Harley-Davidson Road Tech Quest Navigation System

Turn rides into adventures without getting lost!

By Teri Conrad, Products Editor
Handlebar-Mounted System with Custom Powered Docking Station.

The Road Tech Quest Navigation System, from Harley-Davidson, is a rugged, waterproof, portable GPS receiver designed specifically for motorcycles. Detailed street maps are displayed on a bright, LED backlit color screen readable in sunlight, and the large control buttons can be activated while wearing gloves.

The compact Road Tech Quest unit is has 115 megabytes of internal memory for powerful mapping capabilities, and includes fully unlocked MapSource City Select CDs with mapping coverage of the entire United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. A built-in USB data connection port allows for fast downloads of MapSource information.

Fits most 1996-2007 Harley-Davidson models, except VRSCR. MSRP: $599.95. (Handlebar mount sold separately, MSRP: $79.95).

For additional information, or to locate a dealer near you visit harley-davidson.com or call 800.443.2153.

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