Comfortable Base Layer Shirts By and For Women Riders

Just Ride 5’s graphic jerseys and shirts for motorcyclists

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor, and Jenny Bass

Just Ride 5 — Alternative to Basic Black

Searching for an alternative to the sea of black skull and crossbones T-shirt designs you get lost in at every motorcycle rally? You aren’t the only one. Just Ride 5 founder Jenn Guerriero began the company five years ago because she herself wanted more choices. The company offers designs that are not only cool-looking, but functional as essential motorcycle gear. Read on for a special WRN reader discount code.

Just Ride 5 base layer shirts
Of the few companies making base layers specifically for women, only one has style. Woman-owned Just Ride 5 currently offers about a dozen beautiful graphic designs in two options—base layer or mid layer.

Why Base Layers Are Important

Probably the most overlooked piece of gear, wearing the right first layer could make or break your ride. A good base layer, like the Just Ride 5 shirts, will keep you warm when it’s cold out and cool when it’s hot out. Being comfortable while riding allows you to focus on the ride instead of your discomfort.

Just Ride 5 shirts are made from materials that are soft and comfortable to the touch. The base layers and mid layer jerseys are moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and easy to clean. Their smooth qualities make it much easier to get a tight-fitting jacket on and off quickly, too. And—a bonus—these shirts are super easy to pack because they can be scrunched down really small.

Just Ride 5 Erin Sills
Motorcycle travelers like WRN's Erin Sills appreciate the quick-dry feature of the Just Ride 5 shirt. You can hand wash it at night, hang it up, and it’ll be dry for the next day’s ride.

Bold and Beautiful

The Just Ride 5 shirts use what’s called a dye-sublimation process. It is different from traditional screen printing and vinyl applications in that the high heat process infuses ink directly into the fabric, so the dye changes the color of the fabric itself. It is more costly than other methods, but the JR5 garment will not fade or wear. This process also allows for the design to be all over the garment…front, back, sleeves, collar…allowing designers to “go crazy” with their ideas.

Just Ride 5 dirt biker Trish
I love the all-over graphic design of the mid layer jersey called “Dirt Biker.” The bright orange allows me to be seen easily no matter where I am—whether I’m teaching a motorcycle class or riding a dirt bike through a dense area.

Just Ride 5 Mid Layer Jersey

Spending long, sweaty days coaching motorcycle riders like Erin and I do is definitely not for everyone. The job is tremendously rewarding but physically challenging due to the amount of time standing, walking, and bending in crazy hot temperatures for up to 10 hours a day. I am constantly searching for the “right” gear to wear that is protective and comfortable in these conditions. Just Ride 5’s mid layer jersey is a colorful, comfortable, breathable shirt with UV protection and long sleeves.

Just Ride 5 Dirt Biker Tricia Szulewski Women Riders Now editor
You don’t have to ride a dirt bike or ADV motorcycle to appreciate the comfort of the Just Ride 5 shirts. I wear mine under my textile and leather street riding jackets.
Just Ride 5 print closeup detail dirt biker
The watercolor look and quality of the graphic application is truly top notch. Because the ink is soaked into the fibers, it will not fade or wear away no matter how many times I wash it.
Just Ride 5 back
The checkered flag stripe continues around the back of the “Dirt Biker,” and you can see the “5” on the left arm here. The number 5 holds significant meaning to Jenn, as it pays homage to her late brother, Michael, who taught her how to ride.

Just Ride 5’s mid layer shirts are $65 and come in sizes XS–XXL. The fit is true to size, and (thankfully) the mid layer jersey style is a little less form-fitting than JR5’s base layer shirts. There is a size chart and measurement guide on Just Ride 5’s web site in the photo gallery of the shirt you are interested in.

They are made of a lightweight polyester fabric with mesh panels to keep you cool. The shirts are machine-washable and anti-microbial.

Dirt Biker detail Just Ride 5 ventilation
Extra ventilation is achieved with mesh panels spanning the sides of the mid layer jersey, and wide sturdy stitches ensure the shirt will hold up for a long time.
Just Ride 5 collar
I love the little details Jenn incorporated into the JR5 shirts, like this saying printed on the collar. How could I not have fun wearing this colorful shirt?
Just Ride 5 front
Laying the shirt out like this, you can see how the back is longer than the front. This is really nice for when you bend over in a riding position.

Just Ride 5 Base Layer Shirt

Just Ride 5 Deja Blue base layer shirt appeals not only to Erin, but it is now an essential part of Jenny Bass’ riding gear bag, too. “As a vintage motorcycle racer, I am a sucker for the checkered pattern on the Deju Blue’s sleeves,” she says. In addition, she goes on to mention how the gorgeous color makes the shirt easy to find amongst the sea of black in her gear bag.

Jenny Bass Just Ride 5 women racers Sons of Speed
Jenny loves how much style comes from a garment that works so well under her racing gear. Here she is with fellow racers Jody Perewitz (left), Brittney Olsen (back), and Thelma Tamalowitz (right).
Just Ride 5 Deja Blue Jenny Bass
The Deja Blue works perfectly with the pink Harley-Davidson Jenny races during Daytona Bike Week.

“The Just Ride 5 base layer’s fabric feels incredible against my skin and drapes beautifully,” Jenny says. “It’s breathable and doesn’t add bulk under my jacket. I even wear this base layer while putting in extra time on my yoga mat to keep limber for the rest of racing season!” she exclaims.

The base layer shirt doesn’t pinch or pull, allowing Jenny to comfortably focus on her bike and the race. She states, “I can actually feel my torso glide inside my jacket as I shift my bodyweight from side to side.”

Just Ride 5 Jenny Bass racing
Jenny says that wearing the Just Ride 5 base layer under her safety gear creates a comfort level she’d never experienced before. And the longer length of the shirt covers her backside in a leaned-over riding position.

The sleeves on the Just Ride 5 base layer are nice and long and include “thumb holes” that hold the sleeves in place while getting a jacket on and off. Jenny likes keeping her thumbs in them all day long.

Just Ride 5 pocket Deja Blue
There is a small zippered pocket sewn into the base layer shirt. This is a handy storage area for credit cards and money.

“There is a lot of grease and grime involved with vintage motorcycle racing,” Jenny says. “I never see any sign of it on my sleeves though, because the thoughtful designers at Just Ride 5 made them black from the wrists down.”

Just Ride 5 Deja Blue back
Racing vintage motorcycles involves a lot of bending over and tinkering on greasy parts. The Just Ride 5 shirts include a long torso to help cover the backside. “I never have to worry that I am ‘flashing’ grandstands full of people when I’m racing or wrenching,” Jenny says. Whew!

The Just Ride 5 base layer shirts cost $85 and include a collar that can either be worn down or zipped up to protect the neck.

Just Ride 5 zipper garage
A smart detail is what Jenn calls the “garage.” It’s an extra piece of fabric sewn into the base layer shirt that houses the zipper pull so it doesn’t scratch the rider’s neck.

Just Ride 5 currently offers almost a dozen styles that show women racing different types of motorcycles, adventure outdoor scenes, and other colorful graphic representations of women and motorcycling. And they are adding more all the time.

Support Women-Owned Businesses and Save

Don’t see a Just Ride 5 shirt that speaks to you? Or do you belong to a group you’d like to have shirts made for? Are you interested in a men’s shirt or other sizes? Reach out to Jenn to find out about custom orders. She is always thinking about and exploring more design ­­­options, so reach out and let her know what you think. 

Check out all the current styles and order at Use code WRN555 (and hit "apply") to get $10 off any order over $50.

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