A Great Helmet Gets Even Better

Introducing the Schuberth C3 Pro Women, now in pink!

Just on the heels of the release of its most technologically advanced flip-up motorcycle helmet,the C3W, Schuberthhas up and done it again! The helmet manufacturer is introducing the C3 Pro Women, loaded with improvements and refinements and positioned as a “partner” to the C3W, one of the first flip-up helmets specifically designed for women.
The Schuberth C3 Pro Women has many of the same features as the C3W, including the handy flip-down sunshield, which eliminates the need to wear sunglasses.

The C3 Pro Women features improved aerodynamics thanks to a molded rear spoiler developed in the Schuberth wind tunnel that minimizes buffeting at higher speeds on a motorcycle. Ventilation has also been improved with a vent scoop on the front that boosts airflow through the helmet to more than 2.5 gallons of air per second at 65 mph. Acoustics are better, too, with even further noise reduction, making the C3 Pro Women the quietest Schuberth helmet and one of the quietest on the market.

The Schuberth C3 Pro Women comes in Silver (left) and Pearl Pink (right). Additional color options are Pearl White (shown above) and Matte Black.
If you opt to add the Schuberth Rider Communication System (SRCS), a new internal antenna improves FM radio reception and pairing of the Bluetooth receiver up to half a mile. A refined inner lining has also been added to the C3 Pro Women, offering an even more plush and comfortable fit.
Schuberths C3 line of motorcycle helmets are made specifically to fit a womans facial structure, with special contouring and materials designed for smaller facial features, narrower jaws, and higher cheekbones. ReadWRNs comprehensive review of Schuberths C3W helmet to learn more about how the manufacturer employed careful research to ensure its new line of helmets would provide an optimal fit for women.
The C3 Pro Women may not fit all women, so Schuberth offers its standard C3 Pro in a variety of colors, including this Hi Viz Yellow, with all the same enhancements.

The C3 Pro Women and C3 will be in dealerships this spring at a base price of $769. For more information, visit SchuberthNorthAmerica.com and watch the video below.

6 thoughts on A Great Helmet Gets Even Better

  1. How about less talk about color and more on the safety ratings, like DOT, SNELL, ECE, and comfort. I need information on those types of things.

    1. Hi, Marianne—The article links to our comprehensive review of the Schuberth C3W Women’s Helmet, which includes abundant information on its safety and comfort features. This story was intended simply to announce the new color options.

  2. I always like pearlescent colors. The pink sounds great. I love all the gadgets on these helmets.

  3. This is the perfect shade of pink. Most are too orange based but this matches my leathers. PS. I just don’t get why some women riders gripe about pink. Isn’t color choice one of the reasons each woman rider is unique??

  4. Readers may be interested to know that if they prefer the colors of the C3 Pro, but want the women’s fit they can simply order the cheek pads from the C3 Pro W. The W’s cheek pads get the benefit of anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic material designed for easy cleaning. Many women wear makeup that ends up smudging on the lining, hence the need for more cleaning. Also, the W’s pads are made with memory foam, which contours better to smaller features on many women’s faces.

  5. Pink? Barf. How about Hi-Viz in the women’s helmet? Why should I get less than the men?

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