Master Lock

Innovative products to secure your bike

By Teri Conrad, Products Editor
Master Lock#39;s Street Cuff products make it possible to secure your motorcycle to an object, to itself, or another bike.

Master Lock, a leading manufacturer of padlocks, with more than 80 years of experience in the industry, offers a variety of innovative products to help keep your motorcycle safe and secure.

Traditional Disc Brake Locks help prevent roll away thefts, and are bright in color to help remind you to remove it before riding.

From cuff locks to disc brake locks to u-locks and chains, there are many options to choose from. Master Lock also has products that can be used to secure your ATVs, snowmobiles and watercraft.

U-locks like the Mini Me provide 14mm of protection and are another alternative for securing your motorcycle. Vinyl coated to prevent against scratches.

Whether close to home, on a trip, or at a rally, having your bike stolen can be extremely costly and inconvenient. With an increase in thefts each year, it makes sense to take extra precautions when securing your motorcycle.

The Python is an adjustable cable lock that can be used to secure two motorcycles together, one motorcycle to an object, or to secure your helmets to your bike.

All Master Lock products are covered by a limited lifetime product warranty (see Web site for details). For more information, or to place an order visit

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