Behind the Scenes of USA Biker Nation Radio

Genevieve guests on the show in Denver

By Genevieve Schmitt, Editor

On Saturday, May 17, I was invited to Denver to speak at a ladies night at Erico Motorsports. (Visit my blog to read more about that and other recent trips I took.) I was also invited to be a guest on Peter Boyles USA Biker Nation syndicated radio show based in Denver. Peter, a popular morning radio talk show host in Denver and host of a weekend biker radio show, was doing a live remote on Saturday morning to promote the evenings event. Some of you may remember I was a regular guest host on the show for a few months this past winter calling in from my home each Saturday morning. My busy travel schedule is preventing me from being part of the show on a regular basis. I was excited, however, to be a part of the two-hour radio program this past weekend, and meet Peter and his cast of characters in person finally.

For those of you who are fans of the show (it airs in seven cities across the country), youll enjoy seeing these photos of Peter, Warren and Trash Man in action as they host the only nationally syndicated biker radio show in the country.

The scene at Erico Motorsports Saturday, May 17, 2008 at 8:00 a.m. in downtown Denver. Peter Boyles hosts his live radio show on location under the tent.
On sunny days, Tai Beldock, owner of Erico Motorsports, rides to work on her “boss lady” scooter (that#39;s what she has painted on the back of the bike). I was in town for the ladies night. Here we are on Saturday morning getting ready for a live radio remote with USA Biker Nation in her parking lot.
Here I am next to Peter Boyles live on the air commenting about the ladies night that evening. I love doing radio. I started my broadcasting career doing news on the radio 20 years ago, so this was old hat to me.
Peter and I take a break from gabbing on air to pose for a picture. Peter is very well known in Denver and hosts a morning show on KHOW radio. He also rides a motorcycle currently owning a H-D Street Glide – same bike as me.
For those who listen regularly to Peter#39;s show, they#39;ve heard co-host Trash Man (left), a knowledgable biker who lends his wit to the show. Technician Kenny (right) makes the show happen live from the road. In the middle is Chad, Erico#39;s general manager, listening in.
Behind the scenes of the live radio remote. With me and Peter are co-hosts Trash Man (left front) and Warren Fuller (right front). We talked about many topics that morning including the untimely death of Wall of Death rider Samantha Morgan.
Posing with the mega supercharged 2300cc Triumph Rocket III. If I had my riding boots on, I#39;d have taken Peter for a ride!
What a great way to do a motorcycle radio show outside under a blue sky with motorcycles nearby. It doesn#39;t get any better than this!
A great shot of co-host Warren Fuller, a rider from way back, who lends his technical expertise to the show, as well as his sense of humor.
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