Get Good Vibes! Anti-Vibration Mounts for GPS, Phone and More

Plus, fun new motorcycle video and book from a woman rider

$10 off any purchase of $100 or more. Enter code WRN at checkout. Expires November 30, 2014.

Navigation devices and phones are great tools for motorcycle riders, but vibrations can make those devices difficult to operate while out on the road. Lucky for us, Leader Motorcycle Accessories has a solution.

For years the motorcycle accessories manufacturer has been offering a variety of motorcycle mounts for GPS devices, phones, and more. Now all of those devices have been outfitted with a new feature that reduces vibrations on the road. That includes mounts for GPS devices, phones, iPods, radios, cameras—even clocks and drink holders.

Anti-vibration motorcycle accessory mount
Leader Motorcycle Accessories anti-vibration mount

The base of Leaders new anti-vibration mount is seen here on a round bar mount in chrome (left) and a switch housing mount in black (right).

Leader Motorcycle Accessories windshield mount
The new anti-vibration feature is now built in to every mount sold by Leader Motorcycle Accessories, including this windshield GPS mount.

Leader parts are available for a number of motorcycle makes and models and are finished in your choice of stainless steel to prevent rust, machined aluminum with chrome plating, or a rich black anodized finish. For more information and to see the companys entire selection of motorcycle parts and accessories, visit

$10 off any purchase of $100 or more. Enter code WRN at checkout. Expires November 30, 2014.

Here at WRN, weve been promoting Leader Motorcycle Accessories for years—we love the products the company offers, not to mention the fact that the business is woman-owned and makes all its products in the United States. But besides making quality mounts and other accessories for bikes, owner Tracey Cramer-Kelly has other, more creative projects in the works.

Below is a fun music video Tracey put together as part of the Cool Rider Project, a new venture in which she tells stories about “ordinary” biker women and men who turn out to be not so ordinary after all.Tracey, who has been riding a motorcycle for more than 20 years, credits the experience of shooting this video with bringing her back to her “lady biker” roots and convincing her to write about the women bikers who have populated her imagination for years. Take a look!

Also part of the Cool Rider Project is “Take Two: A Hollywood Romance with a Twist,” Traceys new book featuring, as she describes it, a “motorcycle-riding, small-town-at-heart woman with a big chip on her shoulder.” The book will be officially released in several months, but you can read regular installments of it now by subscribing to Traceys blog or newsletter. Learn more at

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