Clothing Review: Harley-Davidson Pink Label 3-in-1 Jacket, Chaps and Gloves

Pink fluff, or solid riding gear?

By Tricia Szulewski

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time to shine the spotlight on the efforts being made to eradicate this disease. The latest statistics indicate that one out of eight American women (12 percent) will develop invasive breast cancer during her lifetime. About one in 36 (3 percent) will die from the disease. The good news is that the number of deaths has been declining since 1989, largely due to increased awareness, early detection, and better treatment options.

Harley-Davidson MotorClothes has contributed to the cause by donating a portion of its Pink Label Collection sales to organizations that support breast cancer patients and their families, such as the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s Beyond the Shock program and the Young Survival Coalition. So far $1 million has been raised since the gear was introduced in 2010.

Review Harley-Davidson Pink Label Jacket, Chaps, Gloves Karen Davidson
“The brave and courageous women who have shared with us stories of battling breast cancer are the inspiration for the Pink Label Collection,” said Karen Davidson, creative director of general merchandise and granddaughter of a Harley-Davidson Motor Company founder. “The custom Pink Label gear is a powerful way for riders and enthusiasts to express their support for the one in eight women in the United States who are diagnosed with this disease.”

Review Harley-Davidson Pink Label Jacket, Chaps, Gloves Outfit
Review Harley-Davidson Pink Label Jacket, Chaps, Gloves T-shirt
From a full set of motorcycle riding leathers to shirts and fleece jackets, Harley-Davidson offers an extensive line of clothing with pink accents.

What an ideal time to review some items in Harley-Davidsons Pink Label Collection. We chose to try out the Womens Pink Label 3-in-1 Leather Jacket and matching chaps and gloves. The jacket, which includes a removable hoodie, is so named because it can be worn in three different ways: as a single-layer jacket, as a jacket with the hoodie layered underneath, or as a single-layer hoodie.

Review Harley-Davidson Pink Label Jacket, Chaps, Gloves Pink Accents
Review Harley-Davidson Pink Label Jacket, Chaps, Gloves Hoodie

Mary OHare, a rider from Bethel, Conn., models the Pink Label 3-in-1 jacket (left) and removable hoodie

The Pink Label collection promises to provide a stylish—and functional—alternative to your basic black. Indeed, this garment includes a host of thoughtful features, such as a large zipper pull on the leather jacket that makes it easy to grab while wearing gloves. The hand-warmer pockets on the hoodie are also a nice feature, as they can be secured with a single snap to keep credit cards, lip balm and other small items from slipping out. The pockets on the leather jacket, meanwhile, are zippered.

Review Harley-Davidson Pink Label Jacket, Chaps, Gloves Hoodie sleeve
The arms on the hoodie are extra long and include thumbholes, which keep the sleeves from bunching up when the jacket is pulled over them. Tricia rode with her thumbs out of the holes because she didn’t care for the extra fabric that gathered between her palms and the grips.

I love the buttery softness of the leather on this jacket. No stiffness or pulling here—this material moves with you. Stretch panels on the front and rear, accented with vertical pink stitching, allow the jacket to “give” a bit depending on how many layers youre wearing underneath.

Harley-Davidson is known for making its jackets with pre-curved sleeves, and the 3-in-1 is no exception. The jackets arms are already conformed to the bent arms of a motorcycle rider, making the jacket all the more comfortable to wear. Pockets for armor are sewn into the elbows and shoulders, but the actual armor is not included—you have to buy that separately.

Review Harley-Davidson Pink Label Jacket, Chaps, Gloves 3-in-1
The jacket lands at the hips, giving you full back protection when riding.
WRN contributor Tricia Szulewski wears the Harley-Davidson Pink Label 3-in-1 Leather Jacket on a 2014 Harley-Davidson Street Glide. The leather conforms to her body, making it easy to wear and move around in.
Review Harley-Davidson Pink Label Jacket, Chaps, Gloves Shoulder Vent
Review Harley-Davidson Pink Label Jacket, Chaps, Gloves Rear Vents

Two shoulder vents and two vertical rear vents can be opened to allow air to flow through on warm days.

A two-way YKK zipper (that’s the brand name of these durable zippers) allows you to unzip the jacket from the bottom and the top. Sometimes its nice to unzip from the bottom to smooth out the “belly bunch” that appears when sitting on a motorcycle. Also, if you need to adjust your chaps, you can do so easily by unzipping the jacket from the bottom to quickly access the buckle on the chaps. A snap tab at the bottom of the zipper keeps the metal on the zippers bottom secure, ensuring it wont scratch your bike’s tank.

Review Harley-Davidson Pink Label Jacket, Chaps, Gloves Inside Pocket
A zippered pocket is located on either side of the jackets interior. The jacket is lined with breathable poly-mesh.

Review Harley-Davidson Pink Label Jacket, Chaps, Gloves Front
The two front hand-warmer pockets are zippered as well. This photo also shows the long zipper pull—easy to grab with gloves on—and the snap tab that protects the bottom edge of the zipper from coming into contact with your tank.

Review Harley-Davidson Pink Label Jacket, Chaps, Gloves Outfit
The matching Pink Label leather chaps are made of the same soft leather and feature a poly-mesh lining down to the knee. Pictured here with Mary is her Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob.

Review Harley-Davidson Pink Label Jacket, Chaps, Gloves Waist Adjustment
The buckle on the front of the chaps has multiple eyelets, allowing for a good amount of adjustability.

Review Harley-Davidson Pink Label Jacket, Chaps, Gloves Lacing
The back of the chaps features adjustable lacing.

Four snaps secure the lower part of the chaps, keeping them snug to your calves so theres nothing loose to flap in the wind.
Review Harley-Davidson Pink Label Jacket, Chaps, Gloves Pink Logo
The Pink Label leather gloves are made of soft, buttery leather with a nylon lining that feels smooth against the hands. These gloves dont require much break-in time, as the pre-curved fingers are made to conform to your hands right away. The gel padding on the palms helps reduce hand fatigue on the grips.

ThePink Label Full Finger Glovesare midlength, and on me they extend beyond my wrists by about 1 inch. I found that length to be kind of funky, as they weren’t long enough to be tucked inside my sleeve or go over my sleeve cuff. These are warm-weather gloves, indeed.

All of these Pink Label garments display the Harley-Davidson logo in several tasteful places. The jacket’s left breast panel and the chaps rear waist show the company name in a script font embroidered with pink thread. The hoodie’s left breast panel, the chaps’ right hip, and the back of each glove all use black and pink embroidery thread to subtly suggest the Bar amp; Shield logo. Pink stitching throughout these garments is used sparingly, subtly highlighting the color rather than shouting it. And, yes, the labels inside are all pink. Visit your local Harley-Davidson dealer to find these items.

The Cost of Harley-Davidson Pink!
Women’s Pink Label 3-in-1 Leather Jacket: $450
Women’s Pink Label Leather Chaps: $295
Women’s Pink Label Full Finger Gloves: $55

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Author Tricia Szulewski is the art director and a contributor to RoadBike magazine. Click the image to visit the magazine’s website. To read more about Tricia, visit the WRN Contributors page.

5 thoughts on Clothing Review: Harley-Davidson Pink Label 3-in-1 Jacket, Chaps and Gloves

  1. Cancer has become an industry. Sadly, a cure would put too many out of a job. My mom died of cancer and I get it but I won’t buy the “Pink” stuff unless I really want the item.I would really like to buy a jacket and pants that protect me but at size 16, there is really not much to fit this grandma. I like the style of the above, but I choose safety over looking good.Harley gear is made for teenagers and younger women. Short of sewing it myself, I just make do with what I already have. Maybe one day.

  2. The HD jacket I purchase has the built in sections to add armor, but it unfortunately did not come with any.I also am very anti-pink, but I think this was done very well. It is just enough pink that it is not in your face.

  3. I ride a Harley Sportster and I agree with Gail, there should be some armor happening in this jacket for the price. I get tired of all the over branding and high price tags of anything Harley.

  4. Where’s the armor? Who needs stupid thumb holes? Seems like a pretty pricey jacket without armor. Possibly to fund the cancer awareness. Which, by the way, after years and years and years of “study,” and billions of dollars spent on “research”‘ we are no better off. No thanks.

  5. With a jacket at $450, H-D can well afford to put in protective armor. Shame on them.And a big, fat no to anything pink.

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