Gear Guide for Big Girls: Leather Pants and Chaps

Sizes 14 and up, including tall

By Alisa Clickenger

When it comes to finding riding gear for the lower half of the body, women riders who are tall and/or curvy have the hardest time finding gear that fits. Thats because there is a very limited selection of styles available in larger sizes, unlike jackets, where there are more options available.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list with the most current sizing and prices to date of leather pants and chaps in womens sizes 14 up to 26, including tall. This buyers guide is organized by size, with the largest sizes listed first. Manufacturer Web sites and sizing charts are listed at the end.

Use this guide as just that—a guide to get you started. Certainly in your own research you may find other brands that carry large sizes. Weve listed the leading brands, as well as those smaller companies that were familiar with.


Sizes 4-26

Harley-Davidson is the only manufacturer we are aware of making chaps sized up to 26. Below is just one of the styles available.

Harley-Davidson Bling Harley Leather Chaps
Price: $270
Made of lightweight leather with poly-satin lining to the knee. Features a buckle closure and a zippered leg with four snaps. Includes adjustable back lacing, a cuttable hem and power-stretch inner thighs. Also available in Tall.

Sizes 2XL-10XL

Lady Biker Stuff Denim-Look Genuine Leather Chaps
Price: $79.95
Constructed of heavy-duty genuine leather with a mesh lining. Features two pockets, along with a zipper hidden by a flap that runs down the side to the snaps at the bottom. Gathered fitting adjustments are included in the inner thigh.

Lady Biker Stuff Studded Chaps
Price: $94.95
Made from top-grade, heavy-duty naked cowhide leather with a mesh lining. Features studs along the belt and sides. A zipper hidden by a flap runs down the side to the snaps at the bottom.

Sizes 4-18


River Road Drifter Chaps
Price: $129.95-$139.95
Made of medium-weight leather with a distressed finish. Features heavy-duty, full-length zippers for easy on and off, plus a snap closure. A nylon lining covers to just below the knees, providing protection from pant-cling. Pairs with the River Road Drifter Jacket (see leather jackets section).

Sizes 4-16

Lady Biker Stuff offers several styles of chaps for women riders of all sizes, from 2XL to 10XL. Thigh measurements are the key to a good fit, and their chaps have thigh measurements ranging from 17.5 to 33 inches.

River Road Cinder Chaps
Price: $149.95
Constructed of premium matte-finish leather. Leg openings feature snap closures and heavy-duty, full-length zippers for easy on and off. Includes nylon stitching for durability, interior stretch panels, and nylon lining to just below the knees.

Z1R Burlesque Chaps
Price: $149.95-$169.95
Made of premium cowhide leather with a semi-perforated nylon liner. Features a lace-up rear waist adjuster and a heavy-duty D-ring front waist adjuster. Pairs with the Z1R Burlesque Jacket (see leather jackets section).


Sizes 2-22

Lady Biker Stuff Classic 5-Pocket Black Leather Jean
Price: $69.95
Made of durable cowhide leather. Includes a zipper closure with a button. Good for casual wear and biker wear.

Lady Biker Stuff Denim-Look Leather Motorcycle Pants
Price: $79.95
Made from genuine leather that looks like denim. Features a lightweight, jean-style fit with pockets, studs on the sides and back, and belt loops. Matching denim-look chaps, vest and jacket are also available.

Sizes 4-20

Vanson Leathers Leather Jeans
Price: $395
Made of premium cowhide leather with a rayon liner. Cut with a high waist and tapered leg. Intended to be worn over the boot. Extra-long leg length can be trimmed to fit your riding style. Also available in medium-weight Firenze leather.

Vanson Leathers Sport Rider Pants
Price: $599
Offers the comfort and protection found in Vanson’s road-racing suits, with a completely modified fit. Leather expansion panels above the knee and at the back waist aid mobility. Includes a removable athletic mesh liner, zippers at the rear of the calf, and armor in the hip and knees/shins. Can be attached to several of Vanson Leathers’ jackets (see leather jackets section).

Sizes 2-18

REVIT Raven Pants
Price: $399
Made from cowhide leather with a polyester lining. Preshaped for comfort. Includes adjustable straps at the waist, stretch lips at the back and knees, a double leather seat, and elastic at the waistband. Armor is in the knees, with perforated EVA foam at the hips. Can be attached to the REV’IT Raven jacket (see leather jackets section).

Sizes 6-16

BMW Atlantis 4 Leather Suit Pants
Price: $799
Made from water-repellent nubuck leather. Includes preshaped knees and stretch zones at the waist, knees and in the seat of the pants. Armor at the hips and knees. Connects to the BMW Atlantis 4 Leather Suit Jacket (see leather jackets section).

Sizes 2-14

Alpinestars Stella Bat Pants
Price: $299.95
Features ergonomically placed stretch panels for optimal flexibility, and articulated knees for an ergonomic fit. Connection zipper allows attachment to most of Alpinestars’ leather jackets. Armor is included in the knees.’s Five Rules for Buying Leathers

  1. Always judge proper fit on a motorcycle, or in riding posture.
  2. Fit, then budget.
  3. If it’s too comfortable, it’s probably too big.
  4. Try on everything until you find the right shape and fit.
  5. Leather should always start out snug so it can stretch and break in comfortably.

Manufacturer Web Sites and Sizing Charts

Harley-Davidson | Web site | Sizing chart

Lady Biker Stuff | Web site | Chaps sizing chart| Pants sizing chart

River Road | Web site | Sizing chart

Z1R | Web site | Sizing chart

Vanson Leathers | Web site | Sizing chart

REV’IT! | Web site | Sizing chart

BMW | Web site | Sizing chart

Alpinestars | Web site | Sizing chart

13 thoughts on Gear Guide for Big Girls: Leather Pants and Chaps

  1. Awesome article Alisa! Very good info. Thank you!

    1. Unfortunately, River Road is no longer in business, but you may still be able to find some inventory available through online retailers at closeout prices by doing some searching. Good luck!

  2. I would like to buy a pair of these as I am tall, but no matter where I look, can’t find the site to these pants, could you please email the site to see if I can buy these. Thank you.Lady Biker Stuff Classic 5-Pocket Black Leather Jean Price: $69.95 Made of durable cowhide leather. Includes a zipper closure with a button. Good for casual wear and biker wear.

    1. Hi Sandra,The article you are referring to was originally posted back in 2011. Unfortunately, Lady Biker Stuff no longer exists, and finding classic leather motorcycle jeans seems to be a difficult task.Why don’t you check out this article we did on a pair of leather pants from Harley-Davidson.

  3. I have yet to understand who decided to “size” leathers the way they are! When will a company manufacture leathers to be sized like every other clothing item in the industry? I’m a big gal and under normal circumstances I’d wear a 2x-3x. Well, not with leathers.I ordered a 9x jacket and that sucker didn’t fit! Seriously! I won’t even try to find chaps! So…the only leather item I own for riding is gloves! Real nice, huh? It’s beyond irritating!

  4. Nothing will fit me either. Just because I’m short, doesn’t mean I’m small. I am 5 feet 1 inch and 185 pounds. I have big thighs. I have no choice but to sew my own chaps.

  5. I love the article! It has given me a place to start looking. However, my problem is just the opposite of yours. I am 5 feet 1 inches and weigh 210. My chest is DDD. Nothing fits! Legs and sleeves are too long and most 5x leathers fit like a 1x in regular clothing.Thanks for the tips! I’m looking for buffalo vest and chaps. I’ll check in again to see if you come across any on your search. Until then I’ll keep trolling the net and leather shops!

  6. I love, love, love the leather that looks like denim. I am so getting a pair.

  7. OMG, I am so excited, I wondered when we would see things (clothes) etc. out there for us bigger girls.

  8. Unfortunately, not all tall women wear big sizes. Wish gear designers understood there are many of us with 34-36-inch inseams who wear size 6-10. I wear men’s Fieldsheer leather (only brand long enough) or custom gear because there is nothing out there for me.

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