WRN Reviews Suzukis Newest Boulevard Cruiser

Sportbike zip in a laidback package

Suzuki latest cruiser packs a lot of power in a zippy package and WRNs correspondent Carla King was one of the first journalists to test ride this new Boulevard.

Carla King rides the 2009 Suzuki Boulevard M90.

The 2009 Boulevard M90 is the newest muscle cruiser to hit the market and its not for the faint of heart says King. Twisting the throttle on the low, grunty 1462cc powerhouse propels the rider forward in typical cruiser fashion, yet the bike has a sportbike quality to it that will satisfy riders who have a need for speed. Click here to read our review of the Suzuki Boulevard M90. The story is found in the Motorcycle Reviews section of WRN.

2 thoughts on WRN Reviews Suzukis Newest Boulevard Cruiser

  1. In regards to Sally's comment,
    was curious as to whether you have had any luck with lowering kit for M90 as I am in same boat — needing to be flat foot to move her around when stopped.

  2. If anyone knows of a lowering kit for this bike, let me know. It is well balanced even being short, but due to the weight of the bike, I need to be flat footed and I'm only 5 feet 1 inch. Help!

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