May 2nd Will Be Female Ride Day

Second annual event is now international

Last year#8217;s introduction of Female Ride Day Canada was such a success that this year it has gone international. Female Ride Day is a synchronized day, worldwide, where women motorcycle riders demonstrate their enjoyment of motorcycle riding. The annual event takes place on the first Friday of May spotlighting women who ride. This is a day devoted to women of all ages and all experience levels to highlight their passion for the activity of motorcycle riding.

#8220;On Female Ride Day, all we ask of women is to be on a motorcycle and just ride!#8221; says Vicki Gray, campaign founder. Vicki is a motorcycle instructor and former motorcycle racer who lives in Canada. #8220;It is not an organized ride, not a charity or fund raiser. Its sole focus is on women riders. Of course women are free to decide how they spend the day and some clubs and rider groups have indeed incorporated a charity or an organized ride. This is the beauty of the day, the freedom to enjoy it as you wish no matter what type or style of motorcycle #8211; cruiser, sport, touring, scooter, off road or ATV. Women are encouraged to simply join in, take part in the camaraderie internationally and just ride,#8221; she adds.

Female Ride Day, made its d#233;but last year as a national event with women throughout North America and areas of Europe joining in. This year it will be celebrated internationally, with more countries taking part. Participants will be invited to submit photographs capturing a moment during their Female Ride Day experience to the Motoress Female Ride Day Web site at Ride Day2008.asp. More information can also be found at that Web site.

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