Gear Guide for Big Girls: Leather Jackets

Sizes 14 and up, including tall

By Alisa Clickenger

Even just a few years ago, a woman rider who was tall, large or curvy—or any combination of the three—had a difficult time finding riding gear that would fit well, protect, and help her look good while riding a motorcycle. And if she wanted a choice of styles? Forget it. Like me, many women have stuffed themselves into men’s gear for years just to be protected or ridden in gear that just doesn’t fit quite right.

Unfortunately, it’s a problem of numbers. Women make up a much smaller segment of motorcycle riders than men, and yet it costs the same to make the gear. Joanne Donne of says, “Since women are only 15 to 20 percent of all riders, choice is always going to be a problem until the numbers boost to 50 percent.”

Yet the number of female motorcycle riders is growing. In researching this article, I was overwhelmed by the amount of good, quality gear that’s out there for all sizes and shapes of women riders. No matter whether you ride a cruiser, sportbike, dual-sport or sport tourer, I’ve found an astonishing array of gear in a wide variety of colors, sizes and lengths. I found plenty of tall sizes, too, which is indicated throughout the article.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list with the most current sizing and prices to date of leather jackets in womens sizes 14 up to 26, including tall. This buyers guide is organized by size, with the largest sizes listed first. Manufacturer Web sites and sizing charts are listed at the end.

Use this guide as just that—a guide to get you started. Certainly in your own research you may find other brands that carry large sizes. Weve listed the leading brands, as well as those smaller companies that were familiar with.

Leather Size 26

Most Harley-Davidson women’s core (nonseasonal) MotorClothes items are offered in plus and tall sizes, with tall being defined as jackets and tops that are 1.5 inches longer in sleeve length and body length than standard sizes. Harley-Davidson offers the largest selection of leather riding apparel in the largest variety of sizes, from 0 to 26.

Harley-Davidson Moxie 3-in-1 Leather Jacket
Price: $455
Made from mid-weight leather. Includes a removable zip-out fleece hoodie that can be worn separately. Precurved sleeves, snap waist tabs, action back and power-stretch panels make it easy to wear. Embroidered graphics (with rhinestone and stud embellishment on the back) add a custom look.

Leather Size 24

River Road
River Road offers a broad selection of leather jackets, vests and chaps that fit sizes 6 to 24. Because the selection is so large, not all styles are featured in this article. The three items featured here are available in black only and include a removable, full-sleeved, insulated liner that has a pocket for most mobile devices. None of these jackets includes armor. To get a sense of the quality of a River Road jacket, check out WRNs review of the River Road Dame Jacket.

River Road Angel/Devil Graphix Jacket
Price: $299.95-$319.95
Two front intake and exhaust vents provide ventilation. A two-way front zipper and zippered side gussets offer extra room, and the zippered sleeve cuffs are perforated. Removable foam in the elbows, shoulders and back.

River Road Black Pearl Jacket
Price: $249.95-$269.95
Made of matte-finish leather. Has perforated leather panels in front, back, and under the arms, along with zippered side gussets for venting. Removable foam in the elbows, shoulders and back.

River Road Drifter Jacket
Price: $199.95-$219.95
Made of medium-weight leather with a distressed finish. Features two front intake vent/pocket combinations, two rear vents, and two front waist-level zippered pockets. Matching chaps are available through size 18 (see pants and chaps section).

Leather Size 22


Firstgear Scout Leather Jacket
Sizes: 4-22
Price: $499.95-$549.95
Made from heavyweight Kwik-Dry leather. Includes a full-sleeved, snap-out Thermoliner, along with a Thermoneck that extends up the neck and chin and stows back into the jacket when not in use. Armor in the shoulders and elbows, plus an EVA foam back pad.

Power Trip
Power Trip offers a line of leather motorcycle cruiser jackets in what the company calls “Diva” sizing. The sizes they’ve coined 1 Diva and 2 Diva loosely translate into sizing up to 22. Power Trip has two leather jackets that come in Diva sizes: Harlow and Scarlet.

Power Trip Harlow
Price: $349.99-$364.99
Made from natural drum-dyed leather. Features a removable insulated vest liner, a removable spine pad, and an adjustable waist with three straps for a custom and form-flattering fit. Armor in the shoulders and elbows.

Power Trip Scarlet
Price: $299.99
Constructed of a supple lambskin outer. Ventilation system boasts 80 square inches of Free Air mesh. Features an insulated vest liner and an adjustable waist with two straps. Armor in the shoulders and elbows, with a removable spine cushion.

Leather Size 20

Yamaha Star Charlotte Leather Jacket
Sizes: 4-20
Price: $319.99
Constructed of full-grain leather. Sports metal detailing, a mandarin-style collar, zippered front and cuffs, and two zippered hand-warmer pockets. Includes an adjustable waist and underarm pulls. No armor included.

Cortech LNX Leather Jacket
Sizes: XS-Plus L (approx. 6-20)
Price: $219.99
Made of top-grain, drum-dyed leather. Features a removable insulated liner, zippered hand pockets, large rear exhaust vent, rotated sleeves, and accordion-style expansion panels at the shoulder and waist for increased flexibility and fit. Removable armor in the shoulders and elbows.

Yamaha Star Destiny Jacket
Sizes: 4-20
Price: $329.99
Made of full-grain leather. Includes adjustable waist pulls, metal detailing, zippered front and cuffs, and two zippered hand-warmer pockets.

Vanson Leathers
Vanson Leathers makes leathers for the street and track. Vanson uses only one grade of leather, which is competition-weight leather of the company’s own special tannage. Mostly known for custom work, Vanson has quite a few styles in standard sizes. Expect to pay about 15 percent more for custom work and larger sizes, up to a price cap of $250. These jackets can be attached to the Vanson Leathers Sportrider Pants (see pants and chaps section).

Vanson Leathers Cobra Jacket
Sizes: 4-20
Price: $599
Sport-style jacket constructed of the same leather used in Vanson’s AMA-approved racing suits. An adjustable waistband concealed inside the jacket allows clothing to be added without compromising fit. Armor in the shoulders and elbows, with back armor available for an additional fee. Also available in medium-weight Firenze leather.

Vanson Leathers Challenger Jacket
Sizes: 4-20
Price: $639
Includes a patented vent that prevents "ballooning" and ensures proper fit in all vent configurations. Sports an adjustable waistband for a wide range of fit, along with an athletic mesh lining thats presnapped to receive the removable streamliner thermal vest. Armor in the shoulders and elbows. Back armor can be purchased for an additional fee.

Vanson Leathers Comet Jacket/Armored Comet Jacket
Sizes: 4-20
Price: $419/$475
1950s-style ladies biker jacket with period detail. Includes chrome hardware, leather "sweat guards" in the underarms, and zip-down sleeves. The Armored Comet Jacket ($475) features a zippered lining allowing you to access the interior of the coat and install any of the armor Vanson makes. Vanson will add armor for an additional fee. Also available in medium-weight Firenze leather.

Leather Size 18

REVIT Raven Jacket
Sizes: 2-18
Price: $449.99
Outer shell constructed of cowhide leather. Sports a detachable thermal body warmer, two zips, adjustable straps at the waist, and stretch lips at elbows and waist. Armor in the shoulders and elbows, with perforated EVA foam in the back. Can be attached to the REV’IT Raven Pants (see pants and chaps section). REVIT is a European company, so jackets run narrow in the shoulders, chest and waist.

Leather Size 16

BMW Club Leather Jacket
Sizes: 4-16
Price: $429
A short, light leather jacket thats cut straight below the waist. Light armor at the shoulders and elbows. BMWs ProAir back protector can be retrofitted in the back-protector pocket.

Scorpion Dynasty Jacket
Sizes: 4-16
Price: $309.95-$329.95
Constructed of top-grain leather. Includes a removable full-sleeved thermal liner. Kevlar stretch panels on sleeves for flexibility, with regular stretch panels on the sides for a contoured fit. Side zippers and snaps allow for adjustable waist. Back protector compartment with P.E. foam pad is included. Armor can be added at the elbows and shoulders for additional cost.

Z1R Burlesque Jacket
Sizes: 4-16
Price: $229.95-$249.95
Made of premium cowhide leather. Includes a waist adjuster, zippered hip expansion vents and a ribbed underarm area for increased range of movement. Liner is full-length and removable. Matching chaps available (see pants and chaps section).

BMW Atlantis 4 Leather Suit (Jacket)
Sizes: 6-16
Price: $999
Made from water-repellent nubuck leather. Seams are taped to maximize waterproofing. Features precurved sleeves for comfort. Adjustable fit at waist and cuffs. Armor in the shoulders, elbows and back. Connects to the BMW Atlantis 4 Leather Suit Pants (see pants and chaps section).

Leather Size 14

Alpinestars Stella Lux Leather Jacket
Sizes: 2-14
Price: $499.95
Stylish, urban jacket featuring a removable, wearable thermal fleece vest. Armor in elbows and shoulders.

Yamaha Angel Leather Jacket
Sizes: 4-14
Price: $299.99
Constructed of cowhide leather. Features an insulated vest liner, an adjustable waistband, and a zipper for pant attachment. Includes armor in the shoulders and elbows, and a removable spine pad with a pocket for optional back armor. Available in black and pink.’s Five Rules for Buying Leathers

  1. Always judge proper fit on a motorcycle, or in riding posture.
  2. Fit, then budget.
  3. If it’s too comfortable, it’s probably too big.
  4. Try on everything until you find the right shape and fit.
  5. Leather should always start out snug so it can stretch and break in comfortably.

Manufacturer Web Sites and Sizing Charts

Alpinestars | Web site | Sizing chart

BMW | Web site | Sizing chart

Cortech | Web site | Sizing chart

Fieldsheer | Web site | Sizing chart

Firstgear | Web site | Sizing chart

Harley-Davidson | Web site | Sizing chart

Pokerun | Web site | Sizing chart

Power Trip | Web site | Sizing chart

REV’IT! | Web site | Sizing chart

River Road | Web site | Sizing chart

Scorpion | Web site | Sizing chart

Tourmaster | Web site | Sizing chart

Vanson Leathers | Web site | Sizing chart

Yamaha | Web site | No link to sizing chart available.

Z1R | Web site | Sizing chart

18 thoughts on Gear Guide for Big Girls: Leather Jackets

  1. I love your articles for the bigger lady rider. Some of the articles might be a few years old but the issues remain the same. I am currently trying to help ladies who love riding but have hip sizes in excess of 55 inches. Not even the gear mentioned in your article has pants to fit. I’ve recently shared your article on my facebook page, with the hope to get some more interaction on this dilemma. I really want to see ladies riding with good safety gear, as a crash without good safety gear would mean very serious injuries and greater exposure to serious infection in skin lacerations that has dirty cotton or other fabric embedded in it. Thanks for your informative website.

  2. I just found your excellent article only I would need updated info. I checked the websites suggested here but I haven’t found what I need yet. For example, the Harley models are a bit narrow on the shoulders and way too wide on the hips.Are there tall women around who could help me find a nice tall riding jacket.

    1. Audrey,This article was written in 2011 so some of the information may be dated, but we will post your comment so that perhaps there is someone else reading this who can respond to you. Thanks for asking.

  3. I also agree about the ads. I understand there are a lot of clothing manufacturers out there and their size charts vary from one to another. I just wish that all size charts matched more. One may say large 14/16 and another says 1x 14/16. More consistency in size charts would be wonderful. I am also a full figured female, and have trouble with the fit in my shoulders, arm length, and torso. But the hunt is still on to find a leather jacket for riding my Harley. Thank you.

  4. When discussing motorcycle gear including safety I hear blah blah blah, women are only 25-30 percent not until 50 percent will we offer wider ranges. Again and again, it’s an auto response from them. But hey! How many women regularly ride pillion? Uh, yeah… a whole bunch.Don’t they deserve to have access to the same safety and gear, and if manufacturers count them, then isn’t that a whole other population base to tap into and market?Add that to the number of independent riders. Now does that not change the picture? I am just continuously irked by that.

    1. Thanks for your comment. We wholeheartedly agree with you and part of what our mission is at WRN is education — educating the manufacturers about the large market of women involved in motorcycling no matter where they sit in the saddle. That’s part of why WRN exists — to bring together, collectively, the women’s market as a whole so the industry can see just how powerful and influential women really are.

  5. As far as I can tell the only tall size among these larger size sources is Harley, with a measly inch and a half of extra length. Who are theey kidding? I am a true tall girl and I need a good 4 inches of extra length in the sleeves of most clothing. I am 6 feet 2 inches tall, I fit nicely into a men’s shirt size with a 36-inch sleeve length, and I need a size sufficient for my 45- to 46-inch chest, and almost that much for my middle-age spread in the waist. I also like pink. My bike is pink and I want at least some pink on my jacket so giving up and buying a man’s jacket is not going to do it for me. Got a Corazzo jacket that was almost long enough in the sleeves (better on paper than in real life) and I had to remove the elbow pads because they do not sit where my elbows bend. Removing them also gave me more sleeve length, but the jacket still kind of chokes me if I zip up all the way. I do not wear it unless desperate. It ruins my riding experience. I wear a plain old lightweight jacket with no particular protective features, but at least it fits.

  6. What about just TALL sizes? Not big and tall, just tall. I’m 5-feet-11 and a size M. So I need longer torso and longer sleeves, but not wider girth. Anything for people like me?

  7. It’s great that there are leathers and such that are made for us bigger sized gals, but why in the ads do they still show smaller women? If ads showed a plus size woman with the garment on, we might be more apt to check it out more. Just my opinion.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing all of these great sites Alisa. Like you, I’ve had to suck it up and wear men’s clothing when I first started riding. I still wear some of gear. I agree with you that women’s biker clothing has come a long way. It’s nice to have something that actually flatters our figures and is designed for riding. I have a heated coat and love it. Especially since I live in central PA, we have many cool days even in the summer.

  9. I have the Power Trip Harlow jacket Diva size 1. I love it! The leather is so soft and conforms nicely. I have had it for a year now and it is definitely my favorite jacket.

  10. What about textiles? You’ve left out a lot if you don’t cover textile gear.

    1. Textiles, heated gear, and vests is coming up in the next couple of weeks as indicated in the introductory paragraph. Too much to post all at one time.

  11. This is great information. I would also like to see high-tech textile riding gear information.

    1. Textiles, heated gear, and vests are coming up in the next few weeks as indicated in the introductory paragraph. Too much to post all at once.

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