2021 IMS Outdoors: Women’s Choice Award Winners

Best women’s gear, products, bikes, and representation at IMSO

By Tricia Szulewski, Editor
WRN Womens Choice Winners IMS Outdoors 2021
Once again, WRN teamed up with IMS Outdoors to present the “Women’s Choice” awards to bring recognition to the companies who are serving women’s needs.

As I reported in my wrap-up article about the 2021 IMS Outdoors (IMSO) festival, WomenRidersNow.com distributed ballots to attendees to vote for their favorite companies and products at three shows: Northern California (NorCal), Pennsylvania (PA), and the final show in Southern California (SoCal). With hundreds of votes to count, we tallied it all up and saw a common theme: women riders love apparel and gear.

And The Winners Are…

Best Motorcycle Jackets for Women: AGVSport Sharp Jacket (NorCal); Alpinestars (SoCal)

Best Motorcycle Gloves for Women: Atwyld (SoCal)

Best Motorcycle Boots for Women: Umberto Luce (PA, SoCal)

Best Motorcycle Pants for Women: Atwyld (NorCal); Tobacco Motorwear (SoCal)

Best Gadget or Accessory: Muc Off Cleaning Products (PA); Nelson Rigg Pet Carrier (NorCal); Brake Free Helmet Light (SoCal)

Best Product for Passengers: HiDow Beyond Tens TMAX Massager (PA); Inearz Sport Earplugs (SoCal)

Best Off-The-Bike Product: Motochic Lauren Bag (NorCal); Ukoala (SoCal)

Best Representation of Female Motorcyclists: Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists (PA, NorCal); Sportbike Chic (SoCal)

You may notice that some categories don’t have winners. Sadly, not all the vendors brought gear for women such as gloves or boots. Even the biggest tent, Cycle Gear, only had a tiny rack with a couple women’s jackets. Common guys, it’s time to wake up and look around at who is walking around with purses, ready to buy!

WRN sends its sincere congratulations to all the winners. Thank you for paying attention and serving the wants and needs of women riders. We continue to prompt consumers to use their dollars wisely and support those who recognize them before going to the competition.

Cycle Gear women's rack in Pennsylvania IMS Outdoors
The only women’s riding jackets and pants I could find in Pennsylvania were in the biggest vendor booth—Cycle Gear. Sadly, what you see here encompasses the entire selection we had to choose from. I’m certain most women didn’t even see it, as we didn’t get a single vote for it.
Lisa Malachowsky
Lisa Malachowsky is the board chair for the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists (WCM). Her booth won for “Best Representation of Women” in both the PA and Northern California shows.
Sportbike Chic winner IMS Outdoors 2021
Once again, LaShundra Rucker’s company, Sportbike Chic was awarded at the show. This time it was for “Best Representation of Women” in Northern California.
Atwyld IMS Outdoors 2021
Atwyld sold its wares in the Marketplace vendor area and picked up several awards; “Best Motorcycle Gloves” in Southern California and “Best Motorcycle Pants” in Northern California.
Umberto Luce boots IMS Outdoors 2021
Another company that we are excited about, Umberto Luce, was a double winner. Their cool leather boots caught a lot of attention, giving them the “Best Boots” award in Pennsylvania and Southern California. Several staffers even made custom boot purchases of their own, so expect a product review in the coming months.
Brake Free helmet light IMS Outdoors 2021 womens choice winner
We are equally excited about the product many people saw first on tv’s Shark Tank. The Brake Free helmet light was voted “Best Gadget” in Southern California. And since the WRN booth was right next to theirs, we personally witnessed the flurry of interest in this lifesaving product. Be sure to check out our review here at this link.
Motochic IMS Outdoors 2021 womens choice winner
Debra Chin from Motochic accepts the award for “Best Off-the-Bike Product” from WRN’s Sarah Schilke in Northern California. The Lauren bag we reviewed here remains a favorite by many women riders.
Ukuala bag IMS Outdoors womens choice winner 2021
Ukoala Bags are heavy duty bags that strap securely to your leg. Women love bags like this, so it’s no wonder the company was voted “Best Off-the-Bike Product” in Southern California.
AGV Sport womens choice winner IMS Outdoors 2021
AGVSport was recognized specifically for its Sharp jacket in Northern California, winning the “Best Motorcycle Jacket for Women” category. Be sure to check out Sarah’s review of it here.
Alpinestars IMS Outdoors 2021 womens choice winners
In Southern California, women were impressed with the line of women’s jackets available at the Alpinestars booth, giving the “Best Motorcycle Jacket for Women” award to this company.
Nelson Rigg pet carrier womens choice award winner 2021 IMS Outdoors
Woman-owned company Nelson Rigg picked up the award for “Best Gadget or Accessory” for its pet carrier pictured here. Why leave Snoopy home when you can bring him along for the ride?
Muc Off IMS Outdoors 2021 womens choice winner
We all like to ride clean sparkly bikes, right? Muc Off makes all kinds of cleaning supplies to get your ride to shine. Women voted Muc Off “Best Gadget or Accessory” in Pennsylvania.
HiDow Betond TENS Massager IMS Outdoors womens choice award winner
A happy passenger makes a happy rider. Treat your favorite riding partner to HiDow’s Beyond TENS TMAX massager after a long ride. This product was voted “Best Product for Passengers” in Pennsylvania.
Inearz earplugs IMS Outdoors 2021 womens choice award winners
Finally, both riders and passengers also need to protect against hearing loss. “Best Product for Passengers” in Southern California goes to Inearz Sport earplugs.

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