gives us the strength and encouragement to ride because we are his bad ass girls! We’re capable of anything we set ourselves out to do.

Do you have a story to share? Please send it to us, but follow these submission guidelines.

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