Deerskin Gloves At A Discount

Where to find the bargains

Deerskin is one of the softest leathers out there. If youve ever ridden in a pair of deerskin gloves, you know how comfortable and lightweight they are. Deerskin is also a pretty tough leather so its great for protection.

Deerskin motorcycle gloves can be pricey though. Ive never paid less than $70 for a pair. Ive always bought mine at a vendor booth at a rally. However, I recently found a less expensive alternative. I was at my local ranch supply store and found a whole slew of deerskin gloves on display for ranching and cowboy uses. And they cost only $34! They came in a variety of styles (with or without fringe, with or without a gauntlet, with or without a lining). I picked up several pairs. If you love deerskin gloves as much as I do, find a ranch supply store. The Home Depot and Lowes may even carry them in the garden section.

Donnamarie Floyd
Upton, Massachusetts

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