International Female Ride Day T-shirt Available

Wear the official shirt to show your support

International Female Ride Day is May 1 marking the third year of this annual event where women from all over the world “just ride.” The goal of this loosely structured globael event is to raise awareness of women riders by increasing visibility. There are rides being held all over the world to celebrate female riders.

MOTORESS Web site founder Vicki Gray, who came up with International Female Ride Day, is offering the official International Female Ride Day T-shirt. This cotton/polyester blend fitted T-shirt features the official MOTORESS and Female Rider Day logo. This T-shirt with a scoop neck and 3/4 length sleeves is the first of MOTORESS “house of fashion” line of riding apparel.

Here#39;s what the shirt looks like.

The MOTORESS T-shirt is available for $27 in sizes from S to XXL. Shipping is $15 to cover shipping from Canada. For more information or to order online, visit

This year, Harley-Davidson took the concept of a Female Rider Day one step further declaring the whole month of May Women Riders Month. See the related story below.

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10 thoughts on International Female Ride Day T-shirt Available

  1. Great shirt. Several of us ladies will ride from Richmond to Tappahannock, Virgina, for the International Female Ride. We did the same route last year for this event, looking forward to doing it again. Anyone interested in joining us, feel free to email me at If you’re sponsoring a ride in your area, I’d love to hear about it.

    1. Consider posting this request on the new WRN Forum accessible under the It’s All About Us” section.

  2. I just checked out the new T-shirts and they are great. I am happy to hear they are made in Canada and are made with organic bamboo which has lots of benefits. Will definitely order mine!

  3. Thank you for all your comments! The t-shirt was very popular, nonetheless, we are working to reduce the shipping/handling fee and retail pricing for 2010!
    Online Shop Assistant/MOTORESS

  4. Love the idea of a shirt dedicated to Female Ride Day. I agree with the others that money is a factor for many. Many females who ride are moms who think of themselves last. They would never spend money like that on themselves.

    Drop the price and you'll have more of females purchasing them. Also think of short sleeve.

    1. Harley-Davidson has a Women Rider t-shirt to celebrate Women Rider's Month now in dealerships. I believe it's around $25.

  5. I think this is a day to celebrate for all women. I haven't quite figured out why 15$ to ship it? I think $27 for the shirt is about average, but the shipping price is totally over priced. I believe you can do better than this.

  6. I agree, nice looking tee, but too spendy and black doesn't work well in the hot, hot, hot southwest.

  7. Nice looking tee but $42 to get it to my door is way too spendy!

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