WRN Reviews The Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe

Why women love this motorcycle

When the Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe was introduced in 2005 many women gravitated to it because it boasted the lowest seat height of any Harley at the time 24.5 inches. In four years, its become one of the more popular motorcycles for women riders. For many women, being able to reach the ground on a big Softail as this is very confidence inspiring.

We caught this woman at the Laughlin River Run on her Softail Deluxe.

WRN editor Genevieve Schmitt did an 800-miles test ride and shares what so special about this bike. Read her review plus find out how a woman just 5 feet tall can flat foot and ride this 724-pound motorcycle comfortably.

Click on the photo to read WRN Editor Genevieve Schmitt#39;s review of the Softail Deluxe.

4 thoughts on WRN Reviews The Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe

  1. My husband took me to test ride the 2007 Harley Softail Deluxe. After riding one I was amazed at the comfort, beautiful ride, and of course Black and White, say no more! I rode my Sportster home and purchased my Deluxe shortly after. It handles great on turns, has the speed to get me out of situations, and looks great.

    I recently had installed a matching fairing, tour pack to match the bags. We traveled to Penn. and will be touring as much as possible. A good friend purchased her new, almost identical bike and we have enjoyed many poker runs ,toy rides, social rides, etc.

  2. I have a 2000 Fat Boy (Softail line). I love the ride. I have a lot of Deluxe parts on it. My wife has a Sportster and would like to upgrade to a Softail but is a little intimidated by the size. I'm going to encourage her to read this information and maybe it will give her the confidence to give my bike a try. Thank you

  3. Love my new '09 Softail Deluxe just like the one Genevieve rides in the photo, right down to the paint job; traded my '06 Yamaha V Star 650 in August after test riding the Deluxe that's been waiting for me, evidently, at our local dealer!

    Husband (he of the 2000 Heritage Classic) has been after me to test ride the Deluxe forever, telling me how I'm ready for a bigger bike, a Harley's easier to ride, etc., and I kept resisting. It looked so big. Silly girl.

    Rode it right off the dealer's lot no problem, even though the stock seat was a bit of an inseam stretch leaving me semi-tippy toeing. Dealer promptly swapped the stock saddle with the “Reach Seat” made for the Deluxe, and dropped my 5-feet 2-inch 117-pound frame a good 2 inches to seriously flatfooted.

    The Yamaha was a great bike, especially for a beginner, but the Deluxe's ease of handling, especially at low speeds, effortless first gear, and road-hugging responsive power is awesome. Takes the foothill curves like a dream. A little bit tentative in my riding style before, I've notice a surge in confidence. Stylish too, this Nostalgia model gets the looks and comments every time I ride.

  4. What an awesome looking bike! I love the vintage look!

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